Friday, 30 October 2009


Does anyone here remember the nice 80s animated show "Bionic 6"? How a family of 6 people have their faces public knowledge as superheroes but when they are seen in their civilian forms no one suspects any of them to be a superhero? I used to wonder how that happens when I was a kid

"Power Girl 6" (the cover says its a Dec 2009 issue, but it is in stores on October? I can never understand the comic release scheduling) has a mock of her having a secret double life (she doesn't at least wear a wig like SuperGirl does to hide her civilian identity)


The Adventures of Asterix
(French: Astérix or Astérix le Gaulois) is a series of French comic books written by René Goscinny and illustrated by Albert Uderzo (Uderzo also took over the job of writing the series after the death of Goscinny in 1977). The series first appeared in French in the magazine Pilote on 29 October 1959. As of 2008, 33 comic books in the series have been released.

Sunday, 25 October 2009


As any fan of the "Silver Age Green Lantern" know; "Hal Jordan" is a pilot who got his "Power Ring" from a dying alien who used to guard that ring, Hal gained the power and was a servant for the "Guardians of the Galaxies"

Hal's worst enemy is a former lantern gone rogue known as Sinistro (that's his name folks) who possesses a Yellow ring to counter the green rings because the color Yellow is the thing immune to the "Green Lanterns" rings.

This is what happens in this feature film, nothing new.

Friday, 23 October 2009


This is the "Graphic Novel" source material of the latest animated feature film by "Warner Home Video". Story by "Jeph Loeb" (currently the writer of Hulk) & "Ed McGuiness" (who honestly work much better on DC material than they do on Marvel's)

A meteor composed of Kryptonite is attracted to Superman, that why it is approaching Earth and is about to kill the planet inhabitants, the first person to know is "Lex Luthor", and he warns the planet & place a warrant on Superman after a failed attempt to destroy the meteor with a "BOOM-TUBE"

After a fight between these two against "Captain Marvel" & Hawkman they win and disguise as them then head to Luthor in his "Oval Office"Lex tells something to Batman sidekicks that proves why Spider-Man is much better than Batman as a superhero: "Why would someone like Batman, who has a reputation of being a lone wolf surround himself with kids for sidekicks?". COUGH, COUGH. I should step down from this talk, no RAHHING please

Look at this nice panel here, it is a reference to "Batman: Hush" by "Jeph Loeb" & "Jim Lee" (I read the entire 12 parts story, but I don't know in which title it happens cause I read it in "Gotham Comics" reprints, an Indian comics publishing establishment that publishes reprints of comics & magazines for India, but I live outside India, I'm not Indian, Banghali, or from these parts of Asia)

In part 6 Lex appears to have recieved his informations about the meteor from Darkseid, Luthor Corps got Bankrupt by his most trusted head of company "Talia Head", she robbed him.

Monday, 19 October 2009


HO HO HO, I GOT ME AN EARLY PRESENT FOR CHRISTMAS, AND IT'S OCTOBER. Wait; I don't celebrate Christmas!!! But if I did I would definitely want me a set of the latest "Hulk vs", "Superman/Batman: Public Enemies" & "Green Lantern First Flight". Why don't want others? because the rest have no appeal to me, but I already have and enjoyed both "Superman: Doomsday" & "Batman: Gotham Knight"

I saw the one based on the amazing first arc of the latest volume of Batman/Superman comics which is written by "Jeph Loeb" & "Ed McGuiness", the art & characters designs are direct adaptions of "Ed McGuinees" art. Here is my opinion for my first watch (it could change in later viewings) I warn you if you did not watch the film or read the comic arc it is based on, there are SPOILERS in the review:

It starts with a prologue on an "Economy Crisis" that led to "Lex Luthor" becoming "President of the United States of America", save economy and enlist superheroes to work as soldiers for him (seeing the superheroes registration is not started by "Marvel Comics", but those guys in the company of the red & white logo had a much better use for superhuman registration. Not the point to be talked about here anyway)

The movie is so short an adaption, it dropped the inner monologue (pointless out of comic form to be honest), the anger of Bruce from Clark knowing an info he didn't tell and Oracle digged from "STAR LABS" in less than five minutes, and the fight with Superman/Kal-El from a distant future wanting to kill his present self to avoid a mistake that killed "Ma & Pa Kent", Lois & Jimmy and the Kryptonite shard sending future supes back to his time.

I didn't read the whole arc in comics form, so I don't know all the details preventing me the ability to describe truly how superior I feel the comic version of the story is to its animated counterpart, the last I read is the battle between "DC Comics" 2 Mega Stars with Hawkman & "Captain Marvel" which was too short in the animated adaption.

I won't spoil the story much more to those who did not read the comics or are yet to watch this film.

In General: I have to admit that DC has much better animated features than the ones Marvel did, DC made even much better animated series especially the supreme "Batman Animated Series of the 1990s". This film is based on what I consider one of the most superior Batman/Superman stories ever, not so supreme in animation. 4/5 Yellow Suns (a sun is a star, since Superman came first I rate as if I read a main Superman story)

Thursday, 15 October 2009


I finally grabbed good copies of "Untold Tales of Spider-Man" series, I read some of them and from what I read the most amazing issues is issue #13, the issue that deals with the death of "Sally Avril" who is a blond girl in the current "Spectacular Spectacular Spider-Man Animated Series". Unlike the animated, Sally has much more depth than just the annoying girl who doesn't like to see someone get hurt even "Puny Stinking Pete"

It starts with Spider-Man telling a story to someone, the story of how everything began, how "Blue Bird" was fighting some thugs because they witnessed her spying on them about "The Black Knight", Spider-Man came to save her and taught her a lesson by letting one thug give her just one punch to understand the dangers of fighting crime, of how she won't always have Spider-Man as her guardian angel before he knocks that thug unconscious (Sheesh, and Batman trains 10-12 years old and let them work with him in fighting crime? Get reasonable Batman)

Spider-Man took the info about the "Black Knight" and went to fight him, Sally took advantage of the piece of info she got and gave Spidey to take action shots of the event and sell to the Bugle, she was rushing her friend "Jason Ionello" who drove his fathers Jeep with no license to the site of action and they passed a red traffic light, a bus hit the jeep causing Jason to get a minor concussion and Sally died. The shock of seeing Sally dies gave "black Knight" an opening to strike Spider-Man unconscious for hours.

The theme of guilt hit Peter for a long time, when most people left the funeral of the young girl a news bulletin was cast on the radio about the Knight & his hostage in the "Chrysler Building" (because I first saw it as Kingpin's building in the 90s animated Spider-Man series I always recognize it as "Fisk Tower"), Peter had to leave the funeral and go there.

Eugene & the rest of Peter's class mates knew Peter is a photographer for the "Daily Bugle" because Peter told them so and showed them some of the pictures he took of Spider-Man in the "Show & Talk" day. "Eugene 'Flash' Thomspon" got harsh with Peter mocking his heroism and praising "Sally/Blue Bird" and describing her heroism to the coward (this is the best part of Flash thinking his best friend and former fun target too far from being Spider-Man)

Spider-Man saved the daughter of the diplomat, stopped "Black Knight" thugs, defeated the villain with bitteness in his heart. "The Human Torch" entered the scene and stopped Spider-Man from punching B.K more after he defeated him, the walls around them collapsed, B.K is gone & Spider-Man told the Torch the story (back to the First Panel/Splash Page)
Spider-Man acted as his usual "Drama Queen" self in whining (at least he's not like this all the time, and he feels the need to save not to avenge or destroy) until the Torch eased up on his friends grief by telling him what differences he made (Way to Go Torch), but Peter still is ubset by the loss of a classmate in such a tragic accident

This feels much like Spider-Man's debut in "Amazing Fantasy #15" back in 1962, but with him older and with different people, this is one of the times I enjoy his drowsing in self pitty though I really enjoy him more not whining but still acts in responsibility like "Roger Stern" & "Bill Mantlo's" runs, as well as the current direction issues out of "Joe Kelly's" work

5 perfect webs. "Kurt David Busiek" & "Pat Oliffie" know how to deliver excellent stories

Wednesday, 14 October 2009


Anyone had hopes for a DareDevil animated series back in the 80s? Would you imagine it to turn as Amazing as Spider-Man & Hulk shows were? Check this out?


As in the comics Matt Murdock is a blind lawyer who is secretly DareDevil. (Unlike the comics he has dark black hair). By day he pals his teenage niece & his seeing-eye-dog. But when evil strikes he becomes DareDevil, his dog becomes lightning the Super Dog, and the three of them take to the street in DareDevil especially equipped van.

Now, stop and think about this for a minute: Who's driving the van? Is it the bland guy, the underage girl, or the seeing-eye dog?

Anyway, once they find crime among the rooftops-which is where most of crime in New York City typically takes place-Matt moves to the back of the van to the giant cannon, which unfolds from the top. And then, his niece launches him a DareDevil...

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Inspector Gadget" allies with DareDevil next?

Monday, 12 October 2009


Why do I prefer superhero comics over Manga & Anime? I'm still an Otaku even more than my entire squad of Otaku pals, but I prefer Marvel & DC comics much more than Manga & Anime, WHY?

I love fiction, but the Anime just have too exaggerated level of fiction, someone jumps up and stay flying 50 feet for a whole hour? Does this make any sense? I love my fiction to have sense

The charm about superhero comics is that it paints real life in a different color, it has real communities (Why I prefer Marvel to DC in general) & real people, but it's just a colorful set with different science & people with superhuman abilities, and they're cool. Sure some people have no super human powers like "Captain America", Bucky, "Moon Knight", "Iron Fist" & "Shang Chi" and they can fight to supreme levels, but at least they're still on ground, not someone can train to lift 7 tons more than the Hulk.

Comics are colorful as well, even the black & white of them look beautiful in print, they don't have super funny effects that look great animated but dull in the grey scaled still image.

Sure superhero comics have weird extreme levels of fiction at times, but it is not the kind that affects the continuity of the character in entitrety and goes really unbelievably ridiculous stories.

My older brother makes fun of superheroes for having ridiculous stories, but do you relise what he considers ccool and it has too stupid a story compared to the ones he insult? Bleach, he loves Bleach, a story of a 15 years old school boy who becomes a spirit god or something and he fights "hollow spirits".

A "Hollow Spirit" is a spirit of a dead person that doesn't go to the "Soul Society" and transforms to a giant long worm like beast that can destroy communities and needs a soul weeper to kill it, but young kids can still kill it with all simplicity. Watch Bleach the anime and I'm ready to hear any responses, or read them since you can't file me a video response here

Sunday, 11 October 2009


Look at him, so calm, so clever, so cool, a genius to be admired, think you not?
Awww, can you hate this "Drama Queen"?
Wait; did I just insult him after so many comliments? Seriously? Nooooooo, Get Out
"Uchiha Sasuke" is like Superman, he's the last of his kind right? RIIIIIGHT?
Both of them discovered some of their kind still exist alive, so why such a question?
"Uchiha Sasuke", what a nice kid who is so upset because his father never acknowledged him like he did his older brother Itachi (I admit, someone like him has the right to be upset in such a situation), the only one who truly loved Sasuke from his family is his brother Itachi.....Who am I kidding? Both parents loved Sasuke too.
Once upon a time this kid returned from the "Ninja Academy" and got the shock of his life from seeing his entire clan murdered, who murdered them but his older brother Itachi who thought back then Sasuke is too weak to kill, Sasuke got filled with anger and hatred for his accursed brother. Ever since that day everytime Sasuke looks at his reflection on the lake in picture it Itachi then jumps in and swims deep inside the lake then gets back to the surface
Sasuke met an idiot who always shouts and perform pranks and became friends with him, but in their first day as Genins they became rivals because Sasuke is appealing to all girls with his qualities, ever since he started calling this idiot a dropout. Oh, a dropout tied you down after class "Drama Queen"? Shame Shame, lucky for you he had to go to the toilet back then when you saw him afterwards
Cool and awesome until Orochimaru made you soil your pants, then you needed your idiot friend to save you in order to get back to your conscience and the annoying monstrous chick to wake you from your trance, you gave Orochimaru a hard fight before he bites you and gives you the cursed seal
Itachi comes after the "Chuunin Exams" and shhots you to the hospital then you get up thanks to Naruto and you go to your hate session and want to fight Naruto, he gave you a nice fight until Kakashi stopped you both. You were so happy to see the effect of the rasengan is way too weak compared to the chidori, but you went back to your hate session when the rasengan made such a huge hole in the tank, bigger than the mess your chidori made in the other tank.
Then came Orochimaru's minions to give Sasuke some ass-kicking before they grab him in a box out of Konoha to be trained by his biter.
Sasuke became too powerful, he whoped his friends all too quickly then he killed Orochimaru some time later, way to go Sasuke.
"I AM AN AVENGER", Sasuke joined the Avengers? No, not with "Captain America" & crew, not mighty, not new, "Dark Avengers", but not "Norman Osbourn's" "Dark Avengers"
Sasuke battled Itachi One-on-One, Sasuke killed Itachi. yaaaay, now Sasuke can go back home, riiiiight? Nah, he fainted and was taken by the masked moron from the Akatsuki, what's that moron name again? Tobi? No, he is "Uchiha Madara", the one who built Konoha with the Shoiji Hokage. Isn't he supposed to be dead???? Madara helped Itachi kill his clan, they were all screwed anyway, Itachi was a spy for Konoha elders on the Uchiha's and he killed them by orders of the elders, and he asked Madara for help???? Madara started the Akatsuki, and Itachi was a spy for Konoha on the Akatsuki
Sasuke believes Madara, but he obeys Madara and decides to kill Konoha elders (Then why kill the entire group of Kage's?)
"I AM AN AVENGER", He's a pathetic "Drama Queen", die sasuke DIE

Thursday, 8 October 2009


Idiot No. 1: "Uchiha Itachi", member of the Akatsuki, the Akatsuki is a gang of "S-Level Ninjas"
He joined the gang after commiting a real serious crime, it is killing his entire clan except his younger brother because he didn't want them to see a video of him dancing and singing while cleaning the house.

Idiot No. 2: "Uchiha Sasuke" the younger brother of "Idiot No.1", he took the footage that cause Itachi to kill his entire clan and place it on, "Hataki Kakashi" watched that video and from that day forth he decided to stick sololey to books.
Sakura used to draw herself with this idiot plenty of times, but everytime she wanted to show him her sketch when he is at the river he jumps in and shouts "ITAHCII"
After capturing his brother and tying him hard, Sasuke played the latest album of "Paris Hilton" as revenge for murdering the clan

Idiot No. 3: "Hoshikagi Kisami" is another member of the Akatsuki who you can always find in the companion of Itachi.
Once he told Itachi he laughed at that video of him dancing on youtube and Itachi gave this one a punch in the face