Saturday, 10 May 2008


So far 10 or 11 weeks has passed since the beginning of this newly made and released animated series, a strong start and so far the show proved powerful.

At first I wasn't in the mood to watch it because the 2 new animated series released after "Spider-Man the animated series" weren't highly well made (MTV's CGI series are definitely much better than Unlimited). But after seeing the first and second episode I thought otherwise: The new series rocks, to see further season's of it is more worthy of watching an upcoming anonymous series written by writers I don't know the quality of their writings and a director with uncertain sense of direction.

Currently I'm enjoying season 1 and I'll post reviews on it after the season ends, I might open a new blog specified for the purpose of reviewing the series solely, each post reviewing an episode of the show and I might as well attach the trailer of each episode if not uploading just images.