Tuesday, 23 February 2010


In Spider-Man Crawlspace website which is started by "Brad Douglas" there are these two houses for the spidey fans due to the hate/love thing for the current status quo for Spider-Man

"Delta House" is for the haters of the new direction
"Zeta House" is for those enjoying the current direction
I'm Zeta member Scimitar (I mainly did this post so I can add the image to my signature)

Friday, 19 February 2010


From the creative team of "Batman: Year One", before moving to DC Comics "Frank Miller" & "David Mazzucchelli" we received this wonderful story for DareDevil, the return of "Karin Paige", Kingpin's new found info and the life of the man behind the mask; "Matthew Murdock"

Main Characters Roles:

*Karin Paige: Karin was last seen before this story as an uprising actress who escaped her life as a secretary, and escaped the life of being DareDevil's girlfriend, of being the lover of a man who might die in his adventures. Here she returned as a junkie who sells the secret of DareDevil in "New Mexico" in exchange of some bread, but that leavers her endangered and in a situation that either she escapes or get killed. She got undesired help to transport back to where Matt lived by a gangster fan of the former actress, instead of doing her a favor for a favor Paulo decided she's his, she then escape, Paulo gets arrested and she is reunited with Matt

*Wilson Fisk/Kingpin: After a network of intelligence from "New Mexico" let the info of DD's secret identity make its way to Kingpin, Kingpin decided to make sure of this info, especially since at first he didn't believe Bullseye when he found out and told Kingpin. Wilson made Matt's life miserable, saw how DD is always there for Matt and realized it true, so he blew Matt's home trying to destroy him and make him work for him, Matt came angry and fought Willy but the fight ended too soon and Wilson made it look like Matt stole a cab, drove it drunk the drowned himself, but unfortunately for him Matt escaped

*Matthew Murdock/DareDevil: Hardly wore the suit in this story, he remained miserable but then stood again and took control of his life, he is since then a cook in Hells Kitchen living in a warehouse

*Ben Urich: He got his fingers broken, was creeped out to ignore the Murdock story and how it linked to Kingpin, then he came to it and did plenty of good work

Friday, 12 February 2010


Back in the early days when "Uchiha Sasuke" was a member of Team-7 he went with his fellow team-mates to the Chuunin exam, there he met a girl for a short time & saved her from a wild giant bear

Surprisingly; she is Karin, a fellow member with him in Akatsuki and from his team of Avengers, he was real nice to her back in those days
But he decided in his battle with Danzo since she is severely injured she is of no use to him, so he must get rid of her

Miss Karin is saved by "Haruno Sakura" who pretended to have the intention of killing Sasuke for being a traitor, but she wanted to do it alone so she decided to ditch her fellows since the previous chapter

Aawwhh, she does love him, but she's very stupid.

I guess what Meg told Herc in the Disney Hercules film that he told her again after saving her from death is true: "People do crazy things, when they're in love"

Thursday, 11 February 2010


So it is not a new piece of information that after "Spider-Man 3" we will be getting a reboot for the series in 2012, new stars, new director. The film series (according to news) will be a new trilogy directed by "Marc Webb", the director of "500 Days of Summer" (I never saw the movie, never heard of it or of the director before).

"Director Webb" (heh heh, I make it sound like he's a director of S.H.I.E.L.D.) announced that he is a huge fan of "Ultimate Comics Spider-Man" which started back in the year 2000 by "Brian Michael Bendis"(never left the project) & artist "Mark Bagley" (stopped after issue 110 and went to DC comics as an artist for Trinity), the success of that series led to the launching of the rest of the "Ultimate Universe"

As a huge fan of "Ultimate Spider-Man" the new series could be hugely based on that series, starting with "Peter Parker" at "High School" and he could possibly make Peter have a job as the "Daily Bugle" web designer, this is a great service "Mr. Bendis" did for Peter because it has a better use of some of the young science whiz. abilities & skills

At least I hope like many other Spider-Man fans that the origin won't be retold here, cause it is very well known world wide and done a flawless revamp of it in the first of the previous trilogy

Sunday, 7 February 2010


I read "The Bat-Man" (that how Batman was known as when he first showed up) feature in the classic "Detective Comics #029" and there is the name by the issue villain known as "Dr. Death", a letter for "John Jones"

Detective Comic 029, "The Bat-Man"
Story & Art by "Bob Kane"

You definitely are familiar with the "Martian Manhunter" from "The Justice League", he's the last one of his kind who came to Earth, his name is "Jonn Jonzz", but he poses as a human cop and his name as a cop is "John Jones", the name Bat's read in the paper
Martian Manhunter/Jonn Jonzz

Friday, 5 February 2010


Image from "Iron Fist v1 #09"
By "Chris Claremont" & "John Byrne"

The poison that takes a certain time to take effect, and the challenge for the duration to reach the antidote

Sometime plots get repeated fun and sometimes boring, in my opinion this is one of the fun times