Sunday, 26 October 2008


Last night I imagened myself as 'Marvel Comics' Editor in Chief, I had this weird idea which surely won't be plausable.

Everything done so far about Spider-Man will stay publishable in markets. TPb's, Essentials and Hardcovers/Softcovers are going to be published with a note describing what I do on him and why.

Hopefully; other titles & characters will be boosted up especially 'Moon Knight', 'Iron Fist' 'Thunderbolts', 'Man-Thing', 'Silver Surfer' & 'Heroes for Hire' mainly to substitute the loss that happened with Spider-Man.

HERE's THE THING: With exclusion to the daily comic strips, everything on Spider-Man will be out of the production, no more comics on any Earth, no more cartoons, no movies, no video games (not even in further Marvel grouping games) or any production on him. Only two of his major villains will remain because they are essential members in the Thunderbolts: 'Norman Osborne' & 'Mac Gargan'. After some time even TPb's and reprints will be halted until the new E.I.C comes and brings the character back.

One of the reason's for this move is the fact there will be no retcon to get Spider-Man married again so readers who complain about the current 'Status Quo' won't be complaining on it for sometime, to be honest I won't give if anyone complain about the lack of Spider-Man in that current time.