Friday, 19 February 2010


From the creative team of "Batman: Year One", before moving to DC Comics "Frank Miller" & "David Mazzucchelli" we received this wonderful story for DareDevil, the return of "Karin Paige", Kingpin's new found info and the life of the man behind the mask; "Matthew Murdock"

Main Characters Roles:

*Karin Paige: Karin was last seen before this story as an uprising actress who escaped her life as a secretary, and escaped the life of being DareDevil's girlfriend, of being the lover of a man who might die in his adventures. Here she returned as a junkie who sells the secret of DareDevil in "New Mexico" in exchange of some bread, but that leavers her endangered and in a situation that either she escapes or get killed. She got undesired help to transport back to where Matt lived by a gangster fan of the former actress, instead of doing her a favor for a favor Paulo decided she's his, she then escape, Paulo gets arrested and she is reunited with Matt

*Wilson Fisk/Kingpin: After a network of intelligence from "New Mexico" let the info of DD's secret identity make its way to Kingpin, Kingpin decided to make sure of this info, especially since at first he didn't believe Bullseye when he found out and told Kingpin. Wilson made Matt's life miserable, saw how DD is always there for Matt and realized it true, so he blew Matt's home trying to destroy him and make him work for him, Matt came angry and fought Willy but the fight ended too soon and Wilson made it look like Matt stole a cab, drove it drunk the drowned himself, but unfortunately for him Matt escaped

*Matthew Murdock/DareDevil: Hardly wore the suit in this story, he remained miserable but then stood again and took control of his life, he is since then a cook in Hells Kitchen living in a warehouse

*Ben Urich: He got his fingers broken, was creeped out to ignore the Murdock story and how it linked to Kingpin, then he came to it and did plenty of good work