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Daredevil Season 1 Review

Time to dig in, and review this little gem, but before I do, here is the link to the source of this gem for a gif. Animus Vox.

I will not compare it to the movie, and I will try not to reference the comics reviewing this, as long as I can avoid it, because it will be a distraction. BUT.. I will reference the rest of the Marvel Cinematic line, because this canonically belongs there, and there is a number of nods to the movies, or things that might remind some of certain movies.

In the world of superheroes, in New York, with their eccentric talents and abilities, a group of gang leaders somehow manage to find an opportunity for control and profit in this, a chance they wouldn't find otherwise (I'm not kidding, that is how it is mentioned), and in their way stands a lone man in a mask, without super powers, or super gadgets, or super anything, except his sharpened senses, and his decade of thorough training, no extra strength.

Concept does sound silly, thinking about it this way, especially for where it belongs, but the execution is quite stellar (maybe that's too generous a word, think very good), and downgrading the levels of super for it work for the drama and the sake of story they want to tell. (I intentionally used present tense here in want, cause there are more seasons to go)

Matt Murdock was blinded as a 9 years old, he saved an old man from getting hit by a truck, the truck was carrying radioactive waste, and some of it spilled on Matt's eyes, blinding him, as his father tried to comfort him. Matt's dad wasn't the best role model, but he did what he needed to do, be a great father, able to help ease the pain and sorrow Matt felt from being blinded, up until the time he -Jack- was shot. During the life of his father,

Matt was able to manage his gifts, able to sort them out, things got out of hand after the death of Jack Murdock, and the nun in the orphanage called for Stick, the blind guy who could teach Matt how to handle his abilities, he also taught Matt how to be a fighter.

In episode 7, you see hints of mysticism in the series, these hints betray the ground of the show, the grit, grounding the abilities of Matt, first there is the Black Sky, the bearer of doom that comes to the city, then near the end of the episode, Stick sits with another, hinting about a war coming, Being familiar with the comic story of Stick helps with detecting what I speak of.

We do not see the recognizable costume of Daredevil before the last 20 minutes of the last episode, the majority of the season has the masked vigilante in a black outfit he bought on the internet, and I wonder if a blind person can recognize colors from radiation emitted from the monitor, or maybe if his radioactive blindness helps him do that.

The long review will take too long to write, and it will make this piece a long chore to sit through, so all I will say before moving on to the things I find are flaws of this 13 episodes season is that if you did not check the series, it is worth the time.

Things I do not like about the season are as follow:
  • Show starts with a career newly started in law practice, but when Stick meets Matt again, he says 20 years has passed since he started training him, and I stated above that Matt was blinded at the age of 9, and this is fresh in his time as a lawyer, so maybe Matt and Franklin should be 22-24 years old, not 30 years or older.
  • The suit designer (Kingpin's tailor) mentions someone kidnapped by the Kingpin, they do not show that person, or a rescue attempt.
  • Ben Urich, one of the most important supporting characters in the history of the character, is killed in this season, in his house.
  • They spend too much time speaking in low pitched voice, every character, and too often, it's almost like they whisper every word. Speak up, seriously, speak normally.

And I will leave the review at that.

Monday, 26 May 2014


The splash page, edited to remove  text and title
Couldn't edit the credits out, so they have to stay

Friday, 15 March 2013

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles v1 08

Mirage comics Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by Peter Laird and Kevin Eastman was full of parodies and nods to comics franchises, movies, and other entertainment. Don't know how they are in the IDW comics, but check these from issue 08 of volume 1


Romero, and raising an army of dead. Get the nod to Caesar Romero's zombie flicks?

Monday, 12 November 2012


Is Batman a realistic character? I keep seeing online by so many people how realistic Batman is, look at the most repeated line people say:
"Batman is so real, he has no powers, that's why he's my favorite superhero"
Having no super powers makes him real in the eyes of some, the bigger problem is when it's followed by this line: "Batman is so smart and so rich and so powerful, he can take anyone with enough prep-time and good items"

Ok, rule 1 about realism is; "People have limits", one of the things Batman seem to lack is a limit
Guy barely sleeps
Trained on so many fighting techniques, way too many
Knows too much
Skilled athlete in so many sports; archery, sprinting, swimming, diving for long and not drowning, etc
And when he uses his grappling hook, he can use it to climb 15 stories up pretty fast, probably much faster than elevators, holding his rope with one hand and setting stuff with another. Any stress to his arm? Barely, if any
If you know Batman well enough, you can see several out there similarities between him and Jigsaw (the first villain in SAW film franchise)

And here's another thing; if he's so realistic, he can't take down anyone with enough prep time, not someone like Superman or the Flash, it's stupid to think he can take someone with such high speed. Maybe he can take the Flash down, but not Superman, a guy so super he's faster than a speeding bullet, and so strong he can stop a speeding train

If you watched Justice League: Doom (animated DC feature film), Bruce Wayne escapes from his grave using a key and his bleeding fist, no one can do that, and it will be pretty rare to see someone accomplishing such an amazing feat

Here, check this image, it explains how real this superhero is, with all clarity, using less words than I used

Saturday, 15 October 2011


Tales to Astonish 61
By Stan Lee & Steve Ditko

Noodle head called Betty Ross, Ms. Brant. I love Glen Talbot in the 80s Hulk cartoon where he is a goofy major name Ned, "Noodle head Ned" will always come to mind when I see this guy

Monday, 5 September 2011


In Batman Begins we have this guy, calling himself Henri Ducard, and calls Bruce Wayne to join their cause of justice, and later is found out to be Ra's Al-Ghul, Batman leaves him to die after Ducard tried to kill every person in Gotham city cause it's soiled with crime.

Question is there a comic origin of Henri Ducard?

Detective Comics 600, first significance of Henri Ducard

Back in 1988 Bruce Wayne had to face consequences of aiding out of country people who oppose America, that was caused by a cartel that inserted itself in Wayne Enterprises and took liberty of forgery of Bruce's signature and taking charges, making a project transferring minds to other people who have biochips planted in their brains, that was revealed back in Detective Comics 598The Cartel almost found the truth about Bruce Wayne? Maybe so, they checked into his background and found his past bad for his reputation, they used that against him, and forged a charge on Bruce after he almost shut down their project, the Cartel hired Ducard to be a witness against their employer

The first actual appearance of Henri was in Detective Comics 599 in a flashback, in Batman's quest for training he hounded Ducard -a former member of the Interpol- to train him how to detect
Unlucky for Bruce, the former Interpol member who was wanted by 4 countries sought after Batman to fill his empty time

Studying Batman's prowess as a detective he discovered how some criminals are so attached to Batman they were putting things in his way to make him find them, and thought Batman is quite an overrated Detective

Putting 2+2 together he figured who Batman truly is, and found out some more secrets of Bruce Wayne, his former pupil

Seeing that Bruce did something ruthless (not knowing Bruce wouldn't have gone through it if not for some heavy persuasion) Henri didn't do what the cartel brought him to do, instead he saved Bruce and was proud of him, leaving America cause he is not welcomed there

A former member of the Interpol, a french, a great detective, a bit ruthless, that was Henri Ducard from the comics, that was the name used for Ra's disguising himself

Sunday, 21 August 2011


The list

So what if it's old? I like putting it there now, I just read it, like some stuff, others I find so-so or characters I care nothing about or know nothing about, it's a list, no hate

I loved seeing Raphael from TMNT in it, was hoping Michaelangelo wouldn't be far away from being viewed, and DAMMIT, Raph is the only turtle there, where's the love for the Turtle Titan?
It was also kind of surprising having Hal Jordan & Hal Stewart there without Kyle being on the list, I enjoy Hal the most, but why no Kyle? Kind of sad

Seeing Superman as No.1 & Batman followed as No.2 is great, I prefer Spidey to both, and I love Iron Man -because he is in many ways like Spidey- more than Batman, but I don't mind the two most important BFF there, why? They are the greatest 2 comic book icons, and I love seeing Spider-Man not far behind them

What's amusing is people's complaints on Superman being No.1, it's entertaining

Thursday, 11 August 2011


Batman 325

Not given the name Peter, but a young photographer named Parker

Sunday, 7 August 2011


It's Spider-Man origin episode from Season 2 of Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends, that season was all about origins

Saturday, 16 July 2011


Balloon based on Mark Bagley's way of drawing Spider-Man's mask from Spider-Man 3 the movie

Sunday, 23 January 2011


This dude from DareDevil 302 told DareDevil what Spider-Man told the building guard after he was 'MEH, why bother?'

Saturday, 15 January 2011


Round 1

Maguire's suit looks better as a Spidey suit IMO

Garfield's suit has better coloring. Red & Blue always beat crimson & navy blue to me


Friday, 24 December 2010


Too many comic book stories are multi issued arcs, the ones contained in only one title are better cause they don't require getting some issues of a title you don't want to get involved with, then wait for a trade hardcover to read it

Trades sometimes cost less than collecting the story issue by issue, and has less advertisements, plus they show the extra unused covers. This is a decade of a trade for each story, I recommend patience and collecting stories in trades, beats waiting for the next part one whole month

Sunday, 5 September 2010


Hey there true believers (I really need to quit quoting "Stan Lee")

I'm a comic reading nerd, I read so many comic
s, maybe a wee-bit too many, I also enjoy reading plenty of manga, playing video games, watching movies, etc,etc, same nerds stuff, it works fine for me, I can still arrange my affairs and not let my too many geeky activities interfere with the quality of activity in my life either social or to myself, though I discovered a good need to cut down my geeky/nerdy activity after checking a discussion about "How many times do you read comics?", some answered with "Only once", and I had to go in a :GASP: session, how can they do that? Of course they have too many comics they read, and so many things to do, after over a decade and a half of collecting comics they brief us on their experience of how life has things so stacked there is no room to reread back issues, and after prolonged thinking I figured I need to follow an advice of such a nice wise man

Of course the expression "Get a Life" can best be explained as "Don't let your interest(s) take over your life, balance between social stuff, work & fun", so don't misunderstand and think that reading comics is just a waste of time that causes serious troubles, it's a good hobby as many

I made a list of my top 50 characters over a year from the date of this post, 10 parts an entry with 5 characters in each entry, it went through some changes regarding the heroes I enjoy most, and who I think I should read about, but first check the important entries:

Part 1/10
Part 3/10
Part 4/10
Part 6/10

Some changes happened in the list, my top 5 heroes now, and the ones I care to collect about the most cause they are the most have comics of are (from the most favorite going downward):

1. Spider-Man: Was, and still is my favorite, not only as a superhero, but as fictional character, hopefully he will remain that way. This guy got me into the wonderful world of comics, he gave me a tempoarary fondness of spiders, I used to play with some spiders, that was until I developed quite the severe case of arachnophobia that lasted with me for years. This guy has one of the best names in comics, and a great costume that doesn't need a cape to look great, I always admired that about him, any reminder of him gives me a wide smile, and my fondness of him keeps growing, even after I feel him cheesy for a while, the only guy I almost have all of his published comics, his powers make great use in many video games, and looks great animated

2. Iron Man: Within time in the past two years and 3 months since his first movie was released, he jumped from a low mark of me not interested in him to my second favorite superhero, and as a fictional character, but I never liked the first movie that highly, still don't. I have a big collection of his comics

3. Superman: After a while, I began to feel he is my favorite DC Comics character, enjoying him more than I do Batman, the guys has the best comics I ever read, and has one of the greatest artists working on him for years, the magnificent "Curt Swan"

4. Batman: My top 3 movies of all time? Batman films. Greatest animated stuff? Batman. Comic books? Second best of all time (except the "Golden Age", some good and some boring). Video games? Have some real great stuff. Detective, I love detective stuff

5. DareDevil: Blind as a bat, his comics are great, and I have a great portion of his comics, they are great. And he's a ninja, I love ninja stuff

What made me make such a decision? I love rereading issues, I don't like to go sometime in the future collecting so many characters and barely have time to reread even an issue. I will keep my collection of other characters books, but I won't collect more of them, and besides, this way I will have more time for other things, for more important things

Saturday, 28 August 2010


The latest release of DC DTV animated features, one of many Batman features of course, and there are one or two more Batman features to come later this year, the guy is a major cash bringer. Here's the trailer

But the movie is so good, so far it's the best animated feature I watched, it has great action, very well paced, a grim and sad story, but still holds its funny moments (so does Batman Begins), don't get grim & gritty for entirely humorless

Voice acting? Voice actors are plenty of different, listen to the voices of Batman & Joker mainly, two different from their legendary voice actors "Kevin Conroy" & "Mark Hamil" respectively, though for this movie they worked very well, perfectly well, voice acting is very well made

I won't type any of the synopsis, I think this movie is so great I don't care to spoil it for you. Watch and enjoy it, the sooner you do the better

Saturday, 12 June 2010


This is it, the moment I finally review this amazing Manga series, which I'm so sorry for not reviewing earlier.

Like many samurai stories, it takes you back to the historical "Battle of Sekigahara", a war between the North & the South of a country divided Japan, which is thankfully one united country now. From the village of Miyamoto two young men joined the war, they were at the age of 17, one of them is "Shinmen Takezo", the other one is his only friend in the village, the only man who put confidence in him, "Matahachi Honiden", both wanted to prove themselves as strong men joining the war, but they didn't have a proper opportunity to battle, at least that was what happened entirely with "Matahachi Honiden"

After the battle, some events took their toll on the characters, some took bad choices and made the wrong moves, fortunately for Musashi, he planned to move between villages & boroughs, hence the name Vagabond, the march of "Miyamoto Musashi" towards being a great swordsman

Amazing series, I recommend you to read it, if you like reality in what you read, this series has plenty of reality, and of course it has some things that require you to suspend your disbelief, just don't fret

Wednesday, 26 May 2010


Origin of Checkered Man?

Fun comic strips, read them and you will enjoy them, I promise you will
Start reading from here then press on the link "Newer Posts" every time you finish from the strips on that site

Tuesday, 18 May 2010


Been having a Batman Fever for the past few months (so usually fever is called for the rise of body temperature caused due to bacterias from certain sources, but when a geek says "something fever" that means geekness kicks in in that criteria, real hard) and had so much Batman dosage whether it's from comics, movies, or other source, like two days ago I watched two Batman movies, watched some episodes from two Batman cartoons and so on, but let's cut to the chase, shall we

Since I've read Golden Age Batman, I couldn't help but note how this guy, The Human Magnet costume is similar to the costume of one of Spider-Man's main foes since the Lee/Ditko era, like the costume of Electro, The Human Lightning Bolt

Monday, 10 May 2010


After "John Favarue" worked with his crew on creating a highly acclaimed masterpiece that made "Iron Man" a truly big name in both the worlds of Superheroes & movies was released in 2008, it was possibly the movie that challenges the greatness of Batman on the big screen after "Chris Nolan" & his crew worked on the release of "Batman Begins" in the year 2005 & its hugely more successful sequel "The Dark Knight", that rose the value of comic book superhero movies levels higher than what Spider-Man did after what Superman's movie starring the late "Christopher Reeves" did

"Robert Downy jr" is the witty nice weapon industrialist you would love to be his friend cause he's fun and friendly, who decided to stop manufacturing weapon after seeing that his money & inventions kills his people possibly as much as it helps his country soldiers, and got captured by the enemies, he performed in a most admirable way, the movie made the scene better than it was in the comics, especially how he makes fun of his captors, and still makes a body armor instead of a weapon under the eye of their surveillance cameras, which can be known as P.I.S (Plot Induced Stupidity)

I guess money mongers turning to guardians of their towns make their creators richer money mongers if the characters are well written

Why have I said that this is possibly more successful than Nolan's Batman movie-wise? Check out youtube on both their movies and you'll find the No. of viewers reaching a very high number