Monday, 29 September 2008

NWTD: My opinion and some people responses

It is not a secret, in CBR forums I wrote in "the best Spider-Man arc in the last 10 years" thread that each have a personal opinion about certain stories (that was a response to someone saying NWTD is good, but not great), I replied that to me: NWTD is more lovable than anything J.M.Dematties ever wrote even Kraven's Last Hunt, I had some funny responces:



*You are joking, yes?

*Are you Dan Slott?

I don't see anything surprising here, some people hate Spider-Man so what's so unbelievable about me thinking NWTD is better than K.L.H? I give K.L.H a high "A" mark, but NWTD an "A+".

Wednesday, 24 September 2008


My freeforums account was opened in the same date as this blog in March-2008, but there is the members problem:
1. No new members register
2. Current members seemingly forgot the forums

The door is open, I opened the forums for free so you can register and use it for free. The spideytalk forums link is in the links bar if you ever decided to register and use it. :)

Sunday, 21 September 2008


Not exactly friends, but fellow bloggers I associate with mailed the editor(s) of Spider-Man (maybe just Steve Whacker) and had responses. Didn't know Robert J.Sodaro mailed the editor before reading "New Ways to Die" while I was looking to see if Reg's mail had an editor response (sorry Reggie; I didn't find your message in any of the currently published issues, maybe it is in the B.N.D tie in)

Steve Whacker's response is quite funny (Sorry Mr.Sodaro, but if it is any consolidation I often laugh at insults thrown at me), but that doesn't mean he isn't a JERK.


Read the response yourself and you'll know why the editor is a (why should I insult? One time is enough) 

Friday, 19 September 2008


I should probably wait for the last part to review the story, and I certainly hope the last part won't be a disappointment like some animes are disappointing in the last episode. Anyway; I feel the urge to review it so here goes:

One of the many reasons some people hated BND is because Spider-Man became an idiot who couldn't stop a common thief without Spidey tripping or scaring him away like he's an amateur, this flaw has been removed since the bookie story; the supervillains there weren't completely wasted but Spider-Man showed a good fight.
[It starts with a recap on Spidey's origin, the art of JRjr in that part isn't so good, then we see a flashback of Peter fired from the D.B and trying to earn a job.
Spider-Man tries to stop Menace from blowing up anything related to Hollisters campaign and what is around it but a wall he's on gets blown and Spider-Man falls unable to save anyone or stopping Menace, Spider-Man does find a good catch for photographing and sell it to "The Front Line" for publisher "Ben Urich" (and the "Editor in Chief" is Joe Robertson). The photos reveal an illegal shop that is revealed by Sally (a reporter) belongs to the candidate who selects Norman Osborn to protect him.
Norman is a public hero but the "Front Liners" still remember that G.G bought the "Daily Bugle" by force and they realise that Hyena's don't change their attitude.
Norman has a job of him and his Thunderbolts capturing Spider-Man, the Thunderbolts (Songbird, Radioactiveman & Venom) look for Spider-Man who performed a most unexpected move: "Heading directly to the source of his trouble", that is a clever scene.
Venom symbiote senses its former host thinking it senses Spider-Man not "Eddie Brock" who becomes "Anti-Venom" and cleans away the symbiote. (Not entirely)
Eddie changes focus to cleaning Spider-Man before the other members of the Thunderbolts come to rescue Gargan.
Norman has a quick fight with Menace (Menace punched Norman hard and made him bleed heavily), Norman discovers Peter's automatic Camera and examines it in TBHQ and gets an idea to take down Spider-Man.
Freak was taken to Oscorp and from Oscorp Norman took him and used him as a "Guinea Pig" to make an "Anti-Venom" toxin and placed it in Gargan to heal the symbiote.
Spider-Man was injured in the "Coffee Bean" by the bullets with the tracking system and hid temporarily before Eddy came returned the camera to Peter.
Goblin gave Gargan a Scorpion armor and the end of part five was weird]
The good point:
1. The real Spider-Man is real here
2. The villains are very well made
3. Anti-Venom is no villain
4. Martin Li showed his face, his character got deeper. Mr. Negative is one of Spider-Man's most dangerous enemies who comes up to the level of Dr. Octopus
5. The quips and the fights are real fun
6. The art of JRjr maybe flawed in some panels, but it still is great
Read the story; I give it on a scale of 10:10 points

Tuesday, 16 September 2008



There is an issue he works on to be released this December, from the description it feels odd but what the heck? Uncle Roger is writing it, does it matter that it ties to B.N.D?

Saturday, 13 September 2008

I forgot his name, but he's a brother blogger. If you want to check his blog follow the above link

Wednesday, 10 September 2008


[Dear designers of "Spider-Man 3"

I'm a big fan of Spider-Man, and of all the Spider-Man games published by Activision, but here is my problem: "I......HATE........YOOOOOUUUUU", literally. I love the game; but it has a major problem: It is too heavily annoying for the heavy requirement to press button sequence in boss fights, I don't need that, I despise that approach and for that I warn you from repeating the same mistake in "Web of Shadows" or I won't be getting anymore games of your design.

Sincerely yours
An angry fan]

Since I can't mail Treyarch themselves I posted a message for them here.
I highly doubt any of them will enter here to read it, it's just good to express your emotions, don't you agree?



Jonathan Couper

*Opening Page:
. Spider-Fun by H.B & J.C (formerly weekly done each monday)
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*Viewing index
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Site viewer review:
. Reviews 5/5
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. Things 5/5
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The official website for Spider-Man comics, it deals with all sorts of comics Spider-Man showed in mainly published by Marvel. The focus on Spidey in other media there isn't strong but the site is good.

*Opening page:
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My rating for the site:
. Background: 5/5
. Homepage: 5/5
. Reviews: 3/5 (the reviews are well made, but it's the fact that not so many reviews are available)
. Profiles: 3/5 (It doesn't contain the profiles of many of Spider-Man's supporting cast, and the profiles available aren't so detailed, just ink points)
. Entertainments: 5/5 (Most pleasing entertainments actually)
. Overall rating 5/5
. Entertainment

Monday, 8 September 2008


After much speculation about a fourth film in the 'Spider-Man' series, it is reported that star Tobey Maguire and director Sam Raimi have signed up for the blockbuster.

Deadline Hollywood Daily reports that Sony Pictures wants the film in cinemas for May 2011.

It adds that there is no deal at present for Kirsten Dunst to return as Mary Jane Watson, but that her character will be featured in the film and the studio would not recast.

According to Deadline Hollywood Daily: "The studio is trying to figure out if it can feasibly shoot 'Spider-Man 4' and '...5' at the same time because doing that is so cost effective and 'it wasn't so easy to get everybody back together'."

Principal photography is not scheduled to start until the autumn of 2009.


I searched for Thundercats and look what I found:

The cover of "Thendercats 8" as published by STAR comics, looks familiar? It does to me.It looks somewhat like the cover of the precious Amazing Spider-Man #151.

Check these out, these are Spider-Man covers in the same style:

Saturday, 6 September 2008


These are covers from "Kraven's Last Hunt" done by Mike Zeck, alternative covers by the same artist under each cover. The art is from the website of Mike Zeck.

I learned about the site after seeing this blog linking to "Spider-Man's crawl space interview with writer: Jon Marc (J.M.) Dematties"

For those who want to know why Batman is on an alternate cover: "Follow the link and listen to mr. Dematties Speak about his original plans for this story"