Sunday, 28 December 2008



Pain, or just one the many bodies Pain (Akatsuki Member: A dangerous gang of S level ninjas) sucked the soul out of Shizune (he sucked informations, but the thing he left out of her looks like her soul) as Shang-Tsung from "Mortal Kombat" series does. R.I.P Shizune, I'll miss you.

I wish they didn't make her pet a pig, echh.
Just call me a lazy fan for not wanting to chop the single panels of her death out of the pages, please don't be ticked.

Jinchuurukis: All 9 of Them

Carryers of the gigantic tailed demons, all 9 of them.
Don't look at me like I'm barrer of old news, I just struck into this image
Next Entry: Fatality

Saturday, 27 December 2008


It's delightful, one of my favorite blogs, it's wrong not to check it out:
A blog didicated to comics of the silver age (1955-1970, or so as the blog author considers the period). The author makes some fun trivias. Only the ones who don't enjoy comics won't enjoy this site


This issue is a real treat, worth every cent you might pay for it. Why? follow the letters.
*For starters: This cover is drawn by comicbook legend "jazzy John Romita" (for those who don't know it, John Romita sr is nicknamed jazzy, don't know what jr's nickname)
*The cover also shows that the inside heroes are two of the best of "Stan (the man) creation's"; "Johnny Storm/The 2nd Human Torch" (before the fantastic 4 an android "Human Torch" was created during the "Golden Age of Comics" by the predecessor of Marve named "Timely Comics"), Johnny is one of my all time favorite comicbook heroes. The other one is "Tony Stark/IronMan" who had his turn in the Cinema May 2008.
*Open the cover and check the credits, the writer is "Gerry Conway" (he offed "Gwen Stacy" with style and wrote the pilot episode of the 90s Spider-Man animated series "Night of the Lizard" which is considerably the best episode in the entire series). The artist is masterful "Jim Mooney", look at the art of Jim Mooney and you'll understand what I mean about him being masterful, his art is simply stunning.
Plot: "Tony Stark" needed the aid of the "Fantastic 4" to stop a villain causing electro-murders from causing further damage, Tony's Body Guard (he used this form to keep his identity secret) couldn't stop the villain of the issue on his own, but the only Fantastic person who is available for his aid is "The Human Torch". IronMan wasn't confident about Torch's ability (apperantly he didn't read Johnny's solo adventures :P) and the Torch felt uneasy about shellhead since his warm reception.
A classic issue, in comics I always find classics of the 80s and earlier to be better issues than nowdays, but 2days comics are much better than those of the period since 1991-1996. Too bad not all classics are good but at least over 95% is great for me in both Marvel & DC. 5/5

Sunday, 2 November 2008


First introduction to the concept I had is from mad magazine in a section of "Good side & bad Side of... jokes", a father looking at his teenage son reading a comic magazine and saying: "Comic Books, you're too old for this stuff", his son replies: "Not anymore, comics now have sex, nudity, violence...", the father pulled the issue from his son: "GIVE ME THAT, YOU'RE TO YOUNG FOR THIS STUFF".

I'm not saying there are no comics good for children, and I won't say there never was/is/will be children friendly comic books, all I'm saying is: "There are children comics, all ages comics, teenagers comics & adults comics"

'Marvel Adventures' series are kids comics, they still are good fun for older readers not too simple writings.

'DARK HORSE, DC & MARVEL' make comics for grown people that are still good for kids to read without any harm caused to the minds of the youth.

'Ultimate Spider-Man' is a good title made mainly to appeal to teenagers, it still is good for older readers. What is made for teenagers is something requiring of 'Parental Advisory' for those under the age of readers these comics are made for.

Spawn, Punisher & 'Mark Millar's' writings (except Marvel Knights Spider-Man) are directed for the adult audience, if comics were kids stuff then you should have no problem letting your kids read these comics, I point mainly on Spawn because I saw some of the animated series (have very mature contents, trust me).

Comic publishers rate the comics they publish for the age they fit, you see rating's like:
A = Adults, T = Teenagers, PG, etc......, the people judging comics to be kids stuff are most likely people who never read comics and heard they are kids stuff or they only read children comics.

Start reading comics or at least look at the rating label on the covers before judging comics aren't suitable for mature audience, start reading comics to see that reading comics is in fact a healthy hobby (don't focus on obssessed comic readers who want to be the characters in reality), comics fans desire art and enhance their drawing abilities and writing abilities.

Comics also are good for economy and lingual learning, a graduated student of English literature wrote his graduation thesis on Spider-Man and it wasn't tossed back to his face to write a thesis about something serious instead.

So as repetitve as I wrote it: "Comics isn't purely children items, comics reading is suitable for any age"

Sunday, 26 October 2008


Last night I imagened myself as 'Marvel Comics' Editor in Chief, I had this weird idea which surely won't be plausable.

Everything done so far about Spider-Man will stay publishable in markets. TPb's, Essentials and Hardcovers/Softcovers are going to be published with a note describing what I do on him and why.

Hopefully; other titles & characters will be boosted up especially 'Moon Knight', 'Iron Fist' 'Thunderbolts', 'Man-Thing', 'Silver Surfer' & 'Heroes for Hire' mainly to substitute the loss that happened with Spider-Man.

HERE's THE THING: With exclusion to the daily comic strips, everything on Spider-Man will be out of the production, no more comics on any Earth, no more cartoons, no movies, no video games (not even in further Marvel grouping games) or any production on him. Only two of his major villains will remain because they are essential members in the Thunderbolts: 'Norman Osborne' & 'Mac Gargan'. After some time even TPb's and reprints will be halted until the new E.I.C comes and brings the character back.

One of the reason's for this move is the fact there will be no retcon to get Spider-Man married again so readers who complain about the current 'Status Quo' won't be complaining on it for sometime, to be honest I won't give if anyone complain about the lack of Spider-Man in that current time.

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Silver Surfer Animated

Last night I saw the 1st episode out of 13, this series was unfortunately canceled afterwords, really loved the episode, Silver Surfer's origin is an epic.

The 1st time I saw Silver Surfers series was in German on KRTL time on the RTL tv, still can't understand German but the show captured me, can't think of any reason why would I enjoy such a show.

The origin animated is much different than the comic origin, read the 1st issue of volume 1 from the 'Silver Surfer' and watch the 1st episode of his cartoon to see what I mean

Tuesday, 21 October 2008


By Roger Stern & Zack Howard.

I don't know who the artist is, but always the artist should be mentioned along with the writer since he/she co-creates the issue. The art didn't say enjoyable, but the story without doubt is.

Meet 'Freddy Sloan', an old friend of the HULK who is gathering informations from people who saw him to write a book about the HULK so people can see the good side of the Hulk since the focus on him is mostly negative. One of those Fred wanted to interview is the Hulk himself, Fred finally reunited with the Hulk but it was a a very short reunion because Hulk had to leave.

The story is 30 pages long but the reading is enjoyable so I finished 20 pages before I know it.

*Writing rate: 10/10
*Art rate: 5/10
*Story rate since I didn't really pay much attention to the art: 9/10


As a new fan of this Marvel character I sure would love those who don't know him to join my club.

Description: An assassin from Weapon-X, was with Wolverine. He got artificial healing factor from Wolverine by that agency but it made him too scarred and has cancer. He is most significant as a loudmouthed wisecracking Mercenary so his nickname is 'The Merc with the Mouth'. The funniest character in comics, but his story is still full of action and drama for those who need it.

Look at some of his funny from volume 1 of his own title.

From issue #04 against the Hulk:
The cover itself is funny

Just read every issue you can put your hands on, excellent read and very much worthy of what you pay for it

Thursday, 16 October 2008


I opened a poll here for you to vote which of the 2 live action Hulk movies you like more:
1. Hulk 2003
2. The Incredible HULK 2008
State your reason(s) here as a comment.

I prefer the new one (Incredible Hulk) because Hulk isn't too bulky with a tiny head and a baby face. Eddie Norton plays a better Bruce Banner. Finally we see a real Hulk Super-Villain in a Hulk movie. Funny moments exist. The pants Bruce is wearing stay as a ripped pant when he turns to Hulk instead of his pants changing magically to the purple pants. Homages to the classic live action Hulk series. Hulk finally says a word in live action when he's Hulk minded not Bruce's mind cracks through the Hulk's. The joke with the purple pants.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008


I never thought such a day would come, mostly felt the Sentry to be stupid stuff and usually other characters rip-off suck.

I was wrong about the Sentry, or at least until I read "age of the Sentry #1". This title is a rip-off of Superman classic comics with the style of Marvel classic series, my enjoyment of classic comics takes over my enjoyment of current comics so much that I'm so pleased and relaxed to this title I want to collect the entire run of it.

"The age of the Sentry" is a mini series consisted of six issues, don't know where I can find issue 2 so I'll search for it online.

I love the Sentry mostly because he did me the favor of killing Carnage, that dude sucks so hard I wanted to write the story of killing him myself



I only read two issues written by "Warren Ellis" & drawn by "Mike Deodato jr" (the only issues I have of this series) and I loved them, I want to read more of this gorgeous work.

Songbird had love with the son of "Baron Zemo": How revolting, but the rest of the story is good enough to make me want to collect the title; mostly when Warren Ellis and Mike Deodato take the work, real beautiful stuff.

Read the title before you lose the chance, don't waste your time reading Spider-Man and whining about how bad the current status quo is, find yourself other reads like this hunk of a comics and; you can thank me later for it.


I have some requests that are most important to be done by you, in fact they are a "YOU MUST DO THEM":

1. Make two alternate series continuos on "Amazing Spider-Man" from 2 points:
a. What if Spider-Man remained with an identity hidden from the public but known to the government.
b. What if Spider-Man & M.J kicked Mephisto in the Bucket.
These two must remain continuous for their fans

2. Keep Amazing Spider-Girl an ongoing title, this little command is directed to you too "Tom Defalco" & "Ron Frenz"

"Marvel Comics" is my favorite comic book company, the more you perform dumb approaches and insult protestors on it the more readers you lose, so this makes you at least one step moving toward bankruptcy, if this happens DC will buy you and your going to suck since this year DC comics SUCK. Play things right or I'll stop reading your upcoming comics permanently (or at least until DC fix their stories).

Tuesday, 14 October 2008


Marvel Knight "Mark Millar" the creator of MKSM and "John Romita jr" one of Uncle Rog's favorite co-upping artists started the current out of any Marvel Universe series "Kick-Ass", according to the informations on wikipedia (for your informations: it isn't written like that or implements to it, I just thought of it this way) people in the title send Kick-Ass some help requests on his myspace web-page, and this web-page really exists so hypothetaclly speaking: You might have the chance to co-write stories for the series. If that's how things are and the my-space page isn't simply advertising for the series register to myspace and subscribe to their web-page (a.k.a ask for a friend request)

I subscribed there but still I have to yet check-up to get the details, as I mentioned previously; it's only a thought that you might help create stories, if what i said here is tru I'll advice you to sieze this oppurtunity. Editing to the post or a new post will come later regarding this issue.

Monday, 6 October 2008


I love Deadpool, the love of this character is fresh to me but he is very very very COOOOOL.

I had a little fun with paint [ Don't have Photoshop :( ] making a mix of our favorite comic wall crawler (the talk is not pointed by any chance toward you Spider-Man haters, neither to you who prefer a Spider-Lady to Spider-Man in general) with the best mercenary to enter comic books (The Merc with the Mouth) Deadpool.


I edited the face of Deadpool to make this picture. As I already said: I used Paint-Brush to make it, this is why it looks weak.

Monday, 29 September 2008

NWTD: My opinion and some people responses

It is not a secret, in CBR forums I wrote in "the best Spider-Man arc in the last 10 years" thread that each have a personal opinion about certain stories (that was a response to someone saying NWTD is good, but not great), I replied that to me: NWTD is more lovable than anything J.M.Dematties ever wrote even Kraven's Last Hunt, I had some funny responces:



*You are joking, yes?

*Are you Dan Slott?

I don't see anything surprising here, some people hate Spider-Man so what's so unbelievable about me thinking NWTD is better than K.L.H? I give K.L.H a high "A" mark, but NWTD an "A+".

Wednesday, 24 September 2008


My freeforums account was opened in the same date as this blog in March-2008, but there is the members problem:
1. No new members register
2. Current members seemingly forgot the forums

The door is open, I opened the forums for free so you can register and use it for free. The spideytalk forums link is in the links bar if you ever decided to register and use it. :)

Sunday, 21 September 2008


Not exactly friends, but fellow bloggers I associate with mailed the editor(s) of Spider-Man (maybe just Steve Whacker) and had responses. Didn't know Robert J.Sodaro mailed the editor before reading "New Ways to Die" while I was looking to see if Reg's mail had an editor response (sorry Reggie; I didn't find your message in any of the currently published issues, maybe it is in the B.N.D tie in)

Steve Whacker's response is quite funny (Sorry Mr.Sodaro, but if it is any consolidation I often laugh at insults thrown at me), but that doesn't mean he isn't a JERK.


Read the response yourself and you'll know why the editor is a (why should I insult? One time is enough) 

Friday, 19 September 2008


I should probably wait for the last part to review the story, and I certainly hope the last part won't be a disappointment like some animes are disappointing in the last episode. Anyway; I feel the urge to review it so here goes:

One of the many reasons some people hated BND is because Spider-Man became an idiot who couldn't stop a common thief without Spidey tripping or scaring him away like he's an amateur, this flaw has been removed since the bookie story; the supervillains there weren't completely wasted but Spider-Man showed a good fight.
[It starts with a recap on Spidey's origin, the art of JRjr in that part isn't so good, then we see a flashback of Peter fired from the D.B and trying to earn a job.
Spider-Man tries to stop Menace from blowing up anything related to Hollisters campaign and what is around it but a wall he's on gets blown and Spider-Man falls unable to save anyone or stopping Menace, Spider-Man does find a good catch for photographing and sell it to "The Front Line" for publisher "Ben Urich" (and the "Editor in Chief" is Joe Robertson). The photos reveal an illegal shop that is revealed by Sally (a reporter) belongs to the candidate who selects Norman Osborn to protect him.
Norman is a public hero but the "Front Liners" still remember that G.G bought the "Daily Bugle" by force and they realise that Hyena's don't change their attitude.
Norman has a job of him and his Thunderbolts capturing Spider-Man, the Thunderbolts (Songbird, Radioactiveman & Venom) look for Spider-Man who performed a most unexpected move: "Heading directly to the source of his trouble", that is a clever scene.
Venom symbiote senses its former host thinking it senses Spider-Man not "Eddie Brock" who becomes "Anti-Venom" and cleans away the symbiote. (Not entirely)
Eddie changes focus to cleaning Spider-Man before the other members of the Thunderbolts come to rescue Gargan.
Norman has a quick fight with Menace (Menace punched Norman hard and made him bleed heavily), Norman discovers Peter's automatic Camera and examines it in TBHQ and gets an idea to take down Spider-Man.
Freak was taken to Oscorp and from Oscorp Norman took him and used him as a "Guinea Pig" to make an "Anti-Venom" toxin and placed it in Gargan to heal the symbiote.
Spider-Man was injured in the "Coffee Bean" by the bullets with the tracking system and hid temporarily before Eddy came returned the camera to Peter.
Goblin gave Gargan a Scorpion armor and the end of part five was weird]
The good point:
1. The real Spider-Man is real here
2. The villains are very well made
3. Anti-Venom is no villain
4. Martin Li showed his face, his character got deeper. Mr. Negative is one of Spider-Man's most dangerous enemies who comes up to the level of Dr. Octopus
5. The quips and the fights are real fun
6. The art of JRjr maybe flawed in some panels, but it still is great
Read the story; I give it on a scale of 10:10 points

Tuesday, 16 September 2008



There is an issue he works on to be released this December, from the description it feels odd but what the heck? Uncle Roger is writing it, does it matter that it ties to B.N.D?

Saturday, 13 September 2008

I forgot his name, but he's a brother blogger. If you want to check his blog follow the above link

Wednesday, 10 September 2008


[Dear designers of "Spider-Man 3"

I'm a big fan of Spider-Man, and of all the Spider-Man games published by Activision, but here is my problem: "I......HATE........YOOOOOUUUUU", literally. I love the game; but it has a major problem: It is too heavily annoying for the heavy requirement to press button sequence in boss fights, I don't need that, I despise that approach and for that I warn you from repeating the same mistake in "Web of Shadows" or I won't be getting anymore games of your design.

Sincerely yours
An angry fan]

Since I can't mail Treyarch themselves I posted a message for them here.
I highly doubt any of them will enter here to read it, it's just good to express your emotions, don't you agree?



Jonathan Couper

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Site viewer review:
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The official website for Spider-Man comics, it deals with all sorts of comics Spider-Man showed in mainly published by Marvel. The focus on Spidey in other media there isn't strong but the site is good.

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My rating for the site:
. Background: 5/5
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. Profiles: 3/5 (It doesn't contain the profiles of many of Spider-Man's supporting cast, and the profiles available aren't so detailed, just ink points)
. Entertainments: 5/5 (Most pleasing entertainments actually)
. Overall rating 5/5
. Entertainment

Monday, 8 September 2008


After much speculation about a fourth film in the 'Spider-Man' series, it is reported that star Tobey Maguire and director Sam Raimi have signed up for the blockbuster.

Deadline Hollywood Daily reports that Sony Pictures wants the film in cinemas for May 2011.

It adds that there is no deal at present for Kirsten Dunst to return as Mary Jane Watson, but that her character will be featured in the film and the studio would not recast.

According to Deadline Hollywood Daily: "The studio is trying to figure out if it can feasibly shoot 'Spider-Man 4' and '...5' at the same time because doing that is so cost effective and 'it wasn't so easy to get everybody back together'."

Principal photography is not scheduled to start until the autumn of 2009.


I searched for Thundercats and look what I found:

The cover of "Thendercats 8" as published by STAR comics, looks familiar? It does to me.It looks somewhat like the cover of the precious Amazing Spider-Man #151.

Check these out, these are Spider-Man covers in the same style:

Saturday, 6 September 2008


These are covers from "Kraven's Last Hunt" done by Mike Zeck, alternative covers by the same artist under each cover. The art is from the website of Mike Zeck.

I learned about the site after seeing this blog linking to "Spider-Man's crawl space interview with writer: Jon Marc (J.M.) Dematties"

For those who want to know why Batman is on an alternate cover: "Follow the link and listen to mr. Dematties Speak about his original plans for this story"

Friday, 29 August 2008


I'll simply say it like this:
My favorite Spider-Man game of all times, the best Spider-Man video game made so far. In my favorites are as following all in one level:
1. Ultimate Spider-Man
2. Spider-Man & Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro
3. GBA Spider-Man 2
4. Maximum Carnage SNES & GBP Amazing Spider-Man

I love the missions in this game out of the story of the game, the "Dragon Tails" are awesome and not simple stupidity like they are in the PS2 & "Nintendo wii" versions.

It's fun to swim instead of drowning and automatically getting out of water.

After playing the PS2 version for long and getting exhausted of delivering fruit pies and dealing with moronic gangs I feel now sky high, Harry's battle was a thrill because there is real combat instead of avoiding cars and attacking by dodging, then I take Harry to the hospital.

Today 2/9/2008: My brother finished the Lizards stage and taught me how to finish the bombs missions for Carlyle, it's a thrill since now I can finally fight my favorite Spider-Man villain ever: The Scorpion

Monday, 25 August 2008


What do you think of Spectacular Spider-Man animated without thinking of the cartoonish art?


After 8 months of the undoing of Peter's & MJ's marriage I sum all I have to say in one simple line:
              "Joe Quesada did the right thing by undoing the marriage"

Why do I say that? compare the stories written by legendary writer "Peter David", the only good story he wrote  with a married Spider-Man is "Cult of Love", I read FNSM and I liked "The Other: Evolve or Die" which most of the voters in "" found unlikeable, all his writings in FNSM aren't good in comparison to his writings before the marriage gets broken.

Another example of writers who couldn't do it right when Peter was with his wife is "Paul Jenkins", Spider-Man readers know that all his writings are with a married Peter, but when M.J was away Spider-Man stories were the best of fun to be seen, after Peter and M.J reunited and P.J wrote stories for them together; the stories didn't have the right fun that should exist in Spider-Man comics.

No writer managed to pull the stint right except for two:
1. "Joe Straczynski" sided by "John Romita jr"
2. Marvel Knight (this is how I nickname him) writer "Mark Millar"

The difference is extremely obvious, I believe people should stop hating the new direction of Spider-Man in the 616 universe

Thursday, 10 July 2008


I'm talking about L.T.L (Lonnie Thompson Lincolin): Craeted by "Gerry Conway"(writer) and "Alex Saviuk"(artist) in Web of Spider-Man 35-36.
His first major role is in "Spectacular Spider-Man #139-142" as a hired muscle working for the Kingpin, his major communicator is "the Arranger of Kingpin". Tombstone was hired to kidnap some guy with mutant powers who can persuade people (The Persuader) to use against the "Lobo Brothers", he did his job well and tormented "Ronald Reiburn" (a.k.a the Persuader).

Lonnie was an albino, he became a gangster in "Joseph Robertson's" old highschool, Lonnie respected Joseph and consodered him as his friend in a very sick manner and convinced him in his own way to retract writings about how bad a person he is (Lonnie Convinced Roberston). Robbie worked in a newspaper in his old state and he had a source of information about some gangster work, Lonnie broke Robbie's source of information (he was a dude, Tombstone killed him).

Robbie recorded these informations in a tape and confineded it to Peter because as a photojournalist he has the most understanding about such matters. Somehow; Lonnie learned about this tape and convinced Peter to get it to him after breaking Robertson's back and pulling Mary Jane's hair (originally pulled her hair, she told Peter Tombstone broke her arm. Hmmmm).

After a nice battle with Spider-Man Spidey asked Tombstone why he didn't kill Joe Robertson, Lonnie replied with his weak voice: "How can I kill him? Robbie is my friend." How nice a sentiment this is, sure you can hurt your friend, but if you kill him that means your not friends? (Lonnie is a loony)

In prison Robbie befriended some nice huge gentleman who taught him how to defend himself, Tombstone and his gangsters killed that guy and used Robbie to escape at a time Spider-Man was in prison to visit his friend. Tombstone and Robbie went to a helicopter then fell down and were found and taken care of by a ranch owner. Tombstone wanted to play with his friend before killing him, but he was happy to see Robbie valiant.

Guess who took Lonnie (Tombstone) Lincolin from that area? Ooooh, men of Hammerhead, he was against Kingpin at that time but Tombstone changed his loyalty.

After Robbie was proven innocent Tombstone still wanted to kill Robbie himself so he stopped a demonised Hobgoblin hired by Hammerhead from eliminating Robertson.

Lonnie gained super-powers in Osbourns lab and turned against Hammerhead (You think there might be a chance of...? I think some readers may get what I'm pointing at).

In short: If you hate Venom you sure have to hate Tombstone, he's more of a sicko than Venom is (except there is a lack of heroism, and no symbiote either. Is there an "Ultimate Tombstone"?)

Enough with the comics, lets see what's Tombstone job in stas:
The Tablet of time from the comics, remember it with "Man Mountain Marko" working for "Silvermane"? M.M.M was replaced by good old Tombstone in the cartoon.

Aha; Now we see Tombstone's origin: Really was Robbies friend who went to prison as a child ("", pick spidey tas from there and episode reviews to get the details.)

"Greg Weisman" decided to use "Stan Lee's" & "Steve Ditko's" crimelord (Big Man) and made Tombstone fill his shoes instead of "Frederick Foswell". The best version of Tombstone ever (the only good one as a matter of fact, and he's great).

Now I mentioned previously something about Hammerhead, can you dig it out? I'll give you a hint: "Hammerhead works for (The Big Man) in this show", the best thing about it is that Hammerhead hasn't been watered down, atleast Hammerhead here is interesting, not some fool like tas version.

Certainly: I'd really call "Greg Weisman" by "The Man" if he cancelled the moronic; Tombstone is Robbie's wanna be friend. Excellent job you did on the show crew, keep up the "Spectacular Work"

Thursday, 3 July 2008


Ironman of the year 2020 is "Arno Stark", man of the year for the year 2015 (don't ask). For the Records: "Arno did not inherit Stark Enterprises, he bought the company".

I read Al Sjoerdsma review of this annual and saw that he rated it 2.5 webs, after just reading the review I thought "Big Al" for being generous, after reading the issue myself (wanted to see really how lame it is in reality) I think if I rated the issue as he did I'll be underrestimating the Annual if I credited it with just 3, it deserves 4.5 webs. I'm not one of "" staff but I've been a fan of it for 5 years and intended to write for it. Back to the subject.

Our man of the year for the year 2015 must save his enterprises and his surrounding (for some many miles radius) after a dead terrorist bomb is set to elapse and the only way to stop it from exploding is to go 30 years in the past to take the print the eye iris of the terrorist when he was a child, while past time counts present time was counting as well.

In the present (in the era of this issue) there's this loser for a villain (Blizard) who got stopped by Spider-Man and Blizards costume gets confisticated by the police.

The terrorist Arno must catch the print of his eye imprint is one of the children stockholders of "the Daily Bugle" (sometimes Jameson is the only owner and others he has partners for the position of the Bugle).

Peter gets sent by Jameson to do a job out of the states, Peter accepts because he needs the money to pay for his rent.

Peter did a very very gutsy or crazy move to make sure his landlady won't hold him for the late rent he ows her, after Peter got away from his apartment he met that kid again.

On the way to the Airport Spider-Man (did you guess Peters move to get past his landlady) Peter dropped the kid at the "Daily Bugle", the kid got kidnapped by Blizard who got quickly bailed out of prison and wanted revenge on Spider-Man.

Arno found his target and when he was about to taake what he wants Spider-Man became too much of an annoyance, Arno couldn't do what he came for originally, the kid got hospitalized and Spider-Man got something he desrves greatly; he missed his flight.

Back in his time: Arno witnesses he is too late and he got really upset about it, his place and a big area of its surrounding have been destroyed by the bomb.

As I mentioned earlier: 4.5 webs Great entertainment

Sunday, 29 June 2008


You can call my current syndrome for typing my second Amazing Annual thread in a row "Amazing Spider-Man Annual Fever". I've been chasing like quicksilver for these issues and I had a hard time finding them until my recent happiness (THANK GOD). Amazing Spider-Man 21st Annual in precise and the 18th Annual were my main target, because I always wanted to read about the two main marriage events in the main continuity Spider-Man saga. I'll write my review since I haven't had the opportunity to write my fan review for some issues on the internet. "Married Peter" fans; enjoy.

After Amazing Spider-Man #292 (the one which ended with M.J finally accepting Peter Parkers marriage proposal) comes this issue straight.
Spider-Man wears his black suit (since all of his red and blue suits got destroyed before Web of Spider-Man #18) swinging across town during Electro committing a robbery and his gang members pretend to be his hostages, Spidey interferes and dodges the electric bolts and made him wet to win.

After the victory of the day Spider-Man swung to his apartment, changed and M.J brought some of her stuff (too much for Peter's small Chelsea apartment) to their future small condo. In the planning of making space M.J decided to throw Peters costume shop R&B (from Spider-Man vs. Wolverine, the issue witnessing the death of Ned Leeds by the Foreigner men, and later revealed the orders came from the original Hobgoblin ) but Peter refuses.

Peter in his Aunts home in Queens see an open photo album with images of Gwen Stacy, Peter became heartsick about his old love. Peter and M.J later revealed their plan to their aunts and the elder ladies are so pleased about the news (the real Anna Watson in the comics respects Peter, not the old harpy from Spider-Man: tas who always insult Peter Parker) and they congratulate their young ones.

Peter gives Eugen Thompson the news and asks him to be his best man, during the gangs war Eugene was injured by a pumpkin bomb trying to help spidey, the bomb was thrown by Macendale. In that honor Peter, Eugene, and Harry celebrated Peter's bachelor and convinced him to go on with the wedding after Peter said he might reconsider the marriage. At the same time M.J was having her bachelorette party and some of the guys tried to set her of the marriage (especially a guy named Bruce who gave M.J some gifts to persuade her).

Against all the odds, against all the doubts the two sides had and against the well of Bruce; "Peter Benjamin Parker" and "Mary Jane Watson" attended their wedding late, but the marriage took place.

Peter and MaryJane celebrated their honeymoon using a gift from Bruce (who was trying to brainwash M.J) the details of the happy honeymoon are in Spectacular Spider-Man annual #7.
The newly weds returned to their small Chelsea apartment missing the space and luxury they had in France during their honeymoon.

David Michelinie proved his mettle in writing Amazing stories, this is one of the best and most memorable issues in the history of Spider-Man. The art is Amazing as well, but the red&blued inside the story didn't look as great as John Romita sr. draws it, but it looks great.

According to ratings: Solid story, 5 webs

Monday, 16 June 2008


My favorite era of Marvel comics is the eighties, but that doesn't mean Stan (the man) Lee isn't one of my favorite writers of all time. In his sixties; Stan proved to still have a futile mind with his classic touch of the Golden & Silver ages of comics, a perfect example to prove it is this issues:

After the long relationship between J.Jonah Jameson and genius inventor Dr. Marla Madison they finally get married. Jonah Jameson invite the staff in the Bugle closest to him to his wedding, he also invites his son John who was upset that the marriage of his father would stand in between his (Father and Son) relationship with his father.

In the office of the esteemed publisher of the Daily Bugle (J.Jonah Jameson) Spider-Man arrives at the window with a bouquet of roses to Mrs. Jameson and congratulates Jonah in a manner that upsets the publisher. (The story occurred after the events of Amazing Spider-Man #258, so it's after M.J's revelation to Peter).

The Scorpion (Mc Gargan) receives the news in prison and he breaks lose of custody and takes his suit to congratulate his worst enemy in his style, Scorpion kidnaps John Jameson and assaults the police station where J.J reports the kidnapping of his son to "Captain Jean DeWolff".

Scorpion hangs "John Jameson" in a mad jacket and hangs him in the sewers to take of to the floor of Jonah Jameson, Spider-Man barges in and saves Marla Madison (the one Scorpion was after to get hard on Jameson) and swings carrying her over a few buildings then releases her to fight Scorpion.

Of course; the Scorpion has to take revenge on Jameson before everything else so he distracts Spider-Man long enough to get back to Dr. Madison. John escaped his custody and tried to save his future stepmother but he got caught with her.

Spider-Man punched Scorpion and fought him valiantly until Scorpion fell hard. Jonah Jameson became happy and went on with his marriage. John accepted the fact that his dad was getting married again and became his fathers "best man". The wedding took place and since then Marla Madison became officially Mrs.Jameson.

The story earned its place in my treasury collection, Stan Lee once again proved his mettle and stood like a solid rock. The classic writing, the action, the drama and the quips and jokes all exist, every element worked to create Spider-Man as the comics legend we know and enjoy most admirably. Backed up by the art of "Ron Frenz" who by then was following the footsteps of the creative legend "Steve Ditko" gave the story the classic figure.

A very splendid issue, I'm highly pleased I finally had my copy. I always wanted this story for the following reasons:
.Written by: Smiley Stan
.The main villain is one of my favorites since I saw (Attack of the Arachnoid, my favorite animated story of Spider-Man for all ages)

Easily deserves 5/5

Sunday, 1 June 2008


I intend to do some writing jobs for Marvel comics starting with limited series, going up to the Hulk and IronMan, ending up with Spider-Man.

The road to this dream is hard, everyone has to work hard, and I admit I have to work hard to write right. Why do I have the intentions to write about Spider-Man in exact? There are two major reasons:

1. Spider-Man is my all times favorite comic book character: Seconded by Batman, Hulk, Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Beast, Iceman, Daredevil and Johnny Storm the Human Torch.

2. I want to work to fix at least a little of what Marvel has broken: I don't know the possibility of this, but they seriously should let someone get back to write the true Spider-Man, the experienced Spider-Man, not some semi-joker who can't catch a thief right (if he caught one).

In the classic Stan Lee and Steve Ditko version Spider-Man started as a teenager, if a thief escaped it was only because Spider-Man was to busy punching the rest of his gang and trying not separate their heads from their shoulders, he never wasted webbings on yoyo's who didn't get to connect to the other end of the web before Spider-Man shoots too many web lines.

How can Stan Lee accept the way his most succeful creation ends down the drain? I admit I enjoyed the stories of the current idiot, but it hurts to see Spider-Man falls hard from between the hands of his fans.

Sure hope Marvel would read this after they finish reading the millions of letters and thousands of websites insulting this new version and reconsider their intent to keep him this way.

Tuesday, 20 May 2008


I love "Resident Evil" games, especially RE2&3(the only Resident Evil games I played actually, but I saw most of the rest of the RE series). After seeing how "Spider-Man Unlimited" was released, now a game of "Mortal Kombat vs. DC" is about to be released, I think my idea of a game have a possibility to be released (I didn't say it will never be rejected), a game of "Spider-Man in Resident Evil"

1st Version: Spider-Man is sent by the "Daily Bugle" to take pictures of the whole city and its status, and Spider-Man leaves a little distance of around two miles before the city blows up.

2nd Version: Peter Parker got a college scholarship to "Racoon City University" and he works for Umbrella to train his science abilities and gain further experience, and he there becomes "Spider-Man". Also he leaves for a few miles before the city blows up.

Saturday, 10 May 2008


So far 10 or 11 weeks has passed since the beginning of this newly made and released animated series, a strong start and so far the show proved powerful.

At first I wasn't in the mood to watch it because the 2 new animated series released after "Spider-Man the animated series" weren't highly well made (MTV's CGI series are definitely much better than Unlimited). But after seeing the first and second episode I thought otherwise: The new series rocks, to see further season's of it is more worthy of watching an upcoming anonymous series written by writers I don't know the quality of their writings and a director with uncertain sense of direction.

Currently I'm enjoying season 1 and I'll post reviews on it after the season ends, I might open a new blog specified for the purpose of reviewing the series solely, each post reviewing an episode of the show and I might as well attach the trailer of each episode if not uploading just images.

Friday, 9 May 2008



The first powerful flick on Spider-Man, actually it was the first Spider-Man flick with an original popular and powerful Super-Villain: The Original "Green Goblin"
A bold move it was to start with Spider-Man's most formidable and dangerous enemy.

Peter Parker the shy & timid high school senior student follows the bus on feet to have a ride with no one liking him or allowing him to have a seat with him, with only M.J Watson nice to him but she goes steady with Flash.
Like the Ultimate universe Harry is Peter's friend but he isn't as loved by big shots as in the comics. Peter meets Norman Osbourn before the field subject of the trip begins.

Taking photos of M.J inside he got bitten by the spider that escaped containment.

Had great powers he decided to get money to buy a car and impress M.J with it. Peter went wrestling and won but later lost big because his action to have revenge on the Arena manager after being robbed the same burglar shot his uncle and that gave Peter a hard lesson of responsibility.

The Goblin had fearsome fights with the wall crawler and decided he is dangerous for a foe and must be allied with, but Spider-Man rejected his offer which made G.G discover accidentally learned that Spider-Man is Peter but that killed him and made Harry seek revenge on Spider-Man after seeing him placing the dead and wounded body of his Father.

Rating: 9.5/10
Very well made movie, it lost half a point because Norman was drinking something with the color of urine.


2 years have past since the death of Norman Osbourn. Peter got fired from a pizza place because he's always late, Mary Jane is an actress who dates John Jameson, Harry Osbourn is the head of Oscorp and still seeking revenge on Spider-Man but still counting Peter as his brother like friend.

In the 1st Peter got fired from a job by Dr. Connors because he never shows up on time, but the good doctor didn't make an appearance. Here Peter got late for class and his teacher "Curt Connors" warning Petr that he''ll be failed if he didn't send his fusion article to Dr. Connors.

Since Harry Osbourn sponsored Dr. Octopus's program and Peter was attempting to write his thesis on Dr. Octavius (a good friend of Connors in this film) he took the chance to meet him personally before the accident that turned Otto Octavius to the diabolical Doctor Octopus.

Because of his issues of thinking about his life he temporarily lost his powers, but he retrieved them after Octavius kidnapped M.J. so he can deliver Spider-Man to Harry in exchange of the tritium 90 to restart his experiment. Spider-Man's true face was figured by Harry who decided to have truce with Spider-Man before finding his father's secret.

Rating: 9/10
To me; this film is much better than the first one but there was just too much alcohol compared to the first one, Peter even grabbed himself a glass.


Peter managed to handle and balance his life:
.People Love Spider-Man.
.He's in Top of His Class.
.M.J. Loves him and he decided to marry her.

Peter Parkers Venomized side is really well done, it's just too funny to pass, except during his fight with Harry (a good scene) and his interaction with MJ (another good scene)

This movie was really boring so writing a review about it will bore me as well.

Generally Rating it: 5/10
Not because of Venom, there is so little Spider-Man. And his life scenes aren't that interesting as they are in the comics.
Sandman is nice: I know he temporarily reformed and helped Spider-Man in some occasions but here he was redicioulisly the thug who originally killed Ben Parker, and because Captain George Stacy found that out recently and told Peter and his aunt about it Peter had bad dreams and got really pissed off that his new suit possessed him.


HI Marvellete's and a big Hello to the spidey fans. I bet you miss classic Spider-Man villains since the events of "Brand New Day", Your wish is coming true.

Guess who returns to the Spider-Man series in "Amazing Spider-Man". I can give you a clue that he is a goblin, and he'll appear back in comics 10 issues from the current "Amazing Spider-Man #558" with one of the covers by "Alex Ross".

For a bit further informations; you can visit Marvel comics website through this following link:,_Spidey_&_More?

Tuesday, 6 May 2008


One of my many favorite issues of "The Amazing Spider-Man". Done by the great "Roger Stern" and the Fabuolos "John Romita jr".

Titled "Daydreamers"; the issue shows the fantasies of four main characters as told by "The Watcher":

1. The Black Cat "Felecia Hardy".

2. Jolly "J. Jonah Jameson" (as shown on the cover of the issue).

3. Mary Jane Watson.

4. Peter Parker as Spider-Man.

There are absolutely no villains here if you don't consider some cameos in one or some of the characters dream(s).

This is the story review in a very very summarized way. I can handle the review of the story but story reviewers might not like the idea of someone reviewing an issue in a blog when there are various comic reviewing sites.

Monday, 5 May 2008


This show is clearly one of my many favorite Marvel animated shows, especially in the Spider-Man buisness. It's called cheesy but it got close enough to the comics with adding a few outer villains (5 actually: Gadgeteer, StuntMan, Professor Gizmo(sort of a Mindell Stromm ripoff, why didn't they use Mindell Stromm? Who wants vengeance in a cartoon in the era when cartoons are meant to be fun), a cowboy titled as SideWinder & Nephilia(who isn't actually a villain, but Penny is who pretended to love him)).

Art style is based on the fantastic art of the legendary "John Romita sr." and the animation is actually quite well done, though the characters run in a funny way and sometimes Spider-Man crawls wall in a funny way.

The most significant villain in this show isn't the "Green Goblin" nor "Doc Ock", actually the arch nemesis of Spider-Man in this show is "Victor Von Dom"/"Dr.Doom". Doctor Doom had the most memorable animated appearance in this animated series especially in his arc titled "Doctor Doom: Master of the world". The story of the good doctor was supposed to be a movie then was decided to be a mini series shown in Europe according to writer "Larry Parr".

The reasons for me to adore this show are as following:
1. I'm a big fan of Spider-Man.
2. I love the fantastic art of "The Amazing John Romita sr."
3. 80's American animated series are great, they have very great stories and art
4. Through this animated series alongside "Spider-Man & his Amazing Friends" I recognised and loved Spider-Man.
5. The more I read about Spider-Man the more connection I find between this Peter Parker and Marvel Comics Peter Parker, so I grow more fond of it.
6. Some people go against this reason, but I have to say it: Not so much romance complicating stuff beside the thing with Peter's first love interest "Betty Brant"

Before knowing about MJ in the comics and the movie I used to think: "Why does she exist?" but I really grew fond of her character and her role as a supporting cast member, yet I'm very pleased to see that show free from her.

Some people think that the villains here were actually lowered down, I say after going deep in the comics: Only "The Lizard" and 'Magneto" weren't that loyal to the comics, though the Lizard was actually very close except the fact that he doesn't have his alter ego "Dr. Curtis Connors".

Saturday, 26 April 2008



These series are based on the first season of Spider-Man animated series of the 1990's, the first season was as groovy as the series earlier to it and the new Spectacular animated series, the animated series were based on comics and I loved much of it before season 5.

I only read 3 issues of "Spider-Man Adventures" so far and they are really boring, the reason isn't because I hate comics, "I actually love the comics in the mainstream", but these issues are a complete horror.

Look at the following pages and tell me wether you agree with me or not:

From episode1 (Night of The Lizard):

He remembers the experiment while in the Bugle
and all of a sudden his dear aunt May calls him there.

Not exactly what you can call boring, but this stuff stiffed me from boredom I almost slept while reading this, though I hardly read the words.

The first meeting between Peter and the Lizard, they have a weak fight.

Now seriously, Where
is the terrified Eddie Brock who faces the Lizard.

Not the Lizard fighting Spider-Man who got out to save Brock and gets shocked to see the Lizard is real, not my kind of comics.

Sure: You'll defeat your deadly enemy by showing him the image of him and his family. Why is Billy in the sewers?

From Episode 8 (The Alien Costume pt.1):

Rhino outside the shuttle "VICTORY" Peter's Dream is ridiculous

Why is Spider-Man tossing police cars instead of tossing people who are attacking him in self defense? And he didn't wake up hanging upside down.

From Episode 9 (The Alien Costume pt.2):

No pun intended, but where are the security crew?
Spider-Man broke the table in two half's, and left just like that?
Why didn't Dr. Connor's get frightened because a wanted man enters his office?

No screams, no shouts, not a frightened Shocker escaping after an angry Spider-Man removed the very heavy rubble off of himself. No screams from a scary Spider-Man. Eddie didn't push Spider-Man. Not my kind of Spider-Man stories at all.

Now you be the judge. Am I right for hating these comics or what?