Saturday, 12 June 2010


This is it, the moment I finally review this amazing Manga series, which I'm so sorry for not reviewing earlier.

Like many samurai stories, it takes you back to the historical "Battle of Sekigahara", a war between the North & the South of a country divided Japan, which is thankfully one united country now. From the village of Miyamoto two young men joined the war, they were at the age of 17, one of them is "Shinmen Takezo", the other one is his only friend in the village, the only man who put confidence in him, "Matahachi Honiden", both wanted to prove themselves as strong men joining the war, but they didn't have a proper opportunity to battle, at least that was what happened entirely with "Matahachi Honiden"

After the battle, some events took their toll on the characters, some took bad choices and made the wrong moves, fortunately for Musashi, he planned to move between villages & boroughs, hence the name Vagabond, the march of "Miyamoto Musashi" towards being a great swordsman

Amazing series, I recommend you to read it, if you like reality in what you read, this series has plenty of reality, and of course it has some things that require you to suspend your disbelief, just don't fret