Thursday, 10 September 2009


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DareDevil is one of the comic book characters to have his origin revamped, another one is "Iron Man", but the only focus here is DD: "The Man Without Fear"

In DareDevil v1 #1 DD had his costume done and ready before he fights the one responsible for his fathers death; Sweeny/The Fixer. In that telling of his origin DareDevil was not an angry pissed off vengeful spirit, he sure was angry by the muder of his father but he wasn't in raging vengeance, "Stan Lee" made the character someone to crack jokes.

In v1 issue 164 DareDevil was hospitalized after a tangle with the Hulk from the previous issue, Reporter "Ben Urich" heard "Karyn Paige" call DD Matt in concern and that grabbed his attention, broke his suspeciouns about DareDevil and led him to the tru identity of the Crimson adventurer. Ben decides to gather informations from DareDevil himself, DareDevil told Ben his origin after the revalation.
In this version he had rage squeezing his heart, he was really sour about his loss and looked with vengeful rage at the ones responsible for his loss, DareDevil played Sweeny's strong arm in a boxing match and humiliated him. Sweeny ran for his life but hee died from a heart attack of the fear brought to him by the Devil chasing him.

"Man Without Fear #2/5". "Frank Miller" & "John Romita jr"

Later revamp, Matt went after Sweeny for vengeance before sewing his costume, he did not fight this big gorrilla in front of Sweeny, he attacked him until he lost blood mercilessly and Sweeny witnessed late then escaped.

My favorite version of his origin is the one from "DareDevil" #164