Friday, 29 August 2008


I'll simply say it like this:
My favorite Spider-Man game of all times, the best Spider-Man video game made so far. In my favorites are as following all in one level:
1. Ultimate Spider-Man
2. Spider-Man & Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro
3. GBA Spider-Man 2
4. Maximum Carnage SNES & GBP Amazing Spider-Man

I love the missions in this game out of the story of the game, the "Dragon Tails" are awesome and not simple stupidity like they are in the PS2 & "Nintendo wii" versions.

It's fun to swim instead of drowning and automatically getting out of water.

After playing the PS2 version for long and getting exhausted of delivering fruit pies and dealing with moronic gangs I feel now sky high, Harry's battle was a thrill because there is real combat instead of avoiding cars and attacking by dodging, then I take Harry to the hospital.

Today 2/9/2008: My brother finished the Lizards stage and taught me how to finish the bombs missions for Carlyle, it's a thrill since now I can finally fight my favorite Spider-Man villain ever: The Scorpion