Monday, 27 July 2009


.I have the Romita jr cover, his art does not fail to paint joy on my face as it usually does.
.From what I saw of the rest of the covers the best ones is the Romita sr cover
.Quesada did most of the staff the favor of finally breaking the marriage and made me a favor by giving Spider-Man a brain trust that made his book the funny book it originally was and should still be, his art is great in OMD, but his cover is a mess
."Alex Ross" art is the most masterful. I don't find it good for comics interiors as I do find it for covers. The pencil & inking are great, the color red is the flaw in his cover

*Story 1: Last Legs (Slott & Romita jr):
.Spider-Man & DareDevil caused a bar to be closed,this makes them worthier of being in my favorite comic book characters list
.DareDevil explains how he can't feel Spider-Man's identity and tells Spider-Man he is lucky is a fine move
."Doctor Octopus" condition is the MAXIMUM surprise, but we all know it won't last
.Doc Controls the city and acts as it is a good thing tells he is a great villain, even that he doesn't show his condition on monitors
.Spider-Man saves a guy from an accident and is blamed for the accident and the one saved is stupis for thanking Spider-Man (Typical Parker Luck)
.Spider-Man's little chat with the Avengers (mostly Wolverine) is funny
.Ock still loves May Parker, he started paying attention to her as eh, then he wanted her heritage then he really loves her, and he never gave up on it
.A team-up between Spider-Man & the Human Matchstick is always entertaining
.I can't help but laugh at Jonah & Peter in the wedding
.The final panel is far from being a surprise, even without reading the solicit it is something easily anticipated considering the covers of the next arc

*Story 2: Identity Crisis (Stan Lee & Marcos Martin):
About time Stan makes a fabulous story after a long run of medicore comic strips

*Story 3: My Brothers Son (Mark Waid & Coleen Doran):
OK, nothing to say about this one but :touche:

*Story 4: If I Was Spider-Man (Bob Gale & Marlo Alberti):
I love this story, Bob Gale is better than Guggenheim

*Story 5: The Blessing (Marc Guggenheim & Mitch Breitweiser):
Blah Blah Blah......
"May Parker" wants blessing from her late husband

*Story 6: Fight at the Museum (Zeb Wells & Derec Donovan):
Q: What can I say beside the fact that this is the best story after the main story?
A: The Museum guide looks like one of the Simpsons characters

*Story 7: Violent Vision (Joe Kelly & Fiumara):
Heads up for upcoming issues, one of them is the return of "The Lizard"

Covers you will never See:
It's cruel not to laugh at the (Brubaker/Mckone) cover, the rest are fun

There is no slap in the face for the anti current Status-Quo, but they sure do miss plenty of fun

I read 2 other anniversary issues:
Captain America 600 & Thor 600
Captain America is the issue with the absolute highest quality of these three, Amazing Spider-Man comes second

Thus far this issue is the only issue marked with No. 600 that:
*Has no previous story reprint
*Came true to its series, numbered as it should be because the No. of issues for this title are truly 600