Tuesday, 12 May 2009


21. Dr. OCTOPUS: Originally known as "Doctor Otto Gunther Octavius" (in the comics world, not to comics readers). Like most villains this guy has to have a sob story (I'm not just talking about why he turned to a villain), but his is actually the best I found in "Earth 616"; "The arrogant jerk scientist who doesn't like anyone else to touch his work so he create four unique assistants, but an unfortunate accident infused his tentacles to his body and created an alteration in his mind creating a villainous mind"

His Ultimate (Earth 1610) origin is a great one too: "An industrial spy for "Justin Hammer" on "Norman Osbourn", Osbourn's experiment injured the spy in an explosion severely in sight & upper part of the body and infused his arms to him. Believing his original employer cheated him he went on a vengeance rampage against Hammer"

22. THE JOKER: "Jack Napier" had an optional swim (not) in a chemical vat and turned completely white pale with red lips, he finds Batman to be his major sport and he enjoys tormenting him with a smile on his face (Get the Joke? A punch for the punchline).

23. EUGENE/FLASH THOMPSON: Highschool's worst nightmare turns to be the best peer "Peter Parker" ever met. Flash earns his place because I really have close friends like him who used to bully me before befriending me.

24. THE LEADER: Because I saw him in the 80s Hulk cartoon, nothing more. And he looks ugly after his head goes poofier

25. ZORRO: A skilled swordsman and a pirate hunter before joining "Monkey D. Luffy" pirate crew. If he get's heavily injured but he still fights with same skill and ability. You mess with him and you'll be sorry. He's from One Piece


16. DAREDEVIL: The best lawyer in the world (I don't like lawyers, but I say this only because I am a DareDevil fan). His powers are great for a blind man (I will only want his abilities if I was blind, right now I'd prefer to be like Spider-Man, Batman, Wolverine or Superman). With his disability he can defeat guys like "The Masked Marauder" with much more ease than any other person can either super-powered or not.

17. GREEN LANTERN (ANYONE OF THEM): The ring is not to be hated, the only flaw it has is that it does not affect yellow objects due to the impurity of the ring making materials. My personal favorite one is Hal because he has two brothers and one of them had his girlfriend suspecting him to be "Green Lantern" for real back in the late 50s in the "Silver Age of Comics".

18. FLASH/BARRY ALLEN: "The Fastest Man on Earth" is back alive, I always preferred him to "Wally West" and I still do. Barry is the star of a TV series but he has the habit of Wally to eat too much rubbed on him in that series, Barry conserves food money because he doesn't need to eat much.

19. TASKMASTER: I think for creating the sharingan the creator of Naruto was inspired by this one. Taskmaster has the ability to perform any ability he sees performed in front of his eyes either in reality or on TV, but to copy the abilities of someone with super-powers he needs special tech's & gadgets.



The VG's character list is rising quicker, but I'm working back here. Proceed:

11. Dr. VICTOR VON DOOM: Initially & ongoing as the "Fantastic 4" arch-nemesis the good doctor still have his good points, he already teamed-up twice with IronMan in the 80s and as much of a dectator he seems to be (he is a tyrant, really); Doom still works for the good of his people. I learned about him and started enjoying him from Spider-Man's 1981 solo series, this image above is from that show.

12. KILLUA: This silver headed young dude started out as too cool (cold more properly) a character but he quickly became friends with Gon in 'Hunter X Hunter'. A member of a family of assassin's who worked in their ways but doesn't really like his family business

13. MC GARGAN/SCORPION: In this list there's a Scorpion too, but this one is an enemy of Spider-Man in Marvel comics. "Attack of the Arachnoid" in "Spider-Man & his Amazing Friends" is my absolute favorite Spider-Man story and it is the one that made Mc Gargan/Scorpion my favorite Spider-Man nemesis, so I attach a picture of him from that show.

14. NARA SHIKAMARU: Wasn't really interested in this guy until I saw his fight's recently, I didn't see him earlier except a whiny "how troubolsome" guy. I didn't see him fight in season one up until recently to be precise, his strategies are great and his fights make him better than a weak man I thought him to be.

15. DEADPOOL: For such a fan of Deadpool like myself it is too wrong not to place his majesty in this list, he is way too funny to stay out of this list of mine, not in any position less than the 15th