Saturday, 25 July 2009


*The issues starts with the origin by "Alex Ross", "Paul Dini" & lettered by Todd Klein

*A year has passed since the murder of "Captain America", "Sharon Carter" remembers dimly what happened that day, she gets the murder weapon and wants to make sure of whatever truthfulness is there and ingenuity of the murder gun.

A man underwent plenty of surgery to look & sound like "Steve Rogers", he even almost acts like "Steve Rogers", goes through memory lane and stop some hoods stealing his stuff

"The Avengers" talk together, consider attaining the memorial of "Captain America" and decide not to cause the shed of any blood. (reading the issue you'll notice I skipped two scenes)

"Norman Osbourn" believes Steve to have died a traitor, but he runs the memorial in armor and acts as if he loves Steve as a hero to Steve fans. Ronin (used to be Hawkeye before Bullseye get the uniform)/"Clint Barton" is the most ticked of Steve's friends by the act of Norman. (I skipped one more scene)
"Sharon Carter" greets Falcon (the one registered Avenger) and reveals to him and his fellow Avengers she believes cap to be alive (the never explain a bit of how it happens in this issue; "Steve Rogers" being alive)

This is "Jessica Drew"; the original Spider-Woman & not "Cathrine Zeta Jones". She is among the mourners

*Another story is about two of Steve's friends from "Roger Stern" & "John Byrne" run in the 80s of "Captain America". Stern wrote the story of how these two feel

*There is "the story of Captain America" note by his co-creator "Joe Simon"

*A classic story of "Captain America" by "Stan Lee". How the arch foe (Red Skull) knew the secret identity of "Captain America". The steps of discovery are pretty much the same of how "Norman Osbourn" discovers the secret identity of Spider-Man in "ASM #039"