Friday, 23 October 2009


This is the "Graphic Novel" source material of the latest animated feature film by "Warner Home Video". Story by "Jeph Loeb" (currently the writer of Hulk) & "Ed McGuiness" (who honestly work much better on DC material than they do on Marvel's)

A meteor composed of Kryptonite is attracted to Superman, that why it is approaching Earth and is about to kill the planet inhabitants, the first person to know is "Lex Luthor", and he warns the planet & place a warrant on Superman after a failed attempt to destroy the meteor with a "BOOM-TUBE"

After a fight between these two against "Captain Marvel" & Hawkman they win and disguise as them then head to Luthor in his "Oval Office"Lex tells something to Batman sidekicks that proves why Spider-Man is much better than Batman as a superhero: "Why would someone like Batman, who has a reputation of being a lone wolf surround himself with kids for sidekicks?". COUGH, COUGH. I should step down from this talk, no RAHHING please

Look at this nice panel here, it is a reference to "Batman: Hush" by "Jeph Loeb" & "Jim Lee" (I read the entire 12 parts story, but I don't know in which title it happens cause I read it in "Gotham Comics" reprints, an Indian comics publishing establishment that publishes reprints of comics & magazines for India, but I live outside India, I'm not Indian, Banghali, or from these parts of Asia)

In part 6 Lex appears to have recieved his informations about the meteor from Darkseid, Luthor Corps got Bankrupt by his most trusted head of company "Talia Head", she robbed him.