Sunday, 11 October 2009


Look at him, so calm, so clever, so cool, a genius to be admired, think you not?
Awww, can you hate this "Drama Queen"?
Wait; did I just insult him after so many comliments? Seriously? Nooooooo, Get Out
"Uchiha Sasuke" is like Superman, he's the last of his kind right? RIIIIIGHT?
Both of them discovered some of their kind still exist alive, so why such a question?
"Uchiha Sasuke", what a nice kid who is so upset because his father never acknowledged him like he did his older brother Itachi (I admit, someone like him has the right to be upset in such a situation), the only one who truly loved Sasuke from his family is his brother Itachi.....Who am I kidding? Both parents loved Sasuke too.
Once upon a time this kid returned from the "Ninja Academy" and got the shock of his life from seeing his entire clan murdered, who murdered them but his older brother Itachi who thought back then Sasuke is too weak to kill, Sasuke got filled with anger and hatred for his accursed brother. Ever since that day everytime Sasuke looks at his reflection on the lake in picture it Itachi then jumps in and swims deep inside the lake then gets back to the surface
Sasuke met an idiot who always shouts and perform pranks and became friends with him, but in their first day as Genins they became rivals because Sasuke is appealing to all girls with his qualities, ever since he started calling this idiot a dropout. Oh, a dropout tied you down after class "Drama Queen"? Shame Shame, lucky for you he had to go to the toilet back then when you saw him afterwards
Cool and awesome until Orochimaru made you soil your pants, then you needed your idiot friend to save you in order to get back to your conscience and the annoying monstrous chick to wake you from your trance, you gave Orochimaru a hard fight before he bites you and gives you the cursed seal
Itachi comes after the "Chuunin Exams" and shhots you to the hospital then you get up thanks to Naruto and you go to your hate session and want to fight Naruto, he gave you a nice fight until Kakashi stopped you both. You were so happy to see the effect of the rasengan is way too weak compared to the chidori, but you went back to your hate session when the rasengan made such a huge hole in the tank, bigger than the mess your chidori made in the other tank.
Then came Orochimaru's minions to give Sasuke some ass-kicking before they grab him in a box out of Konoha to be trained by his biter.
Sasuke became too powerful, he whoped his friends all too quickly then he killed Orochimaru some time later, way to go Sasuke.
"I AM AN AVENGER", Sasuke joined the Avengers? No, not with "Captain America" & crew, not mighty, not new, "Dark Avengers", but not "Norman Osbourn's" "Dark Avengers"
Sasuke battled Itachi One-on-One, Sasuke killed Itachi. yaaaay, now Sasuke can go back home, riiiiight? Nah, he fainted and was taken by the masked moron from the Akatsuki, what's that moron name again? Tobi? No, he is "Uchiha Madara", the one who built Konoha with the Shoiji Hokage. Isn't he supposed to be dead???? Madara helped Itachi kill his clan, they were all screwed anyway, Itachi was a spy for Konoha elders on the Uchiha's and he killed them by orders of the elders, and he asked Madara for help???? Madara started the Akatsuki, and Itachi was a spy for Konoha on the Akatsuki
Sasuke believes Madara, but he obeys Madara and decides to kill Konoha elders (Then why kill the entire group of Kage's?)
"I AM AN AVENGER", He's a pathetic "Drama Queen", die sasuke DIE