Tuesday, 22 September 2009


This is a 5 issue miniseries published by MARVEL COMICS back in the year 2005, each issue is a story for both heroes together in a different era.

I love the writers work on this one, so as the art work, they deserve compliments for a great miniseries that ended with a shock to "The Human Torch" and got two families close together (Parkers & Richards)

The comedy is commendable, the writer did a funny story


On my facebook status I say "I hate Manga", but that is just to annoy a friend who annoys me on my passion for Spider-Man, I hate people who dictate on you what you should enjoy.

On the 'Toonzone" boards they always post flash advertisements of animated shows D.V.D's, I always ignore them because I never care for any anime as long as it is not introduced to me by any of my siblings, I mean what I said by the letter. But when I saw that this is about ninjas I got intrigued, I love ninja's

This guy "Rokoju Miharo" is the protagonist of the story, he has carved within him the ultimate wisdom that intends to consume him, the Shinranbunshi. Miharu (first name) Rokujo (Sirname) is meant to rule Nabari; "the world of the ninjas", and for that he is guided by an "Irish Ninja" in the guise of an ordinary "English Teacher" (the tall guy with black hair) and has a Japanese name, Izowa (the guy with glasses) and a "Samurai Ninja Girl"

I won't spoil the story further, it's something new and what makes me really love it more is that I'm driven away from Naruto by the stupidity happening in that guy's story