Friday, 9 May 2008



The first powerful flick on Spider-Man, actually it was the first Spider-Man flick with an original popular and powerful Super-Villain: The Original "Green Goblin"
A bold move it was to start with Spider-Man's most formidable and dangerous enemy.

Peter Parker the shy & timid high school senior student follows the bus on feet to have a ride with no one liking him or allowing him to have a seat with him, with only M.J Watson nice to him but she goes steady with Flash.
Like the Ultimate universe Harry is Peter's friend but he isn't as loved by big shots as in the comics. Peter meets Norman Osbourn before the field subject of the trip begins.

Taking photos of M.J inside he got bitten by the spider that escaped containment.

Had great powers he decided to get money to buy a car and impress M.J with it. Peter went wrestling and won but later lost big because his action to have revenge on the Arena manager after being robbed the same burglar shot his uncle and that gave Peter a hard lesson of responsibility.

The Goblin had fearsome fights with the wall crawler and decided he is dangerous for a foe and must be allied with, but Spider-Man rejected his offer which made G.G discover accidentally learned that Spider-Man is Peter but that killed him and made Harry seek revenge on Spider-Man after seeing him placing the dead and wounded body of his Father.

Rating: 9.5/10
Very well made movie, it lost half a point because Norman was drinking something with the color of urine.


2 years have past since the death of Norman Osbourn. Peter got fired from a pizza place because he's always late, Mary Jane is an actress who dates John Jameson, Harry Osbourn is the head of Oscorp and still seeking revenge on Spider-Man but still counting Peter as his brother like friend.

In the 1st Peter got fired from a job by Dr. Connors because he never shows up on time, but the good doctor didn't make an appearance. Here Peter got late for class and his teacher "Curt Connors" warning Petr that he''ll be failed if he didn't send his fusion article to Dr. Connors.

Since Harry Osbourn sponsored Dr. Octopus's program and Peter was attempting to write his thesis on Dr. Octavius (a good friend of Connors in this film) he took the chance to meet him personally before the accident that turned Otto Octavius to the diabolical Doctor Octopus.

Because of his issues of thinking about his life he temporarily lost his powers, but he retrieved them after Octavius kidnapped M.J. so he can deliver Spider-Man to Harry in exchange of the tritium 90 to restart his experiment. Spider-Man's true face was figured by Harry who decided to have truce with Spider-Man before finding his father's secret.

Rating: 9/10
To me; this film is much better than the first one but there was just too much alcohol compared to the first one, Peter even grabbed himself a glass.


Peter managed to handle and balance his life:
.People Love Spider-Man.
.He's in Top of His Class.
.M.J. Loves him and he decided to marry her.

Peter Parkers Venomized side is really well done, it's just too funny to pass, except during his fight with Harry (a good scene) and his interaction with MJ (another good scene)

This movie was really boring so writing a review about it will bore me as well.

Generally Rating it: 5/10
Not because of Venom, there is so little Spider-Man. And his life scenes aren't that interesting as they are in the comics.
Sandman is nice: I know he temporarily reformed and helped Spider-Man in some occasions but here he was redicioulisly the thug who originally killed Ben Parker, and because Captain George Stacy found that out recently and told Peter and his aunt about it Peter had bad dreams and got really pissed off that his new suit possessed him.


HI Marvellete's and a big Hello to the spidey fans. I bet you miss classic Spider-Man villains since the events of "Brand New Day", Your wish is coming true.

Guess who returns to the Spider-Man series in "Amazing Spider-Man". I can give you a clue that he is a goblin, and he'll appear back in comics 10 issues from the current "Amazing Spider-Man #558" with one of the covers by "Alex Ross".

For a bit further informations; you can visit Marvel comics website through this following link:,_Spidey_&_More?