Saturday, 19 December 2009


From "Marc Spector: Moon Knight" #025
Written by "Howard Mackie"

What do you mean Howie? Cults in the "Middle East"? What cult(s)? Jihad? You have any idea what the word means?

Jihad main definition is to fight the enemy, not a mere invasion, not random merciless mindless destruction, it is to fight for a good cause. So I have every right to be furious by the people who know the wrong information and spread it

Jihad also goes as a meaning for "Ejtihad", that means hard work, so to focus and study right, and do the job right with honesty that is Jihad, so to tell you the truth: People do Jihad world wide, even writers. Laziness is an enemy to fight, you work right that means you fight, you struggle against an enemy

This is for everyone who abuses the word, keep this piece of information for mind