Monday, 31 August 2009


Yay, now we’re going to have Marvel Cartoons on regular “Disney Channel”. I’m not serious here
I wonder how Disney fans who hate Marvel comics will feel, I know I don’t want a team-up between “Howard The Duck” & “Donald Duck” in the regular 616
Will Sony still own the rights to make Spider-Man toons and otherwise? How will Fox feel? How many dumbed down animated shows will we have? How will this effect “Spectacular Spider-Man Animated” in case there really are going to be more seasons on their ways to the making?

I know that I agree with soundmonkey and anyone in fear of how the quality of comics might be affected

But come to think of it this way: "Disney Studio's" made that movie with "Ryan Reynolds" & "Sandra Bullock" as stars, and it has mature moments, maybe we won't get all dumbed down shows, movies or games

Friday, 28 August 2009


This is the last panel in Hulk 12 by "Loeb & McGuiness", "Red Hulk" leaves Hulk broken and this is simply how the story ends.

Incredible Hulk 600: This issue came directly after Hulk 12, this is "Robert Bruce Banner" caged in a tube by these guys below.

A.I.M (Advanced Idea Mechanics) and there "Big Cheese" M.O.D.O.K (Mobile Organism Designed Only for Killing)

The problem is since "Hulk 13" deals with events after Hulk died; Loeb never explained how Hulk was captured, and why are these involved, or why the heck would general "Thadeus 'Thunderbolt' Ross" & an agent of "S.H.I.E.L.D" (Supreme Headquarters, International Espionage, Logistic directorate) deal with A.I.M

More questions to be never revealed other than the unrevealed mystery of "The Red Hulk" with his (maybe her, stillanerd has a point comparing this to Mencae (that latest goblin who was revealed to be "Lilly Hollister", "Harry Osbourn's" latest crush)) ability (woman with an alterego that has a male physique)


On the left is the cover of Hulk 13 as drawn by "John Romita jr", this issue comes after "Incredible Hulk 600" and the absorption of gamma from "Bruce Banners" body by the new & mysterious Red Hulk (in CBR they shorten it the way "Scooby Doo" would say Hulk = Rulk)

On the right is the famous panel from the legendary "Amazing Spider-Man 50" by Jazzy "John Romita sr" that got translated to movie form in Spider-Man 2

Tuesday, 11 August 2009


EDIT: An opportunity to ask "Alex Saviuk" (only if you're a member in spider-man crawl space boards) some questions for the next podcast this August is lost, the thread is closed

I already posted mine:
[Hey Alex, you're one of the best artists IMHO, among your best work in my consideration are the following:
1. Amazing Spider-Man 296,297
2. Love Cult (Web of Spider-Man 40-43)
3. The Spider-Hulk story

1. I always wondered how come you didn't shred more of Spider-Man's costume after he first hulked out?
2. Which artist do you enjoy his/her artwork the most?
3. Who's your favorite comic book hero?
4. Who's the best Spider-Man supporting cast in your opinion?

Saturday, 8 August 2009


It is very obvious that I enjoy Spider-Man after the "One More Day" event, the hate for the new direction is too irrational (Making a deal with the Devil is always a bad move this is why I didn't neglect the word 'too'). I find him better now, he's still human (everyone does humongous errors in their lives, no exception, but the hate for the start of "Amazing #601": Peter drunk himself and slept drunk with a drunk "Vin with Boobs" (that's how another guy named "Michelle Gonzalez") is very acceptable). Now I've gone "Far Far Away" (I won't meet Shrek's in laws) from my point.

Look at this panel from ASM Spider-Man Annual #36, 2k8 (I don't know why they numbered it 35, can't tell): Spider-Man tells the alter-ego of the Super-Villain "Blindside" he never met a baddie in his baddie pad before (Excuse me, but meeting never meant first introduction, did you forget "Doc Ock"? Hammerhead? Kingpin? Norman Osbourn? Sergie Kravinof/Kraven the Hunter(in K.L.H)? Silvio Manfreddi/Silvermane? Looter? Hobgoblin? Rose? Venom? Dr. Doom? Tinkerer? Vulture? Sandman? Lizard? Molten Man? And the list goes on)

Tuesday, 4 August 2009


I went to this section in Marvel website I just saw today and decided to post the images of the characters I had fun making.

Stone Hulkernaut

Jennifer Wayne

She-Lizard (She's not "Jennifer Wayne", I won't make another green monstrous Jennifer. Please state which look is better)

If his costume does remind you with a costume of a different character please do say so

Second Variant (I was actually trying to mak "Invisible Woman", FF marker wasn't available so I tried different logos until I decided on "Spider-Girl", that's what made me try a different Costume)

Sunday, 2 August 2009


No, "Chun Li" doesn't arrest "Dan Hibiki", this is just one of those "Coco-Bungo Tricky Covers" (I don't know what is it with comic book companies insisting on playing with this card!!!)

Written By (You ever wondered why they always credit the writer first? Just asking): Erik Ko & Ken Siu-Chong
Art By: Omar Dogan
Publisher: Udon Comics

It starts with "Chun Li" and her rival in the police academy "Po Lin", both of them graduate at the top of their excelsior (it is the most superior indeed) class

Then we head two years later for these two girls in the force, they talk about Sagat (before Ryu marks a scar on the big man's torso. Heck; it was before Sagat's eye get gouged), Chun-Li wonders what a top class fighter like him have to work for Shadaloo

Dan & his father are in their "Hibiki Dojo", Sagat shows displeasure of Hibiki's attitude in business and they have a fight that ends with Sagat getting his eye gouged. Unlike Ryu; Dan's father did not live

Police arrived at the scene of the crime. Dan didn't feel like giving any informations about the assailant to the cops to place vengeance on Sagat himself, but Chun-Li's father knew from the few question he asked and from Dan's body language that Sagat is the murderer.

Sagat puts on his eye patch and moves with his goons for a job.

In a chinese restaurant  a reunion is done between two old friends and this is how the issue ends