Sunday, 28 December 2008



Pain, or just one the many bodies Pain (Akatsuki Member: A dangerous gang of S level ninjas) sucked the soul out of Shizune (he sucked informations, but the thing he left out of her looks like her soul) as Shang-Tsung from "Mortal Kombat" series does. R.I.P Shizune, I'll miss you.

I wish they didn't make her pet a pig, echh.
Just call me a lazy fan for not wanting to chop the single panels of her death out of the pages, please don't be ticked.

Jinchuurukis: All 9 of Them

Carryers of the gigantic tailed demons, all 9 of them.
Don't look at me like I'm barrer of old news, I just struck into this image
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