Saturday, 9 May 2009


I took long between this file and the previous one; isn't that right? Sorry about that to anyone who follows and is looking forward to the upcoming ones:

6. RICK JONES: I already said he's my favorite supporting cast member of any comic series. The one responsible for the existence of the HULK, but he took up to his responsibility & he works to fix what he did wrong. During his time as the best friend of Dr. "Robert Bruce Banner" and the green skinned savage HULK he became the new Bucky and aided "Captain America" under the direction of Cap. they become a fantastic team, Rick also became a sidekick to the Avengers and to the alien "Captain Marvel" (not the one of the word SHAZAM)

7. HATAKE KAKASHI: The main rival to Gai & the leader of team seven; he's a funny man and has real funny excuses for being late, a leader and a jonin since he was under the leadership of "Uzumaki Minato" the 4th Hokage

8. GAI SENSEI: Konoha's beautiful green beast; the leader of the best team: Neji, Rock Lee, & Ten Ten. With his shiny teeth and nice man pose you have to laugh, with his outstanding similarity to his little brother for a student; "Rock Lee".

9. ROCK LEE: Konoha's other beautiful green beats; funny since the start with his fuzzy eyebrows and his love for "Haruno Sakura" (she's way out of this list). A poor ninjitsu user and a genius Taijetsu user.

10. J. JONAH JAMESON: His hate for Spider-Man is mainly due to his jealousy of that fearless adventurer; writer "Kurt Busiek" even gives the thought more light in his historical peace; "Amazing Fantasy #18", his jealousy made him attack Spider-Man senselessly in his editorials. Writer "David Michilinie" wrote an amazing tale of confessions from Jameson how he created Spider-Man. During stressful times Jameson used to be a chicken and generally he was a pure comedy icon in the Spider-Man series, the funniest moments in Spider-Man mostly are the interactions between these two heroes. Jameson proved over time to be a true hero, not simply a coward and he still doesn't give up his vendetta to masked people mainly Spider-Man