Saturday, 30 May 2009


Look at his royalty sitting and in control, isn't he someone you must take psychopathic advices from? Every now & then his majesty will come with a valubale random peace of advice you are obligated to obey psychotically (the only thing he is organised in is his missions) starting from today. Todays wisdom is:
"Close your eyes & keep spinning in circles around yourself shouting "OOOGAA BOOOGAAAA" repetitvely & you'll a have a respective audience observing you in a stray-jacket

Tuesday, 26 May 2009


I gave you my favorite comic-book characters just soon before this, but I mainly give positives here

1. Detective Conan:
What can I say? I simply love detective comics
2. Eyeshield21: "Kobayakawa Sena" march as an "American Footballer" (as in he plays American Football since being a high-school freshman) is plain interesting & pure entertainment
3. Naruto: Up until we see the end of the "Naruto vs Sasuke" duel (I include with the main story some of the fillers)
4. Captain Tsubasa: Thay made so many animes on him, I know I just like them all
5. Samurai X (Ruroni Kenshin) the 1st OVA: It is so realistic, great animation and entertaining anime slicing
6. DragonBall GT (Not "Grand Turismo")
7. DragonBall Z
8. Death Note: Mainly for 'L'/"Ryuugai Heidaki" & "Kira"/"Yagami Light"
9. Hunter X Hunter
10. Full Metal Alchemist

11. Wild Striker: It is one of many animes based on Football (real football known as soccer)
12. Shaman King
13. Slam-Dunk

Monday, 25 May 2009


Every guy has a little friend that grows and shrinks, sometimes it feels good to be released from under the cover. Ever wondered how guys in tights hold up with the unsteady change of size???????

I shouldn't be ashamed cause it is a high resolutioned study in biology, no shame in knowledge; how can their gentials (penisis) comprehend with the tights during the change of size??????????

Saturday, 23 May 2009


In Marvel they say nothing is retconned (or at least not much), but I'm back reading issues prior to O.M.Crap and here are my statments:

1. After Eugene/Flash Thompson woke from his long coma he hated the guts of "Puny Parker" once again, but they made him friends once again in the end of O.M.D

2. The bullet hole in May Parker's body

3. The powers of the other

4. The Organic Web-Shooters

5. Harry's death: In P.J's arc "Death in the Family" Harry was still in the grave, by that time his body is supposed to be eating by earthworms, but Quesada & group decided he should come alive again

6. Spider-Man transforming to a giant pregnant spider: This I'm sure they retconned since he uses his classic mechanical web-shooters

Sigh; I didn't talk about his identity or the marriage cause they say only these got retrconned. Hey Quesada; who do you think reads your comics to have this trick played on them? Infants?


Today I give thyself the privilege of answering questions concerning his majesty "King Deadpool" as much as I can.

Q1. What is his real name?
A1. Jack, his last & middle names are unrevealed

Q2. I'm pretty sure his name is "Wade Wilson", why do some call him Jack like in the "Marvel Ultimate Alliance" website?
A2. Before he gets scarred & when he had hair & a mustache; his majesty was heavily injured and got healed & hosted by a nice couple of a man named "Wade Wilson", the real Wade & his adorable wife.

Q3. Why did he use his current name?
A3. He felt a lust for Wade's wife, he burned the house of the nice couple, killed the lady & left Mr. Wilson to be heavily injured

Q4. What happened to Wade?
A4. (Not the paper) He trained on black magic & mercenary works & became T-Ray, Deadpool's most hated foe

Q5. Why the heck does T-Ray put a plaster on his nose?
A5. Ask him, don't bother me

Q6. If Deadpool had a match against Spider-Man who is to win?
A6. I think they had, Deadpool is insane; he shall win in the area of jokes & insanity

Q7. Why didn't "Tom Cruise" play his role? Wade was once cursed to look like him & "Ryan Reynolds" gets the role?
A7. "Ryan Reynolds" plays funny, "Tom Cruise" is plain boring

A8. Before you read about "Deadpool Incorporated" go read V#1 ish#37 of his majestic series to get the proper answer, to see his Royal Asgardian blood. Just look at him anyway, doesn't he look majestic enough to please your sore eyes?

Q9. V.1? What about the couple of series before this continuation?
A9. (this without doubt; is a tiny scrap of paper smaller than your pocket notebook) I never call a mini series a volume, it simply is no more than a short title to pocket in some extra cash and to make you wait a little less for newer stories

*Note: I (MAY, June, Juulyyyy) attach some royal images of his majesty soon enough, just be patient for as long as you can (I might die before posting the images, don't look up way too high)

To find answers for further question never hesitate to ask, but remember to always check this most Mjestic blog of laughter

Wednesday, 20 May 2009


In the last page of Naruto chapter 447 Naruto does this common noblety hero mistake

"You're the villain, I hate you for destroying what/who I cherish the most but because I believe in good I won't kill you." Sure; take him as your prisoner where he can still kill everyone there or leave him and he can revive the bodies you killed and the body count rises once more.

I myself don't like killing, it isn't something my religion does not brohibt without perfectly good reasons like this Nagato guy here, but there are things we don't like and they are better than what we like.

So in the next chapter: "Nagato will attack once more?"

Wednesday, 13 May 2009


46. EDWARD ELRIC: The older brother of two sons of "Huhenheim of Light", Edward doesn't like to be called short, if you do you'll laugh at what he does as anime character in anime, you don't want it to happen to you in reality.

47.GREEN ARROW: "Oliver Queen" is the earlier version of Hawkeye, appeared in the beginning of the silver age of comics

48. SHIN: The ace player for "Oujou White Knights" & the main rival of "Kubayakawa Sena", his plam hands are too strong he can't handle an electric device handed to him without breaking it. You see this man you find him training. He's never knows people through their faces; he recognizes one through body texture & movement. A modest and respecting gentelman ready to help you if you're in need (for a strong man & a fast runner)

49. TWO FACE: Former district attorney "Harvey Dent" is still a complex character with all his simplicity as a guy who makes his desicion by a coin flip.

50. UCHIHA SASUKE: Mostly when he is fighting Naruto. I believed he still has (or had) respect for his friends but he keeps it to himself until he decided to demolish Konoha.

I actually had an inspiration to do this list from various sites I found randomly and ignored later. Now that I'm through with my list I might think to find more or just ignore it, I finished 8/10 entries just today to finish this list. You can still view my unfinished list on VG characters


41. YAGAMI LIGHT: In 'Death Note' series this bright young man finds justice within a note, he starts innocently killing only hard criminals going unpunished with heart-attacks through a little black notebook he found on the floor, the note book is dropped by a Shinigami (Death God) to reach a user. Light's genius mind helped him eliminate the whole F.B.I. team members working on his 'Kira' (killer) case. He also killed the one guy suspecting his truth without being noticed after killing the doubt of him being the killer.

42. Ryuuzaki/L: He uncovered the secret of the 'Kira' case and almost drove light to an edge before Light turned the table against L. I'm a sweet tooth and so is L, but L is too frightnongly a sugar consumer.

43. STEEL: The man within the armor built his body gear with limited resources, and with this he beats Iron-Man in builing an economically worthy body armour. Steel carries a heavy hammer, Tony doesn't carry a heavy thing or bigger than to enter his armor.

44. PICCOLO: If someone in a fighting tournament can recieve a hard blow, withstand it, look at the spectators then laugh hysterically and they get frightened and run from just his laugh can you not like him? That's just cruel.

45. HAWKEYE: I have an affinity for DC's archer "Green Arrow", he's a very skilled archer and he's the Batman with a bow and utility arrows instead of a small utility belt and he wears no cape at all. Hawkeye used to be a villain, he defeated Ironman and what made him enter this list instead of "Green Arrow" is "Chris Giarrusso" the mastermind behind "Mini Marvels"


Some readers (or so many of those who enter the blog and read it) might think I am sexist because no chick is in my list, but they should read my gaming blog before shooting a flaming fiery accusation. Who doesn't really care about video games and want to see a chick here shouldn't worry cause I do have one on top of the list right here right now, so please do not complain on what I write:

36. NATASHA ROMANOV/THE BLACK WIDOW: Her role in "Chuck Dixon" & "Eduard Barreto" series "DareDevil & the Marvel Knights" placed her highly here before number 40. She's so calm and she helped "Cloak & Dagger" giving them a home. An agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. has to be highly intelligent and skilled, once her car got stolen and she gave the thief and the ones who bought it an extremely harsh lesson.

37. DEATHSTROKE: Robin's hatred toward him in "Teen Titans" animated series & his role in "Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe" placed him in such a high position

38. KURT WAGNER/NIGHTCRAWLER: He looks sort of like a devil but he's a priest, I don't follow priests teachings though. His skill of teleportation is a dream ability (but we don't want to leave the scent of brimstone/sulfur behind us like he does). In videogames he's a master selectable character, play using him and there shall be no more than joy.

39. SHANG-CHI: Who doesn't like "Martial Arts" specialists? I know myself as a big fan of such skills (though I don't have any of them) I like Shang. One must respect the elders but if they are evil especially if they are your parents you can't ignore their evil deeds to not to betray your blood, Shang-Chi knows this fact by instinct so he followed. He also resembles "Liu Kang" from "Mortal Kombat", boy do I love that game series.

40. SON GOKU: He's funny how he scares people with how much he eats. Since I first watched Dragonball I admired him as a character


31. JOHNNY STORM/THE HUMAN TORCH: With so many Marvel characters in my list one might say I'm biased toward Marvel, but I have to say Marvel Comics are the easiest for me to reach my hands to so go easy on me.

32. VEGETA: The tough guy in Dragonball series who you never see with his eyebrows in normal position. Simply this is my reason. A long while has passed without me having my share of Dragonball, I wonder if he still calls Goku by his original name "Kakaroute"? Goku's brother looks much more like a long haired Vegeta than he resembles Goku, maybe Goku & Vegeta are brothers?

33. DANNY RAND/IRONFIST: I don't know about him enough, but he does have cool abilities and his costume is "giggles": There is absolutely "giggles"nothing funny"giggles" about his costume.

34. NIGHTWING: Former sidekick of Batman, the original Robin before he turns indepindent and starts his own alter ego taught to him be a story heard from Superman

35. BIZZARO: The infamous defunct clone of Superman (I hope he wasn't the source of inspiration for the garbage known as "Clone Saga" in the Spider-Verse). He is funny, just read his origin in and you will have at least one perfectly enough reason to adore him


26. BLACK PANTHER: King T'Challa of Wakanda is a hero who wears the garb of a one of my favorite felines, I loved panthers ever since Bagera from Disney's "Jungle Book". T'Challa is a king one feels the need to respect and an ambassador of Wakanda to other countries. His garb isn't the regular super-people tight's, this actually is the official royal uniform. His combat skills are very impressive, I didn't see him fight "Silver Surfer" but I heard he gave him such a basting he defeated him with ease.27. ICEMAN: Like Spider-Man; I got my introduction to this wonder-dude through the fabulous "Spider-Man & his Amazing Friends", his interaction with "Peter Parker" is a great fun and his ability to make such an ice-bridge they even used for Sub-Zero from "Mortal Kombat" is spectacularly great.

28. MOON KNIGHT: "Marc Spectre"; formerly a professional mercenary redeeming his dark side, "Jake Longly" a taxi driver and several other aliases are used by him to cover his tracks. Moon Knight is sort of like Batman for gizmos, money & detective skills but in other territories they are far too different. Every story he guest stars in is easily a masterpiece.

29. THE PUNISHER: "Frank Castle"; he gets insanely out of control at some points but most of the times this ant-hero is what the justice system in so many societies lacks: "STRICTNESS". But I don't encourage any person to be a fool and do as this dude does.

30. IRON MAN: Before I heard the movie is an excellent one I wasn't really interested in any superhero comics aside from Spider-Man to collect his entire series (DeadPool came before I.M, but shellhead is the absolute boost). Hearing good news, reading good reviews, checking how the movie had high ratings convinced me to start reading his comic book series as a collector. The thing I like most about "Iron Man" is his brain ability to create such a small and multifunctional powerful armor, what amazes me even more is to see that he actually over-ruled the tyrant holding him orders and worked on a something aiding his ailed heart condition and help him escape captivity. If it wasn't for him; the Avengers might have had a mobile headquarters or a gathering in S.H.I.E.L.D.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009


21. Dr. OCTOPUS: Originally known as "Doctor Otto Gunther Octavius" (in the comics world, not to comics readers). Like most villains this guy has to have a sob story (I'm not just talking about why he turned to a villain), but his is actually the best I found in "Earth 616"; "The arrogant jerk scientist who doesn't like anyone else to touch his work so he create four unique assistants, but an unfortunate accident infused his tentacles to his body and created an alteration in his mind creating a villainous mind"

His Ultimate (Earth 1610) origin is a great one too: "An industrial spy for "Justin Hammer" on "Norman Osbourn", Osbourn's experiment injured the spy in an explosion severely in sight & upper part of the body and infused his arms to him. Believing his original employer cheated him he went on a vengeance rampage against Hammer"

22. THE JOKER: "Jack Napier" had an optional swim (not) in a chemical vat and turned completely white pale with red lips, he finds Batman to be his major sport and he enjoys tormenting him with a smile on his face (Get the Joke? A punch for the punchline).

23. EUGENE/FLASH THOMPSON: Highschool's worst nightmare turns to be the best peer "Peter Parker" ever met. Flash earns his place because I really have close friends like him who used to bully me before befriending me.

24. THE LEADER: Because I saw him in the 80s Hulk cartoon, nothing more. And he looks ugly after his head goes poofier

25. ZORRO: A skilled swordsman and a pirate hunter before joining "Monkey D. Luffy" pirate crew. If he get's heavily injured but he still fights with same skill and ability. You mess with him and you'll be sorry. He's from One Piece


16. DAREDEVIL: The best lawyer in the world (I don't like lawyers, but I say this only because I am a DareDevil fan). His powers are great for a blind man (I will only want his abilities if I was blind, right now I'd prefer to be like Spider-Man, Batman, Wolverine or Superman). With his disability he can defeat guys like "The Masked Marauder" with much more ease than any other person can either super-powered or not.

17. GREEN LANTERN (ANYONE OF THEM): The ring is not to be hated, the only flaw it has is that it does not affect yellow objects due to the impurity of the ring making materials. My personal favorite one is Hal because he has two brothers and one of them had his girlfriend suspecting him to be "Green Lantern" for real back in the late 50s in the "Silver Age of Comics".

18. FLASH/BARRY ALLEN: "The Fastest Man on Earth" is back alive, I always preferred him to "Wally West" and I still do. Barry is the star of a TV series but he has the habit of Wally to eat too much rubbed on him in that series, Barry conserves food money because he doesn't need to eat much.

19. TASKMASTER: I think for creating the sharingan the creator of Naruto was inspired by this one. Taskmaster has the ability to perform any ability he sees performed in front of his eyes either in reality or on TV, but to copy the abilities of someone with super-powers he needs special tech's & gadgets.



The VG's character list is rising quicker, but I'm working back here. Proceed:

11. Dr. VICTOR VON DOOM: Initially & ongoing as the "Fantastic 4" arch-nemesis the good doctor still have his good points, he already teamed-up twice with IronMan in the 80s and as much of a dectator he seems to be (he is a tyrant, really); Doom still works for the good of his people. I learned about him and started enjoying him from Spider-Man's 1981 solo series, this image above is from that show.

12. KILLUA: This silver headed young dude started out as too cool (cold more properly) a character but he quickly became friends with Gon in 'Hunter X Hunter'. A member of a family of assassin's who worked in their ways but doesn't really like his family business

13. MC GARGAN/SCORPION: In this list there's a Scorpion too, but this one is an enemy of Spider-Man in Marvel comics. "Attack of the Arachnoid" in "Spider-Man & his Amazing Friends" is my absolute favorite Spider-Man story and it is the one that made Mc Gargan/Scorpion my favorite Spider-Man nemesis, so I attach a picture of him from that show.

14. NARA SHIKAMARU: Wasn't really interested in this guy until I saw his fight's recently, I didn't see him earlier except a whiny "how troubolsome" guy. I didn't see him fight in season one up until recently to be precise, his strategies are great and his fights make him better than a weak man I thought him to be.

15. DEADPOOL: For such a fan of Deadpool like myself it is too wrong not to place his majesty in this list, he is way too funny to stay out of this list of mine, not in any position less than the 15th

Saturday, 9 May 2009


I took long between this file and the previous one; isn't that right? Sorry about that to anyone who follows and is looking forward to the upcoming ones:

6. RICK JONES: I already said he's my favorite supporting cast member of any comic series. The one responsible for the existence of the HULK, but he took up to his responsibility & he works to fix what he did wrong. During his time as the best friend of Dr. "Robert Bruce Banner" and the green skinned savage HULK he became the new Bucky and aided "Captain America" under the direction of Cap. they become a fantastic team, Rick also became a sidekick to the Avengers and to the alien "Captain Marvel" (not the one of the word SHAZAM)

7. HATAKE KAKASHI: The main rival to Gai & the leader of team seven; he's a funny man and has real funny excuses for being late, a leader and a jonin since he was under the leadership of "Uzumaki Minato" the 4th Hokage

8. GAI SENSEI: Konoha's beautiful green beast; the leader of the best team: Neji, Rock Lee, & Ten Ten. With his shiny teeth and nice man pose you have to laugh, with his outstanding similarity to his little brother for a student; "Rock Lee".

9. ROCK LEE: Konoha's other beautiful green beats; funny since the start with his fuzzy eyebrows and his love for "Haruno Sakura" (she's way out of this list). A poor ninjitsu user and a genius Taijetsu user.

10. J. JONAH JAMESON: His hate for Spider-Man is mainly due to his jealousy of that fearless adventurer; writer "Kurt Busiek" even gives the thought more light in his historical peace; "Amazing Fantasy #18", his jealousy made him attack Spider-Man senselessly in his editorials. Writer "David Michilinie" wrote an amazing tale of confessions from Jameson how he created Spider-Man. During stressful times Jameson used to be a chicken and generally he was a pure comedy icon in the Spider-Man series, the funniest moments in Spider-Man mostly are the interactions between these two heroes. Jameson proved over time to be a true hero, not simply a coward and he still doesn't give up his vendetta to masked people mainly Spider-Man