Sunday, 29 March 2009


One of the meanings of punch is the red juice or whatever kind of drink in a bowel seen in balls, schools dances, teen house parties or this kind of stuff (I don't know what's the drink in the bowl is).

Another meaning everyone who knows English is familiar with is the fist strike, example:

This lovely panel is from Naruto chapter 440 page 6, Naruto punches the fourth hokage after finally revealing what fans knew for a long time and explaining that his dissappearance happened because the fourth; "Uzumaki Minato" trapped himself within Naruto's subconcious mind in case the seal got broken and Naruto release's the 8th tail. This fight happen's inside Naruto's body, the young ninja finally pays Minato a long overdue dept.

I called this chapter; along side the 7 chapters before it junk, but I couldn't keep myself from putting this as an entry in my blog. Sure hope the rest of the story turns good afterwards because the twists and turns within are getting way too sickening.