Monday, 16 June 2008


My favorite era of Marvel comics is the eighties, but that doesn't mean Stan (the man) Lee isn't one of my favorite writers of all time. In his sixties; Stan proved to still have a futile mind with his classic touch of the Golden & Silver ages of comics, a perfect example to prove it is this issues:

After the long relationship between J.Jonah Jameson and genius inventor Dr. Marla Madison they finally get married. Jonah Jameson invite the staff in the Bugle closest to him to his wedding, he also invites his son John who was upset that the marriage of his father would stand in between his (Father and Son) relationship with his father.

In the office of the esteemed publisher of the Daily Bugle (J.Jonah Jameson) Spider-Man arrives at the window with a bouquet of roses to Mrs. Jameson and congratulates Jonah in a manner that upsets the publisher. (The story occurred after the events of Amazing Spider-Man #258, so it's after M.J's revelation to Peter).

The Scorpion (Mc Gargan) receives the news in prison and he breaks lose of custody and takes his suit to congratulate his worst enemy in his style, Scorpion kidnaps John Jameson and assaults the police station where J.J reports the kidnapping of his son to "Captain Jean DeWolff".

Scorpion hangs "John Jameson" in a mad jacket and hangs him in the sewers to take of to the floor of Jonah Jameson, Spider-Man barges in and saves Marla Madison (the one Scorpion was after to get hard on Jameson) and swings carrying her over a few buildings then releases her to fight Scorpion.

Of course; the Scorpion has to take revenge on Jameson before everything else so he distracts Spider-Man long enough to get back to Dr. Madison. John escaped his custody and tried to save his future stepmother but he got caught with her.

Spider-Man punched Scorpion and fought him valiantly until Scorpion fell hard. Jonah Jameson became happy and went on with his marriage. John accepted the fact that his dad was getting married again and became his fathers "best man". The wedding took place and since then Marla Madison became officially Mrs.Jameson.

The story earned its place in my treasury collection, Stan Lee once again proved his mettle and stood like a solid rock. The classic writing, the action, the drama and the quips and jokes all exist, every element worked to create Spider-Man as the comics legend we know and enjoy most admirably. Backed up by the art of "Ron Frenz" who by then was following the footsteps of the creative legend "Steve Ditko" gave the story the classic figure.

A very splendid issue, I'm highly pleased I finally had my copy. I always wanted this story for the following reasons:
.Written by: Smiley Stan
.The main villain is one of my favorites since I saw (Attack of the Arachnoid, my favorite animated story of Spider-Man for all ages)

Easily deserves 5/5