Monday, 5 April 2010


Written By: Victor Gischler
Art By: Rob Liefeld (only for this issue)

"Wanda Wilson" is the name of the female Deadpool on this cover, she is the first of four other pools from four other worlds besides our most common Earth616 to be collected to save the multi-verses as "Wade Wilson" was requested by a higher cosmic being. (Never look at the current Hulk books as they are Earth616 right now, cause they behave very far out of continuity)

Wanda is chased by the army, and led by "General America" (Captain is Major in the Zombie-Verse & a General here), there is a hard chase, a handful of soldiers are lost, a handful of soldier tanks & choppers

DP showed-up saving Wanda from being arrested, they go to Wade's home so the team can be united.
Ignoring the art I'll give this issue a solid 5 out of 5, I'm a huge fan of Deadpool
P.S: Get the issue, it's worth reading plenty much, that' why I don't ruin the jokes for you