Sunday, 2 August 2009


No, "Chun Li" doesn't arrest "Dan Hibiki", this is just one of those "Coco-Bungo Tricky Covers" (I don't know what is it with comic book companies insisting on playing with this card!!!)

Written By (You ever wondered why they always credit the writer first? Just asking): Erik Ko & Ken Siu-Chong
Art By: Omar Dogan
Publisher: Udon Comics

It starts with "Chun Li" and her rival in the police academy "Po Lin", both of them graduate at the top of their excelsior (it is the most superior indeed) class

Then we head two years later for these two girls in the force, they talk about Sagat (before Ryu marks a scar on the big man's torso. Heck; it was before Sagat's eye get gouged), Chun-Li wonders what a top class fighter like him have to work for Shadaloo

Dan & his father are in their "Hibiki Dojo", Sagat shows displeasure of Hibiki's attitude in business and they have a fight that ends with Sagat getting his eye gouged. Unlike Ryu; Dan's father did not live

Police arrived at the scene of the crime. Dan didn't feel like giving any informations about the assailant to the cops to place vengeance on Sagat himself, but Chun-Li's father knew from the few question he asked and from Dan's body language that Sagat is the murderer.

Sagat puts on his eye patch and moves with his goons for a job.

In a chinese restaurant  a reunion is done between two old friends and this is how the issue ends