Monday, 8 June 2009


Is Marvel better than DC? I mean in comics, characters, locations, as idols or victims, realistic or less realistic, whatever else of differences can be found.

Marvel comics basis their characters to be closer to reality so people would relate to them, give them real issues, place them in real locations mostly (except for Dr. Doom who is Latverian, there is no Latveria) "New York".

What kind of issues found in Marvel?

*Spider-Man is a main example: He is meant to be closer to human levels even with his powers, he must have real human issues (and don't put the Mephisto remark here, please) like girl troubles (I never saw the GF/BF thing anything but troublesome, specially between teenagers trying to lie or do things to impress the girls), money problems, seen as someone who cares for his own benifit more than others even if he has to place other peoples life in danger and pretend to save them just to be liked.

*The Mutants race is another example: Being different means scary, people look at them and act as if they are around monsters instead of humans with altered genes. Generally people are stupid (I don't seclude myself, I mean every human walking on the face of the planet no matter how high is his/her I.Q level). Guys like Wolverine are used as experiment subjects and want them controlled to make sure they don't rebel (they won't rebel if you don't hurt them).

*Ironman is idolized as an avenger, or at least he was: A weapon maker is sure to get caught by a weapon either if he/she designed it or not, he is an example on that. Also stress leads some to have alcohol addiction (why does some people turn their grief to the magic of the bottle with the disgusting drink? Islam forbids it for reasons but those who drinks it hardly look that way). He lost his friends sometimes, had arguments and fights with them, patched things up, ok.

Just now Marvel have an excessive amount of problems for their characters, I like stories about people with problems as long as they're fictional, they are more enjoyable to me and that makes "Marvel comics" more appealing to me. Marvel haters are weirdoes especially Spider-Man haters.

DC Universe didn't give their characters these many troubles, they started as making their heroes idolized instead of making their heroes (in their heroes form) troubled or hated, but they learned from Marvel and gave their characters some troubles to work with but not as excessivly as Marvel does

DC characters all live in fictional towns and cities, Batman has liberty island close to Gotham so we know Gotham is actually Manhattan with a different name and some difference in features, Times-Square is still there.
I think DC comics haters are weirdos to, especially ones who hate Batman
Now I like both companies, they're all about superheroes so I don't really find any reason to hate either companies. Why the heck does some like a company and hate the other anyway? Most of the people who worked on DC worked on Marvel and the other way around:
*Grant Morrison*Alan Moore*Len Wein*Marv Wolfman*Roger Stern*Dan Jurgens*Chuck Dixon*Kurt Busiek*Mark Bagley*.........


I searched on wikipedia about "Hal Jordan" and I learned about the great artist "Ethan Van Sciver". It is cruelty to not look at such great work and give a 'meh' or ignore such great work.