Sunday, 6 December 2009


The more issues I read of this guy's stories the more entertaining I find them, the more lovable I find Mr. "Marc Spector" to be really.

The mercenary who reforms himself, unlike Deadpool who is still a mercenary Spector stopped being a mercenary as he got resurrected, now this guy does not kill at all (maybe, he might kill). If you played "Marvel Ultimate Alliance" for the PS3 or "Spider-Man: Web of Shadows" for any system except the "Nintendo Wii" (That means the one done by Treyarch & "Shaba Games"), you can recognise this former Avenger, he was a member of "The West Coast Avengers" which was started by "Jim Rhodes" back in his "Iron Man" days, and Spector was a member

This is the cover of issue #10 of "Marc Spector: Moon Knight", it occurs during the best comic mega event ever: "Acts of Vengeance" back in the end of 1989-Early 1990, the story struck me familiar

Ringer is a little Chicken. No not that he's a coward, and this is not the same guy Spider-Man broke some of his teeth, that guy died.

Remember the story of "Little Chicken"? The one that got turned to a Pixar animated feature? That story is about a little chick who did not think like "Isaac Newton" when an acorn fell on his head, he thought "The Sky is Falling, I'm going to tell the Mighty Lion about it". Then the little chick runs and every time an animal asks him "What's with you running Little Chick" he gives the same stupid answer and all the animals are dumb enough to believe him.

Ringer is the "Little Chick", he collects two more to "Get Some Super Powered Costumed Heroes", his first follower is "Killer Shrike"

"Little Chick" and his first pal ran into another farm animal that goes by the name "Coach Whip" (does Marvel Comics love whips that much?). The funny farm animals went together to find the "Mighty Lion" to tell him that the "Sky is Falling" (I got too carried away, the three villains went to catch a heavy weight superhero)

And on a "Journey into Mystery" the three loonies go

Hey mister Fox, we gotta tell the "Great Lion" that "The Sky is Falling"
The dear dear fox knows how to reach the Lion, and he helps the animals by leading them to his den and he and his family had a royal lunch.

In the case of this issue; the baddies got defeated by "Moon Knight"

The tale ends, thank you dear listeners for giving me your ears entirely open

I recommend you guys to read this Moonbeam, Moonshy, Moonguy, he's awesome