Wednesday, 13 January 2010


American Comics creators at least take too much pride with their false heritage anyway, why do so?

So many comics show America to have the upper hand over whatever threat hit it (so does Hollywood, every form of American fiction does so). Comic creators do plenty of comics showing how great and heroic they were during "World War II" against the danger of the Nazi threat, what gives?

Panel from Batman vs "Captain America". Story & Art by "John Byrne"

I saw so many covers of issues proving Americans to be Anti-Nazi patriots (this is why I started this subject in my comic blog), like America was threatened during WWII, the recent thing that really bugged me the most is having Joker disapprove of working for Nazi skunks because Nazi's are too evil even for a low-life like the Joker to join them

Here's a little lesson in history: During WWII U.S.A joined the group that worked against the Allied-Triangle, but what did they do? They loaned cash to countries to annihilate each other and stood watching from the sidelines, but when the Japanese blew-up one of their harbors in Hawaii back in August 1945 you know what those patriotic heroes did? The blew Two Japanese cities full of civilians, not militiamen, CIVILIANS, count 140,000 dead bodies. By the end of the war the great heroic country was the richest because it lost very little in the war compared to other countries and many countries were in financial debt to this mega awesome country

At least something good came out of that rubble the Nazi's (American government was and will always be a true Nazi, but they have many many respectable citizens, don't get frustrated on the citizens cause they are simply victims of their "Great Government"), Japanese stood up strong, they repaired their country and now they surpass all the rest of the countries by far many great steps, and we're very happy for the Manga and Anime aside from their fantastic technology, culture & well shaped manners