Tuesday, 21 October 2008


By Roger Stern & Zack Howard.

I don't know who the artist is, but always the artist should be mentioned along with the writer since he/she co-creates the issue. The art didn't say enjoyable, but the story without doubt is.

Meet 'Freddy Sloan', an old friend of the HULK who is gathering informations from people who saw him to write a book about the HULK so people can see the good side of the Hulk since the focus on him is mostly negative. One of those Fred wanted to interview is the Hulk himself, Fred finally reunited with the Hulk but it was a a very short reunion because Hulk had to leave.

The story is 30 pages long but the reading is enjoyable so I finished 20 pages before I know it.

*Writing rate: 10/10
*Art rate: 5/10
*Story rate since I didn't really pay much attention to the art: 9/10


As a new fan of this Marvel character I sure would love those who don't know him to join my club.

Description: An assassin from Weapon-X, was with Wolverine. He got artificial healing factor from Wolverine by that agency but it made him too scarred and has cancer. He is most significant as a loudmouthed wisecracking Mercenary so his nickname is 'The Merc with the Mouth'. The funniest character in comics, but his story is still full of action and drama for those who need it.

Look at some of his funny from volume 1 of his own title.

From issue #04 against the Hulk:
The cover itself is funny

Just read every issue you can put your hands on, excellent read and very much worthy of what you pay for it