Saturday, 26 April 2008



These series are based on the first season of Spider-Man animated series of the 1990's, the first season was as groovy as the series earlier to it and the new Spectacular animated series, the animated series were based on comics and I loved much of it before season 5.

I only read 3 issues of "Spider-Man Adventures" so far and they are really boring, the reason isn't because I hate comics, "I actually love the comics in the mainstream", but these issues are a complete horror.

Look at the following pages and tell me wether you agree with me or not:

From episode1 (Night of The Lizard):

He remembers the experiment while in the Bugle
and all of a sudden his dear aunt May calls him there.

Not exactly what you can call boring, but this stuff stiffed me from boredom I almost slept while reading this, though I hardly read the words.

The first meeting between Peter and the Lizard, they have a weak fight.

Now seriously, Where
is the terrified Eddie Brock who faces the Lizard.

Not the Lizard fighting Spider-Man who got out to save Brock and gets shocked to see the Lizard is real, not my kind of comics.

Sure: You'll defeat your deadly enemy by showing him the image of him and his family. Why is Billy in the sewers?

From Episode 8 (The Alien Costume pt.1):

Rhino outside the shuttle "VICTORY" Peter's Dream is ridiculous

Why is Spider-Man tossing police cars instead of tossing people who are attacking him in self defense? And he didn't wake up hanging upside down.

From Episode 9 (The Alien Costume pt.2):

No pun intended, but where are the security crew?
Spider-Man broke the table in two half's, and left just like that?
Why didn't Dr. Connor's get frightened because a wanted man enters his office?

No screams, no shouts, not a frightened Shocker escaping after an angry Spider-Man removed the very heavy rubble off of himself. No screams from a scary Spider-Man. Eddie didn't push Spider-Man. Not my kind of Spider-Man stories at all.

Now you be the judge. Am I right for hating these comics or what?