Monday, 11 January 2010


Look at this picture; isn't it awesome?
This thread contains spoilers, so watch THE DARK KNIGHT movie then come read this if you didn't do so already. I can't guarantee you'll see it as awesome as I do even after several times of watching.

The one bedded is Harvey Dent after he is burnt severely in the entire left half of his body, the one with him is the Joker

Before capturing Joker Harvey was on his way to prison because he said he's Batman, they wanted Batman imprisoned to end the array of dead cops. Harvey was saved by Batman, Joker was captured and sent to prison.

Later Batman asks Joker where Harvey Dent & Rachel Dawes are, when did Joker have the time to capture them?

Batman said he'll save Rachel and told the cops to save Dent, but he felt Dent more important for the city so he saved him, the burnt half of Harvey was soaked in gasoline so it burnt after Batman took him away from the place before it burns, but they weren't able to go far enough and the fire reached and spread on the gasoline sending Harvey to the hospital

In the hospital before Joker blows it he convinced Harvey Two-Face that everything he did was random and unplanned, all plans have pathetic results? And Joker planned nothing? With everything he planned? And Harvey trusted him easily? After being so sore about Joker for what he did to him? Did I hear right?

Joker gets out and blows the hospital before Harvey has enough time to get out after getting dressed, how did he survive and didn't burn to an extra crisp? And that bombing of the hospital after having a chat with Two-Face wasn't planned? What did Joker say about planners being pathetic?

I think the movie is fun, it is one of my favorite movies, but it is very flawed