Monday, 31 August 2009


Yay, now we’re going to have Marvel Cartoons on regular “Disney Channel”. I’m not serious here
I wonder how Disney fans who hate Marvel comics will feel, I know I don’t want a team-up between “Howard The Duck” & “Donald Duck” in the regular 616
Will Sony still own the rights to make Spider-Man toons and otherwise? How will Fox feel? How many dumbed down animated shows will we have? How will this effect “Spectacular Spider-Man Animated” in case there really are going to be more seasons on their ways to the making?

I know that I agree with soundmonkey and anyone in fear of how the quality of comics might be affected

But come to think of it this way: "Disney Studio's" made that movie with "Ryan Reynolds" & "Sandra Bullock" as stars, and it has mature moments, maybe we won't get all dumbed down shows, movies or games