Monday, 28 September 2009


We have this idiot in the powerfuly mega hit of the year 2008: THE DARK KNIGHT
Then we have this other idiot from the not as loved flick as its predecessors flick of 2007: SPIDER-MAN 3
What is similar between these two is:
*They both are main stars in their movies who start is normal people who deelope into villains
*They both appeared in villain incarnation for a short time in total in movies that each lasted for long over two hours
*Both of them are most iconic antagonists of their films protagonist
*Both of them die
So why is Two-Face loved and Venom is considered to be by so many the worst villain that appeared in a Spider-Man flick?
*"Edward Brock jr" (this is Eddie's full name in the Ultimate universe, numbered as "Earth 1610", and the name used in the movie) is a rival photographer who was a jerk since the start who cares for himself the most of all, then he got fired because "Peter Parker" put dirt in his eyes and then wanted vengeance until he bonded with the symbiote and remained Venom for a short while in the movie duration.
Like his original counterpart from "Earth 616", the natural series that introduces characters originally in Marvel Comics wanted revenge on Spider-Man because he made him lose his job exposing a wrongful story by Eddie, but ended bonding with the symbiote nd tormenting Spider-Man
*"District Attorney Harvey Dent" started as a hero who got brain-washed by the Joker after a trauma of losing his fiancee and half his body was burnt in the flesh, before dying he did pretty much what Venom did in Spider-Man movie but got glorified as a hero in the end unlike Venom.
Why is Harvey Two-Face loved and glorified in "Christopher Nolan" film and Venom got crucified by fans in the "Sam Raimi" film? Does this make any sense? It doesn't to me, so I'm open to hear your explanations even if I still don't like this happening.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009


This is a 5 issue miniseries published by MARVEL COMICS back in the year 2005, each issue is a story for both heroes together in a different era.

I love the writers work on this one, so as the art work, they deserve compliments for a great miniseries that ended with a shock to "The Human Torch" and got two families close together (Parkers & Richards)

The comedy is commendable, the writer did a funny story


On my facebook status I say "I hate Manga", but that is just to annoy a friend who annoys me on my passion for Spider-Man, I hate people who dictate on you what you should enjoy.

On the 'Toonzone" boards they always post flash advertisements of animated shows D.V.D's, I always ignore them because I never care for any anime as long as it is not introduced to me by any of my siblings, I mean what I said by the letter. But when I saw that this is about ninjas I got intrigued, I love ninja's

This guy "Rokoju Miharo" is the protagonist of the story, he has carved within him the ultimate wisdom that intends to consume him, the Shinranbunshi. Miharu (first name) Rokujo (Sirname) is meant to rule Nabari; "the world of the ninjas", and for that he is guided by an "Irish Ninja" in the guise of an ordinary "English Teacher" (the tall guy with black hair) and has a Japanese name, Izowa (the guy with glasses) and a "Samurai Ninja Girl"

I won't spoil the story further, it's something new and what makes me really love it more is that I'm driven away from Naruto by the stupidity happening in that guy's story

Friday, 11 September 2009


"Captain America"is famous as a "World War II" comic superhero who got frozen in deep sea and his best friend dies, or at least Bucky appeared to be dead. After being defrosted by the Avengers in "Avengers #004" he had solo adventures of his in "Tales of Suspense" starting in issue #59 after his fight with "Iron Man" in the previous issue, from that issue until issue#99, the last issue published under that title it had a monthly features of both "Iron Man" & "Captain America". "Captain America" tales were told by "The Fantastic Two": "Stan (The Man) Lee" & "Jack (The King) Kirby", "jack Kirby co-created "Captain America" along with "Joe Simon back in 1939 A.D.

Enough with this briefing of Cap's history frantic ones, let's jump to the review of the feature at hand

In "Tales of Suspense #062" our favorite duo made Cap demonstrate his skills of combat to a prison warden and the prison guards, some of the guards dressed as prisoners and held rods with blank shots shooting "Captain America", the reason for this demonstration was shown for the inmates of "Cell Block 10"; a block that holds the most dangerous criminals

It was revealed that the guards are truly inmates in disguise, the guns had real ammo and the false Warden took the place of the real one who is imprisoned in one of the cells, the only locked cell.
The reason "Captain America" was truly summoned is to trick him to be caged and they take his shield with its magnetic powered carrier to open this electric gate and help them escape

The magnetic power-ups were taken off of the shield because the disturb the balance. When the false warden was talking to the inmates he said the gates password, they were standing at the gate and it did not open.
Come to think of it this way: If they were not able to open the gate; how did they let "Captain America" in

Thursday, 10 September 2009


This is the "Comic Book Resources" version of the list
What do you agree on and what don't you agree on?
I don't read enough comics to judge, but I do like the list


DareDevil is one of the comic book characters to have his origin revamped, another one is "Iron Man", but the only focus here is DD: "The Man Without Fear"

In DareDevil v1 #1 DD had his costume done and ready before he fights the one responsible for his fathers death; Sweeny/The Fixer. In that telling of his origin DareDevil was not an angry pissed off vengeful spirit, he sure was angry by the muder of his father but he wasn't in raging vengeance, "Stan Lee" made the character someone to crack jokes.

In v1 issue 164 DareDevil was hospitalized after a tangle with the Hulk from the previous issue, Reporter "Ben Urich" heard "Karyn Paige" call DD Matt in concern and that grabbed his attention, broke his suspeciouns about DareDevil and led him to the tru identity of the Crimson adventurer. Ben decides to gather informations from DareDevil himself, DareDevil told Ben his origin after the revalation.
In this version he had rage squeezing his heart, he was really sour about his loss and looked with vengeful rage at the ones responsible for his loss, DareDevil played Sweeny's strong arm in a boxing match and humiliated him. Sweeny ran for his life but hee died from a heart attack of the fear brought to him by the Devil chasing him.

"Man Without Fear #2/5". "Frank Miller" & "John Romita jr"

Later revamp, Matt went after Sweeny for vengeance before sewing his costume, he did not fight this big gorrilla in front of Sweeny, he attacked him until he lost blood mercilessly and Sweeny witnessed late then escaped.

My favorite version of his origin is the one from "DareDevil" #164

Wednesday, 9 September 2009


"X-Men Origins: Wolverine" is a movie that had a false version of Deadpool, this is a fan comic that fixes that mistake


This is just too good that it is a mistake for me not to share it, enjoy :D

Tuesday, 8 September 2009


"Moon Knight" is a vigilante I read about a few years back and he appeared to be really interesting because he works to redeem his past, and every story he guest starred in is fantastic.

[He is a man of several personalities, he was always such a person even in the old days of him being a mercenary and a treasure hunter. His later different personalities used different names:
*Billionaire "Steven Grant": A smart Wallstreet broker
*Marc Spector: his original name, his mercenary side
*Jake Lockley: A street smart cab driver]

The thing that pulled me the most to this panel is the fact that the writer's name is "Steven Grant"; one of M.K's persona's, the other thing is that he narrates the story in a way of speaking from "Steven Grant" persona of "Moon Knight"

This panel is from page 1 (a.k.a: splash page) from "Moon Knight" v1 #27

Monday, 7 September 2009

Artist "Adi Granov" honors us by giving an interview in New-Gen.
Adi is the artist and designer of the "Iron Man" armor for the movie

I must not leave you without enjoying a few pieces of his work, that is just wrong

Saturday, 5 September 2009


So this is not a masterpiece, I didn't even break a bit of a smile while working on this one, it is just the occasion that pushes me to it


First of all I'd like to say that I'm a huge "Two Guys, a Girl, & A Pizza Place" fan, I love that series because it is hilarious, and "Ryan Reynolds" is 'THE' star in it.

I'd also like to point that I'm a huge fan of Wolverine, the worlds most famous X-Man, former agent of SHIELD & now an Avenger, I'm a bigger fan of his favorite foe as well, the nutball from Weapon-X project as well as Wolverine, our favorite Deadpool.

The best piece of news I heard about the movie is that it has Deadpool, and "Ryan Reynolds" star as Deadpool, I saw a few episodes of "Two Guys & a Girl" recently before watching the movie and that made my hopes higher for Deadpool in the movie.

The origin of Wolverine had alterations over the comic book origin (I'll explain them later), but that went fine, we know that superhero/comic movies aren't all too biblical about the source material so it went fine.

What I point at in this entry is about Deadpool, the clown of Weapon-X who has the occasional fights with Wolverine and they're meant to be funny, Deadpool wears a Spider-Man ripoff costume and he uses all sorts of weapons (mouth included, this is why he's known as "The Merc With the Mouth")

"Wade Wilson" started a funny short piece of appearance, then we have over an hour of the movie without him until we see him later as something else.

Boo (Oh wait; I can't talk cause my mouth is sealed, bummer dudes)

Cyclopse has an appearance in the movie wearing his "Ruby-Quartz Glass" to stop his lazer from shooting, but it was created by neither "Professor X" (they are yet to meet in the end of the movie?) nor by "Hank Maccoy"/Beast. Sabertooth abducts Cyclopse for Weapon-X from school.

Deadpool has no mouth? No name? He can teleport without the special belt built for him by Weasel? He can release Adamantium-Swords from his arms like Baraka from "Mortal Kombat"? And they copied Cyclopse mutant ability to give it to pool? Not to mention that he is controlled like "The Nemesis" from "Resident Evil Apokalypse" movie???????

I won't rant like I feel I should do as a faithful Deadpool fan so I'll zip-it. If you want to have a DeadPool translated right from the comics you have "Marvel Ultimate Alliance" video games, and you can find him in the excellent animated feature film byLionsgate "Hulk vs Wolverine". Last option I know of is when ItsJustSomeRandomGuy on youtube makes a short featuring Deadpool

Tuesday, 1 September 2009


I mean Goofy turns to Hulk, not them meeting each otherThe image is a mess, tell me about it, but I tried to pull a stunt, no harm done right?This is a different take using "Marvel Hero Creator"