Friday, 29 August 2008


I'll simply say it like this:
My favorite Spider-Man game of all times, the best Spider-Man video game made so far. In my favorites are as following all in one level:
1. Ultimate Spider-Man
2. Spider-Man & Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro
3. GBA Spider-Man 2
4. Maximum Carnage SNES & GBP Amazing Spider-Man

I love the missions in this game out of the story of the game, the "Dragon Tails" are awesome and not simple stupidity like they are in the PS2 & "Nintendo wii" versions.

It's fun to swim instead of drowning and automatically getting out of water.

After playing the PS2 version for long and getting exhausted of delivering fruit pies and dealing with moronic gangs I feel now sky high, Harry's battle was a thrill because there is real combat instead of avoiding cars and attacking by dodging, then I take Harry to the hospital.

Today 2/9/2008: My brother finished the Lizards stage and taught me how to finish the bombs missions for Carlyle, it's a thrill since now I can finally fight my favorite Spider-Man villain ever: The Scorpion

Monday, 25 August 2008


What do you think of Spectacular Spider-Man animated without thinking of the cartoonish art?


After 8 months of the undoing of Peter's & MJ's marriage I sum all I have to say in one simple line:
              "Joe Quesada did the right thing by undoing the marriage"

Why do I say that? compare the stories written by legendary writer "Peter David", the only good story he wrote  with a married Spider-Man is "Cult of Love", I read FNSM and I liked "The Other: Evolve or Die" which most of the voters in "" found unlikeable, all his writings in FNSM aren't good in comparison to his writings before the marriage gets broken.

Another example of writers who couldn't do it right when Peter was with his wife is "Paul Jenkins", Spider-Man readers know that all his writings are with a married Peter, but when M.J was away Spider-Man stories were the best of fun to be seen, after Peter and M.J reunited and P.J wrote stories for them together; the stories didn't have the right fun that should exist in Spider-Man comics.

No writer managed to pull the stint right except for two:
1. "Joe Straczynski" sided by "John Romita jr"
2. Marvel Knight (this is how I nickname him) writer "Mark Millar"

The difference is extremely obvious, I believe people should stop hating the new direction of Spider-Man in the 616 universe