Thursday, 10 July 2008


I'm talking about L.T.L (Lonnie Thompson Lincolin): Craeted by "Gerry Conway"(writer) and "Alex Saviuk"(artist) in Web of Spider-Man 35-36.
His first major role is in "Spectacular Spider-Man #139-142" as a hired muscle working for the Kingpin, his major communicator is "the Arranger of Kingpin". Tombstone was hired to kidnap some guy with mutant powers who can persuade people (The Persuader) to use against the "Lobo Brothers", he did his job well and tormented "Ronald Reiburn" (a.k.a the Persuader).

Lonnie was an albino, he became a gangster in "Joseph Robertson's" old highschool, Lonnie respected Joseph and consodered him as his friend in a very sick manner and convinced him in his own way to retract writings about how bad a person he is (Lonnie Convinced Roberston). Robbie worked in a newspaper in his old state and he had a source of information about some gangster work, Lonnie broke Robbie's source of information (he was a dude, Tombstone killed him).

Robbie recorded these informations in a tape and confineded it to Peter because as a photojournalist he has the most understanding about such matters. Somehow; Lonnie learned about this tape and convinced Peter to get it to him after breaking Robertson's back and pulling Mary Jane's hair (originally pulled her hair, she told Peter Tombstone broke her arm. Hmmmm).

After a nice battle with Spider-Man Spidey asked Tombstone why he didn't kill Joe Robertson, Lonnie replied with his weak voice: "How can I kill him? Robbie is my friend." How nice a sentiment this is, sure you can hurt your friend, but if you kill him that means your not friends? (Lonnie is a loony)

In prison Robbie befriended some nice huge gentleman who taught him how to defend himself, Tombstone and his gangsters killed that guy and used Robbie to escape at a time Spider-Man was in prison to visit his friend. Tombstone and Robbie went to a helicopter then fell down and were found and taken care of by a ranch owner. Tombstone wanted to play with his friend before killing him, but he was happy to see Robbie valiant.

Guess who took Lonnie (Tombstone) Lincolin from that area? Ooooh, men of Hammerhead, he was against Kingpin at that time but Tombstone changed his loyalty.

After Robbie was proven innocent Tombstone still wanted to kill Robbie himself so he stopped a demonised Hobgoblin hired by Hammerhead from eliminating Robertson.

Lonnie gained super-powers in Osbourns lab and turned against Hammerhead (You think there might be a chance of...? I think some readers may get what I'm pointing at).

In short: If you hate Venom you sure have to hate Tombstone, he's more of a sicko than Venom is (except there is a lack of heroism, and no symbiote either. Is there an "Ultimate Tombstone"?)

Enough with the comics, lets see what's Tombstone job in stas:
The Tablet of time from the comics, remember it with "Man Mountain Marko" working for "Silvermane"? M.M.M was replaced by good old Tombstone in the cartoon.

Aha; Now we see Tombstone's origin: Really was Robbies friend who went to prison as a child ("", pick spidey tas from there and episode reviews to get the details.)

"Greg Weisman" decided to use "Stan Lee's" & "Steve Ditko's" crimelord (Big Man) and made Tombstone fill his shoes instead of "Frederick Foswell". The best version of Tombstone ever (the only good one as a matter of fact, and he's great).

Now I mentioned previously something about Hammerhead, can you dig it out? I'll give you a hint: "Hammerhead works for (The Big Man) in this show", the best thing about it is that Hammerhead hasn't been watered down, atleast Hammerhead here is interesting, not some fool like tas version.

Certainly: I'd really call "Greg Weisman" by "The Man" if he cancelled the moronic; Tombstone is Robbie's wanna be friend. Excellent job you did on the show crew, keep up the "Spectacular Work"