Friday, 30 June 2017


NAH, he was pretty much on point when the character was adapted to the movies he played.
Jock? Check.
Jerk in his own world? Check (in a measure that happens to anyone)
Big mouth talker? Umm, yes?
Lies? You think?
Breaks a promise he made to a dead man? He promised to keep Gwen out of his adventures, not to stay away from her. The remark Andrew made before the final swing in the first movie does imply that he broke the promise he made, but he didn't, he confused "Keep Gwen out of this" with "Stay away from Gwen", a number of the audience seem to have made Peter's mistake overlooking that George kept Gwen out of this to go to the top of the Oscorp building himself to help his daughter's boyfriend.

What does the fake images have to do with it? He did something wrong, and felt miserable about it later. In Amazing Spider-Man movie he didn't make the mistake many thought he did, but he felt miserable about it, and he felt really bad about it when Gwen went to the grid to help him fight Electro, so those two movies are pretty much a faithful adaption of Peter Parker's character, and to some degree it is a faithful mix of 616 Gwen with touches of her Ultimate counterpart, her father was faithful to his Ultimate comics self, with touches of his 616 (main Marvel universe for those who don't talk comics geek) counterpart.
Everyone else can be give or take, the Goblins are not faithfully adapted, and Rhino is far from being an adaption.

I think I'm going off the mark when it comes to the point I'm trying to make here.

Oh look, he never wanted to go there to England and be with Gwen like the second movie suggested.