Sunday, 28 June 2009


Taskmaster is one of my favorite villains, mostly since Udon & Ken worked on him back in 2002, before it I saw him once in ASM #308 and I saw him a nonsense idiot ripping the "Red Skull" face gear, his mini-series and appearances in Deadpool to save the life of Wade and his role in "Agent X" miniseries made me enjoy him alot.

In "Las Vegas" Taskmaster helped one of his friends -a casino owner- to stop a gambler who wins way too much for the likeness of Casino owners, after his job ends he helps a girl "Sandi Brandenburg" there to win 3 rounds of sevens before coming home.
On his E-Mail Taskmaster recieved a job offere from Sunset-Bain; a rival of "Anthony Stark". Taskmaster did the job she aquired him to do but because he knew her reasons for the job she betrayed him of his money for drugs, a gun & a set-up to be arrested by rotten cops

After escaping the trap; he saw remembers he shouldn't get cocky or he'll see more of his blood flying around.
Since Sunset betrayed him he decided to teach her a lesson and set-up a rival Chinese gang and caused war between them by posing as their Kingpins right-hand man.
Sandi arrived to New-York and he had dinner with her on the beautiful view of one of Baines places blowing up.

While being punished by Uncle Lo; his right hand man was saved by a guy by showing Big man Lo footage of Taskmaster drugging that guy the night he gave order to attack Baine.
The gang had a truce with Baine and raided Taskmasters apartment shooting Sandi & knocking Taskmaster unconscience and drowning him, this is/was their last mistake

Taskmaster doesn't drown, he escapes a possible watery grave and teaches those who threw him a lesson then he watches some Martial arts movies in a Motel before striking back at his attackers, his photographic reflexes helps him do the moves by just viewing them.
In Sunsets building a mess of a massacre happens, her personal bodyguard almost dies and she leaves town.


I saw it in the figure of a "soft cover trade paperback" (with no issue covers) and I couldn't find the issues on a single until I browsed the internet today and saw it is in some issues of volume two during the era of the "Marvel Knights" publication.

Written By "Bob Gale" & "Brian Michael Bendis", I don't know who did the art but it looks very good.

Spider-Man has a huge role in that story and it made me enjoy it even more than for just being a DareDevil story