Wednesday, 2 December 2009


The guy to the left is the one and only Batman (That's "Bruce Wayne", now "Richard 'Dick' Grayson" is)
The guy to the left is the one & only Spider-Man (This guy had more imitators than Batman, best known guy in comics is his twin like clone "Ben Reilly" who was the Scarlet-Spider but later became Spider-Man with a different costume when "Norman Osborn" made things seem like Ben is the original and Peter is the clone. Spdier-Man once left to be replaced by a girl wearing an exo-skeleton & pretending to be Spider-Man). By this I said the first similarity. "Peter Benjamin Parker" returned to his duties as Spider-Man, "Bruce Wayne" is yet to return

I'll start counting without that first thing I mentioned:
1. Each is the biggest franchise seller from his own company, DC Comics have Batman to be most proud of and Marvel has Spider-Man
2. Both of them are underrated, yes I mean the use of the word under, both of them deserve to be loved by all, but we see ridiculous reasons to hate Batman (he's too rich, he has no super powers, he defeated Superman. I guess those guys hate Anime's) & more ridiculous reasons to say Spider-Man sucks (What a loser with no money, webbing? what a pathetic thing, etc etc)
3. Both are known to be the most loner characters from their companies, but Superman is much more of a loner than Batman because he doesn't place any sidekicks with him. Spider-Man has no sidekicks and he was always alone, until Marvel made a mistake by keeping him an Avenger since 2004, bad move
4. Both of them are smart and come with different strategies to get out of a bad situation, but most superheroes do so this is not just exclusive to these two
5. Both use gadgets of their own making, Batman uses many more gadgets, but he had help in building many
6. Both of them are brilliant scientific minded
7. Both had a friend go berserk, "Thomas Elliot" was berserk since his childhood, but only revealed it in HUSH, "Harry Osborn" became berserk because life gives pressures, and he was too weak to handle them, but he then got over them
8. Both drove a car representing his symbol. Batmobile is much better known than the more obscure Spider-Mobile (I want to see this in later seasons of SSM animated)
9. Bat Signal & Spider Signal. Bat signal is how the cops call batman though, the spider signal is a light showing the face of Spider-Man and it hangs in Spider-Man utility belt
10. Both raised by an old person who is not a parent
11. Both of them whine, they just show Spider-Man whining in text, Batman whining is not scripted to make him feel darker
12. The animal emblem on their chests, and I do repeat animal emblem. Look at Superman, Black Panther, Hawkman, Catwoman, Fantastic Four, Robin........