Thursday, 11 February 2010


So it is not a new piece of information that after "Spider-Man 3" we will be getting a reboot for the series in 2012, new stars, new director. The film series (according to news) will be a new trilogy directed by "Marc Webb", the director of "500 Days of Summer" (I never saw the movie, never heard of it or of the director before).

"Director Webb" (heh heh, I make it sound like he's a director of S.H.I.E.L.D.) announced that he is a huge fan of "Ultimate Comics Spider-Man" which started back in the year 2000 by "Brian Michael Bendis"(never left the project) & artist "Mark Bagley" (stopped after issue 110 and went to DC comics as an artist for Trinity), the success of that series led to the launching of the rest of the "Ultimate Universe"

As a huge fan of "Ultimate Spider-Man" the new series could be hugely based on that series, starting with "Peter Parker" at "High School" and he could possibly make Peter have a job as the "Daily Bugle" web designer, this is a great service "Mr. Bendis" did for Peter because it has a better use of some of the young science whiz. abilities & skills

At least I hope like many other Spider-Man fans that the origin won't be retold here, cause it is very well known world wide and done a flawless revamp of it in the first of the previous trilogy