Tuesday, 26 May 2009


I gave you my favorite comic-book characters just soon before this, but I mainly give positives here

1. Detective Conan:
What can I say? I simply love detective comics
2. Eyeshield21: "Kobayakawa Sena" march as an "American Footballer" (as in he plays American Football since being a high-school freshman) is plain interesting & pure entertainment
3. Naruto: Up until we see the end of the "Naruto vs Sasuke" duel (I include with the main story some of the fillers)
4. Captain Tsubasa: Thay made so many animes on him, I know I just like them all
5. Samurai X (Ruroni Kenshin) the 1st OVA: It is so realistic, great animation and entertaining anime slicing
6. DragonBall GT (Not "Grand Turismo")
7. DragonBall Z
8. Death Note: Mainly for 'L'/"Ryuugai Heidaki" & "Kira"/"Yagami Light"
9. Hunter X Hunter
10. Full Metal Alchemist

11. Wild Striker: It is one of many animes based on Football (real football known as soccer)
12. Shaman King
13. Slam-Dunk