Saturday, 28 August 2010


The latest release of DC DTV animated features, one of many Batman features of course, and there are one or two more Batman features to come later this year, the guy is a major cash bringer. Here's the trailer

But the movie is so good, so far it's the best animated feature I watched, it has great action, very well paced, a grim and sad story, but still holds its funny moments (so does Batman Begins), don't get grim & gritty for entirely humorless

Voice acting? Voice actors are plenty of different, listen to the voices of Batman & Joker mainly, two different from their legendary voice actors "Kevin Conroy" & "Mark Hamil" respectively, though for this movie they worked very well, perfectly well, voice acting is very well made

I won't type any of the synopsis, I think this movie is so great I don't care to spoil it for you. Watch and enjoy it, the sooner you do the better