Thursday, 16 October 2008


I opened a poll here for you to vote which of the 2 live action Hulk movies you like more:
1. Hulk 2003
2. The Incredible HULK 2008
State your reason(s) here as a comment.

I prefer the new one (Incredible Hulk) because Hulk isn't too bulky with a tiny head and a baby face. Eddie Norton plays a better Bruce Banner. Finally we see a real Hulk Super-Villain in a Hulk movie. Funny moments exist. The pants Bruce is wearing stay as a ripped pant when he turns to Hulk instead of his pants changing magically to the purple pants. Homages to the classic live action Hulk series. Hulk finally says a word in live action when he's Hulk minded not Bruce's mind cracks through the Hulk's. The joke with the purple pants.