Sunday, 27 December 2009


A classic duel between the most sensational Blind Attorney and the oldest fighting man in the Avengers (sure Thor is way older, but by Man here I meant human) by "Stan (The Man) Lee" & "(Genial) Gene Colan"

DareDevil needed something to take his mind of the departure of "Karyn Page" from the law office of "Nelson & Murdock" because she can't stand being near "Matthew Murdock" who can't marry her and she's cuh-raai-zee about him, so he entered a public duel against "Captain America", only it didn't go that simple.

DareDevil is a hard match for "Captain America", much harder than "Iron Man" was in "Tales of Suspence #058" when the Chameleon tricked "Iron Man" to fight Cap

The issue is fun, though it is the same grief stories us Spider-Man fans know of in the Spidey issues written by "Big Man Stan"