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As Bully say when he reviews a comic he enjoys

This comic is fun

This is a little piece published by "Udon Comics", the official publisher of "Street Fighter" comics.
Oh yeah; Udon is the same guy who drew this piece of art

Thursday, 30 July 2009


All I can tell that this is a gullible issue about a great character, this is easily the poorest 600 anniversary issue, but not too poor.


It should be a pleasure the fact that "Greg Pak" the writer of "World War Hulk" is returning to the title in the next issue, but to be honest; I didn't enjoy "World War Hulk" as much as the ones boosted it to a masterpiece in the Hulk series



Date of Publish: April 2009
Story1: Victory (By "Joe Michael Straczynski"(writer), "Oliver Coipel" & "Marko Djurdjevic" (pencils)):

Loki talks in the beginning about what he (wait a minute, she? A god does sex change?) did to Bor; the father of Odin. Bor is now back alive on Earth, believing his son Odin is dead before he mysteriously vanishes and now coming to Earth like a "Don Quixote" around the windmills (he sees all his surrounding monsters and attack).

"Jane Foster" tells "Dr. Donald Blake" (when did Thor get back to being Doc Blake? He was another person last time I checked) to call their mutual friend and help.

Thor tries to ease up his "Don Quixote" for a grandfather telling him he's among friends (Thor identified him as an unfamiliar Asgardian, but did not know he is his grandfather), but Thor is just another windmill so Bor strikes and a fight ignites

Thor needs to stop Bor but he can't stop him without killing him, so he calls for help from the Avengers. The Avengers arrive as Thor wanted, but he didn't get these guys:
  • He gets these buffons instead; H.A.M.M.E.R. Avengers: Armored suited guy is: Iron Patriot/Norman Osbourn
  • Hawkeye is really: Bullseye
  • Wolverine is: Logan's son (don't know his name)
  • Ms. Marvel: I think she's Moonstone
  • Black Suited Spider-Man: Really McGargan/Venom shift-shaped the symbiote
  • Dunno who the guy in green is
Thor gets help alright, but with it he gets extra burden cause Norman decides Thor needs to be arrested. Thor throws them away for their own sake.

Loki tells King "Balder the Brave" (I'm pretty sure Thor is the only son of Odin, how did Balder become king?) that he (sorry, she) identified the assailant on Earth to be Bor, father of Odin.

They reach Thor by the time he killed Bor, then they told him that was his grandfather

Asgardian rule: "Anyone who kills an Asgardian -mainly from the royal family- is to be banished from Asgard". Thor did not defend himself, instead he admitted he killed a royal Asgardian and said he will come back with talk like thunder and got banished from Asgard.

Loki has a plan for a new Asgard, an Asgard in Latveria.

Story 2 (Written by "Stan Lee", Pencilled by "David Aja"):
Thor is needed everywhere in a fight, so he decides to retire as his human alter ego "Dr. Donald Blake" and have his wife with him (hmmm; seems to me like every superhero in Marvel comics decide to give up being a superhero, Thor is the third one I find with such a decision after Spider-Man & "Iron Man"). As Dr. Blake he performs a successful surgery to a kid who decided to stay hanging because his idol "Thor" would never give up. And "Dr. Blake" decided to stay Thor and not quit.

OK; lets have my/our 20 questions stuff answered
How come Loki is a woman? I'm pretty sure he's a man. Is that a new Loki?

Ms. Loki

And here is the answer by "Chris Giarrusso" in story 3: "Welcome Back Thor"

Why is Balder king of Asgard since none said he is son of Odin?
Thanks again Mr. Giarrusso

There are reprints of older stories from the silver age by "Stan Lee" & "jack Kirby" about Loki & Balder. Then there is the gallery of the 600 issues of Thors solo adventures

In general: 4/5.
This is the weakest 600 annevirsary issue I read from Marvel comics, but the issue still does not fail to be entertaining enough

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.I have the Romita jr cover, his art does not fail to paint joy on my face as it usually does.
.From what I saw of the rest of the covers the best ones is the Romita sr cover
.Quesada did most of the staff the favor of finally breaking the marriage and made me a favor by giving Spider-Man a brain trust that made his book the funny book it originally was and should still be, his art is great in OMD, but his cover is a mess
."Alex Ross" art is the most masterful. I don't find it good for comics interiors as I do find it for covers. The pencil & inking are great, the color red is the flaw in his cover

*Story 1: Last Legs (Slott & Romita jr):
.Spider-Man & DareDevil caused a bar to be closed,this makes them worthier of being in my favorite comic book characters list
.DareDevil explains how he can't feel Spider-Man's identity and tells Spider-Man he is lucky is a fine move
."Doctor Octopus" condition is the MAXIMUM surprise, but we all know it won't last
.Doc Controls the city and acts as it is a good thing tells he is a great villain, even that he doesn't show his condition on monitors
.Spider-Man saves a guy from an accident and is blamed for the accident and the one saved is stupis for thanking Spider-Man (Typical Parker Luck)
.Spider-Man's little chat with the Avengers (mostly Wolverine) is funny
.Ock still loves May Parker, he started paying attention to her as eh, then he wanted her heritage then he really loves her, and he never gave up on it
.A team-up between Spider-Man & the Human Matchstick is always entertaining
.I can't help but laugh at Jonah & Peter in the wedding
.The final panel is far from being a surprise, even without reading the solicit it is something easily anticipated considering the covers of the next arc

*Story 2: Identity Crisis (Stan Lee & Marcos Martin):
About time Stan makes a fabulous story after a long run of medicore comic strips

*Story 3: My Brothers Son (Mark Waid & Coleen Doran):
OK, nothing to say about this one but :touche:

*Story 4: If I Was Spider-Man (Bob Gale & Marlo Alberti):
I love this story, Bob Gale is better than Guggenheim

*Story 5: The Blessing (Marc Guggenheim & Mitch Breitweiser):
Blah Blah Blah......
"May Parker" wants blessing from her late husband

*Story 6: Fight at the Museum (Zeb Wells & Derec Donovan):
Q: What can I say beside the fact that this is the best story after the main story?
A: The Museum guide looks like one of the Simpsons characters

*Story 7: Violent Vision (Joe Kelly & Fiumara):
Heads up for upcoming issues, one of them is the return of "The Lizard"

Covers you will never See:
It's cruel not to laugh at the (Brubaker/Mckone) cover, the rest are fun

There is no slap in the face for the anti current Status-Quo, but they sure do miss plenty of fun

I read 2 other anniversary issues:
Captain America 600 & Thor 600
Captain America is the issue with the absolute highest quality of these three, Amazing Spider-Man comes second

Thus far this issue is the only issue marked with No. 600 that:
*Has no previous story reprint
*Came true to its series, numbered as it should be because the No. of issues for this title are truly 600

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I know since Watchmen movie was released a couple of months ago this thing is getting kind of old, but we still have the DVD's and video stores to keep the news as immortal as possible, right?

This image is from "Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro" (the PSX games), they have newspapers editions & "Parker Portfoilos"instead of game covers like its predecessor.

Look at the headline on the top left of the newspaper

Saturday, 25 July 2009


*The issues starts with the origin by "Alex Ross", "Paul Dini" & lettered by Todd Klein

*A year has passed since the murder of "Captain America", "Sharon Carter" remembers dimly what happened that day, she gets the murder weapon and wants to make sure of whatever truthfulness is there and ingenuity of the murder gun.

A man underwent plenty of surgery to look & sound like "Steve Rogers", he even almost acts like "Steve Rogers", goes through memory lane and stop some hoods stealing his stuff

"The Avengers" talk together, consider attaining the memorial of "Captain America" and decide not to cause the shed of any blood. (reading the issue you'll notice I skipped two scenes)

"Norman Osbourn" believes Steve to have died a traitor, but he runs the memorial in armor and acts as if he loves Steve as a hero to Steve fans. Ronin (used to be Hawkeye before Bullseye get the uniform)/"Clint Barton" is the most ticked of Steve's friends by the act of Norman. (I skipped one more scene)
"Sharon Carter" greets Falcon (the one registered Avenger) and reveals to him and his fellow Avengers she believes cap to be alive (the never explain a bit of how it happens in this issue; "Steve Rogers" being alive)

This is "Jessica Drew"; the original Spider-Woman & not "Cathrine Zeta Jones". She is among the mourners

*Another story is about two of Steve's friends from "Roger Stern" & "John Byrne" run in the 80s of "Captain America". Stern wrote the story of how these two feel

*There is "the story of Captain America" note by his co-creator "Joe Simon"

*A classic story of "Captain America" by "Stan Lee". How the arch foe (Red Skull) knew the secret identity of "Captain America". The steps of discovery are pretty much the same of how "Norman Osbourn" discovers the secret identity of Spider-Man in "ASM #039"

Thursday, 23 July 2009


You know how he is the "Big Man" in the "Spectacular Spider-Man Animated Series", right?
Oh well; he owns a nightclub, he's a bookie, he stocks money from people and framed Deadpool to a crime he did not commit. Maybe this guy really is worthy of holding the title now days in comics

By The Way: This picture is from "Deadpool: Suicide Kings 1/5" miniseries


I just could not pass this one, look at Hal's cape and stance like those of Spawn (Todd McFarlane's character)


I don't mean sidekicks, and not even started as sidekicks then became superheroes, I mean those who started as superheroes in their teens and I shall get non newer than those who I know appeared in the sixties.

1. Star Spangled Kid/Sylvester Pemberton (DC Comics): The original Star-Spangled Kid was Sylvester Pemberton, a Golden Age character. He became the Star-Spangled Kid in order to battle Nazi spies and fifth columnists during World War II. He was unique in that he was a kid superhero who operated with an adult sidekick, Stripesy a.k.a. Pat Dugan (he sort of looks like Sandman/FlintMarko/William Baker/Sylvester Mann). Both he and Dugan were superb acrobats along with having sufficient training in hand-to-hand combat. They devised a series of acrobatic maneuvers that allowed them to build upon one another's strengths, the Kid's agility and Dugan's strength. They also built the Star Rocket Racer, a bubble-topped limousine with the functions of a rocket and helicopter.

This image is for Sylvester after growing-up and becoming the superhero Starman.

2. Captain America/Steve Rogers: According to "Ed Brubaker" in "Captain America 601". He wanted to become a soldier but wasn't fit, then he underwent the transformation by the superhero serum when he was eighteen years old. Eight-Teen

3. Johnny Storm/The Human Torch: Started as a member of a team of grown ups, not just a simple sidekick (Stan Lee sure loves to have his heroes start in a young age, at least not all of them started like that) but a very important and efficient team member. He even had his solo adventures back then.

4. Spider-Man: This one is unique for being the first teenage solo superhero, not a sidekick, not a team player and didn't look for help in his fights, even when he got help offered to him he often rejects it because his fights with super villains are personal.

5. Original X-Men by Lee & Kirby: X-Men started as five teenagers in an academy being run by "Professor Charles Xavier". Leader comes first so: Cyclopse, Jean Grey(the infamous phoenix, she will soon be resurrected be sure of that, or maybe any time within the next ten years if she isn't right now) Beast, Angel & Iceman

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American Son: A 5 parts story consisting of Amazing Spider-Man #595-599

This is the cover of Amazing Spider-Man #599, the man in the armour based on "Anthony Edward Stark/Iron Man" technology is none other than "Norman Osbourn". The dude in front of him is wearing the armor of the project "American Son"

Part 1 & 2 are quite fun, the rest is utter garbage of a story about a conflict between "Norman Osbourn" and his son Harry.

*Chapter 1 (ASM 595):

Harry and Peter are in central park, Harry talks Peter into mingling with ladies to go steady, it doesn't go well for Pete. Harry sees his fathers jet and is angry.

In the "Front Line" office Peter is talking the staff about making a story of Norman's crimes, too bad for Peter that currently they can't stick anything to him.

Spidey has a chat with Wolverine requiring help to get Norman out of office then says he wants to kill him, Logan tells Spider-Man there is a difference between taking a man out of office and killing him. A joke comes during the chat about former president "George Bush jr"

At a dinner party in Mayor Jameson home Peter and J.J jr are to have a picture together (Peter has to make fun of them being future brothers since "J. Jonah Jameson sr"/"Jay Jameson" & "May Reilly Parker" are to unite at wedding). The Final guest "Norman Osbourn" arrives because he heard his son will be there and he wants Harry to join him.

Norman is in his limo with "Hand" all of a sudden Spider-Man ripps the cars roof and pulls Norman high in the sky and have a bloody chat (by every single letter) with Norman about leaving young Harry.

In his home; Harry meets his ex and learns she's pregnant with his son, Harry promises good for his ex and his spawn.

*Chapter 2-5:

Spider-Man fights Gargan to take his place to get Harry out of Norms building dressed as Venom, has a fight with Wolverine's son and wins, Norman asks Harry if this guy is Venom or Spider-Man and Spider-Man is unfortunate to have an honest Harry making his thighs bleed and gets shot in the head making him all tied up.

Garbage, Garbage, Garbage......I can't bare to explain the rest because it is pure garbage.

My Advice:
B.N.D haters don't really need it, but:

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We thank our friend "Martian Invader" from the toonzone boards

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Inspired by the thread of "Who of these two do you find better?". And since I really really enjoyed "Iron Man" comics after the good reputation his film earned I decided to make this entry.

*Both of them were created by "Stan Lee", both were sketched by:
  • Donny Heck
  • Steve Ditko
  • John Romita jr (in the early 80s shortly after..)
  • Keith Polard
  • Herb Trimpe
  • Jack Kirby (He didn't just draw Spider-Man on covers)
  • Mark Bagley
  • Salvador Larroca
  • & others
*Both had these writers working on them (not just in writing, in editing as well):
  • Gerry Conway
  • David Michilinie
  • Denny O'Neil
  • Matt Fraction
  • & others

*They both became superheroes by accident: Spider-Man got bit by a radioactive spider that gave him his amazingly extraordinary powers. "Iron Man" got a shrapnel near his heart and his chest-plate helped him be freed.

*Both lost a very important man in their life: Spider-Man became arrogant and the burglar he didn't stop killed his uncle. In capture Dr. Yensin (the man who helped "Anthony Edward Stark" escape) died by bullets

*Both have the color RED very important in their wear: Almost every "Iron Man" is half red. Spider-Man's original costume is the famous red 'n blue

*Both made skin tight uniforms on their exact fit and neither of them is a good knitter

*Both of them loved the big man's main secretary, but the secretary married another friend of him in the same company, now the husband of each of these two women is dead, each of them fought the secretary husband.
  • "Tony Stark" loved his -now again- secretary but she married his former driver "Happy Hogan", Happy turned more than once to a monstorous "Freak" & "Iron Man" fought him. Happy was in the hospital lying last before Pepper pulled the plug on him
  • "Peter Parker loved his boss Secretary "Elizabeth 'Betty' Brant", Betty married reporter "Ned Leeds" who got brain washed by "Roderick Kingsley" the original Hobgoblin to pose as him. Spidey fought Ned, Ned is by soldiers of the Foreigner (as showed in Spider-Man vs Wolverine, later revealed Kingsley killed his substitute man)
*Both of them carry the "Guilt & Responsibility" characterastic

*Both of them decided more than once to let go of their alter-egos, but out of their hands circumstances made them turn back on that choice every time

*Both of them lost a girl they fell in love with by a menace in green. Tony lost "Janice Cord" by the hands of "Titanium Man". Spider-Man lost "Gwen Stacy" by the "Green Goblin"

*If one of them gets angry for the sake of a loved one, they go on rampages against the villains responsible

*Tony almost married "Marriane Rodgers", Peter almost married "Gwen Stacy". Both two chicks have a long blond hair

*Both of them have a black uniform. Tony has his stealth armor & Spidey has his famous black suit

*Each one of them fell in love with a red-headed babe who learned his secret identity on her own. Tony loved "Bethany Cabe". Peter loved "Mary Jane Watson"

*They both fell in love with danger loving women. Tony loved "Whitney Frost" who after an accident that scarred her face wore a golden mask and became "Madame Masque". Spider-Man loved "Felicia Hardy/Black Cat"

*Both of them have adventures with these three:
  • Captain America
  • DareDevil
  • "Johnny Storm/The Human Torch" & the "Fantastic Four"
*They both fought symbiotes (so did most of the Marvel superheroes)

*Both of them fought their best friends when they turned psycho.
  • After "Jim Rhodes" wore the "Iron Man" armor when Tony was drinking himself out, he started feeling heavy headaches that turned him berserk. Tony made a simple armor to stop Jim's rampage
  • Peter fought his friend "Harry Osbourn" in two events; once when he was after the effect of the pills believing himself the "Green Goblin". There was the time when Normans ghost haunted Harry and drove him to the brink after the stress of being in the Goblin Guise for a while
*Both of them were tricked to fight Namor the Sub-Mariner but teamed up with him in the end

Thursday, 16 July 2009


These are at least some of them

Silver Centurion: This armor was built by persuasion of Hawkeye the leader of the "West Cost Avengers" back then. Anthony dons the armor after his buddy "Morly Erwin" dies by a gift package from "Obidiah Stane" to there dome of "Circuits Maximus"

Under-Sea Armor: Searching for a canister of gas among the rubble of the long wrecked ship "TITANIC"; "Iron Man" dons this armor to be able to hold in a very deep with high pressure ocean.

During the Stark wars the "Silver Centurion" was destroyed, this is a much more powerful armor that helped Tony defeat the rogue that destroyed his previous armor

The most famous armor donned by "Iron Man" the longest time

Modular Armor: Created in "Invincible Iron Man #300". This is the armor that got animated in the 90s Marvel cartoons and Capcom video games

Remote Controlled Armor

Space armor II

Arctic Armor

Hulk Buster


I posted earlier about a "John Romita jr" fan club shirt worn by "Cassie Lang", the daughter of the second "Ant Man"

Here's another one from "Iron Man #249", art by "Bob Layton"

Tuesday, 14 July 2009


"Aburame Shino", from the Aburame clan in Konoha, the clan of people controlling insects.
Once in the "Chuunin Exam" he placed some of his insects in Zako's/Zak's repulsors (a guy from Orochimaru's sound village) and defeated him with that strategy.
Do you suppose he is based on Ant-Man?

Ant-Man orders flying aunts to enter the choppers engine to stop it and foil the escape of one of the guys who tried TO BLOW "Anthony Stark" return press conference in "Iron Man #233".
The one in that issue is the second "Aunt Man"/"Scott Lang" not the first one "Henry Pym"/"Yellow Jacket"

Thursday, 2 July 2009


When Jim Rhodes was freshly an "Iron Man" due to "Anthony Stark" drinking problem. This guy with glasses is named "Erwin", he died in "Iron Man #199" by a missile from "Obidiah Stane".

This art by "Luke McDonel" is after "Stane/The Iron Monger" buys the whole Stark International from the drunken Stark


This is a piece of art by Udon from Agent X #013, this guy with tears from his eyes and blue hair looks sort of like Ryu from "Street Fighter" series. Do you suppose this Udon guy did art for "Street Fighter"?


Or in the case of these two girls (the daughters of the original Tarantula & a jumping someone) watch where you jump or you fall.AGENTX #006. Art by Udon

You need to think well even if you are an amateur, does thee nay agree?

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The question "Who is Spider-Man' arch Nemesis?" and the answer "More than two" are getting too old and senseless because it got way too obvious that "Norman Osbourn/The Original Green Goblin" is his arch-foe.

Since the day he started the Goblin made clever plots to smack Spidey to the ground, and wanted to seize control over crime in town to be the "Kingpin of crime" but his plans were always foiled by Spider-Man, this is why the Goblin remained hidden planning for his ultimate revenge.

The did not show the Goblins method of conviction to get the thugs use the bomb with the special formula that defunct Peter's spider-sense. The Goblin followed Spider-Man from a distance, learned so many information about him the fought him in the yard of his sick aunts and dragged him all the way to one of Osbourns warehouses revealing himself and have a fight ending with Norman forgetting the Goblin.

After seeing a slide show on Spider-Man & the Goblin Norman regained his memory and went to strike "May Parker", one of the Goblins gadgets made Spider-Man drows in fear and hallucinations

After getting back as the Goblin once again; he made attacks Peter in his apartment, throws a bomb of gas that made Spider-Man lose his ability to stick to walls when Harry was a drug addic, Spider-Man is forced to pull punches against his friends father, & Norman secretly had sex with Gwen making her pregnant with twins she give birth to in France before killing her and getting severly wounded with wounds he recuperates from later.

In his hideout in France Norman raised his twins making them believe they are Peters kids & made them despise him for abandoning their mother and allowing Spider-Man to kill her.

Harry Osbourn, and others after him; "Dr. Bart Hamilton", "Roderick Kingsley", "Jason Philip Macendale", followed Norman's footsteps and became Goblins while Norman was away in hiding.

The clone mess started by "Professor Miles Warren/The Jackal" was also a mess done by Norman to make Spider-Man insane and it did make him doubt how genuine he is for months.

"May Reilly Parker" was kidnapped and replaced by a genetically altered actress to resemble the original, she died and Peter grieved on her death for a while to be arrested for a murder committed by his un-cloned clone Kaine (I didn't read the clone saga, don't ask me how it happened)

Peter get exonerated eventually, Norman forced the Bugle out of Jameson to be owned by him. Not only that but he also talks on TV against Spider-Man turning the public against him worse than the way Jonah Jameson turned people against the wall-crawling masked menace.

As the "Green Goblin"; Norman talks on TV about the death of "Gwen Stacy" sounding a poor innocent man and Spider-Man is the actual murderous idiot.

Eugene "Flash" Thompson gets filled by the booze he wants to clean his blood from and is placed in a driven truck hitting the wall of his old school.

In prison; one guard asked Norman for a favor to save his sick wife only to have her condition worse, Norman told Spider-Man the story and planned for twelve sinister foes of Spider-Man to kill him after Spider-Man himself release Norman from prison directly.

Now Norman is seen as a patriotic national hero leading the Thunderbolts, and Spider-Man unregistered, wanted, and chased away by his internationally powerful foe