Saturday, 8 August 2009


It is very obvious that I enjoy Spider-Man after the "One More Day" event, the hate for the new direction is too irrational (Making a deal with the Devil is always a bad move this is why I didn't neglect the word 'too'). I find him better now, he's still human (everyone does humongous errors in their lives, no exception, but the hate for the start of "Amazing #601": Peter drunk himself and slept drunk with a drunk "Vin with Boobs" (that's how another guy named "Michelle Gonzalez") is very acceptable). Now I've gone "Far Far Away" (I won't meet Shrek's in laws) from my point.

Look at this panel from ASM Spider-Man Annual #36, 2k8 (I don't know why they numbered it 35, can't tell): Spider-Man tells the alter-ego of the Super-Villain "Blindside" he never met a baddie in his baddie pad before (Excuse me, but meeting never meant first introduction, did you forget "Doc Ock"? Hammerhead? Kingpin? Norman Osbourn? Sergie Kravinof/Kraven the Hunter(in K.L.H)? Silvio Manfreddi/Silvermane? Looter? Hobgoblin? Rose? Venom? Dr. Doom? Tinkerer? Vulture? Sandman? Lizard? Molten Man? And the list goes on)