Monday, 26 January 2009


Looking back at classic Spider-Man stories, or to saying reading back issues I never read before I have to hand you this little tale after all the time I avoided it


The Hobgoblin got shot while escaping the Kingpins building after a failed attempt to steal a book from one of the safes in the aforementioned building and the injuries of the Goblin are too hard in a level of him getting temporarily crippled.

To get the book he failed to steal he delivers a poisonous note to Harry Osborn, at first he considered Peter parker but to him that wimp doesn't have as many friends and as much responsibilities as his friend Harry. The poison seeped through the skin of Harry and he had 24 hours to live.

The content of the poisonous note is a demand of getting Spider-Man to Hobgoblin. In the hideout of the Goblin Spider-Man heard the summary of the situation and got poisoned as well by a radar like detector to guide him to the book. Trying to evade the toxin effect he went to his friend Dr. Curtis Connors, but after some tests with only 15 more hours for spidey to live Spidey interrupts Connors and says "I know, you need 36 hours to find a cure".

Desperately; Spider-Man heads where the radar points to get the book and returns to Connors to find men of the Kingpin in Connors lab with their boss holding up Connors. Kingpin knew what kind of toxin affected Spider-Man and made a deal with him; the "Anti Toxin" Spider-Man uses to save himself & Harry Osbourn then head with Fisk to hand his end of the bargain, the Hobgoblin was too smart for Spider-Man and the story ends with Spider-Man leaving Kingpin and the big mob boss calling his foe an amateur.

The events of this story take place after the gang war in Amazing 284-288 & before the events of "Spider-Man vs Wolverine"

The story is really excellent, I'm sorry I didn't read it earlier, the least of it is I made it up for my mistake & read it yesterday.
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