Tuesday, 14 October 2008


Marvel Knight "Mark Millar" the creator of MKSM and "John Romita jr" one of Uncle Rog's favorite co-upping artists started the current out of any Marvel Universe series "Kick-Ass", according to the informations on wikipedia (for your informations: it isn't written like that or implements to it, I just thought of it this way) people in the title send Kick-Ass some help requests on his myspace web-page, and this web-page really exists so hypothetaclly speaking: You might have the chance to co-write stories for the series. If that's how things are and the my-space page isn't simply advertising for the series register to myspace and subscribe to their web-page (a.k.a ask for a friend request)

I subscribed there but still I have to yet check-up to get the details, as I mentioned previously; it's only a thought that you might help create stories, if what i said here is tru I'll advice you to sieze this oppurtunity. Editing to the post or a new post will come later regarding this issue.