Wednesday, 4 November 2009


If you read "Disney Comics" you'll see much more of this than you can find in animated form. This is a duck from "Brave Scotland" as I quote from "A Brave Heart" movie. Scotland has a reputation of being a country of scrooge people.

The most famous uncle of "Donlad Duck" always humiliates Donald to have him work for cheap ($0.11 per hour) to nothing, the only salvation for Donald is that he is the only one to inherit his cheap uncle.

How scrooge is this Duck?
*He's too scrooge to know the exact serial number of every paper currency he owns
*He's too scrooge his heart break by spending a penny for his eat
*He's too scrooge to buy himself a good ship and good ship fuel to sail
*He's too scrooge to buy a newspaper, if he wants to read it he must find it tossed away
*He's too scrooge to let go of a penny he lost in the sewers, he just have to jump after it or find a way to get it back for free
*He's too scrooge he knows who borrowed $0.50 for years and still haven't returned it

Despite being this scrooge at least he still has a heart of gold, you gotta love him as an uncle...if not on financial issues